Chapter 1: Reincarnation of a Villain

“A Tale of the Land of Rainana”

A civil war broke out in Rainana, the most prosperous country in the continent.
The Duke of Ark, who rules the Ark territory of Rainana, is the leader of a dark organization, and evidence of their many crimes has been leaked from within the country, prompting the king to order their defeat.

The hero, Alto, a descendant of the heroes who lead the army, and the heroines who are fascinated by him.

“There are no more allies for you.
Give up, Absolute Ark.”

Absolute Ark has no allies left.
All he has is his high pride of never kneeling and the high fighting power he has cultivated to maintain that pride.
He had not lost yet.

“Hmph.  You think you’re stronger just because of your numbers.
The coward who cannot fight alone is a hero…this country has fallen.
I’m worried about the future.”

“What? You!”

The hero goes out of control, but the heroines around him quiet him down.

“Don’t let him provoke you! We’ll surround the place and take him down.
Don’t worry, you’re not a coward.
We know that.”

With the advice of his friends, the hero cools his head, regulates his breathing, and looks at the enemy.

“Thank you.
Hey, Absolute Ark! It’s true that I can’t defeat you on my own.
But I have friends.
My irreplaceable friends.
I will defeat you with the power of our bond.
Let’s go!”

From there, a heated battle ensued.
Absolute Ark showed an overwhelming difference in power, but the hero covered and countered with his overwhelming strength in numbers.
The hero’s sword pierced through Absolute Ark and the heroes won the battle, despite taking much damage.

The hero who contributed to the destruction of the dark organization was recognized for his contribution and received the territory of Ark, which was being rebuilt, and spent his time getting along well with the heroines.

[The end.]

When I opened my eyelids, which were heavy with a strong sense of fatigue, I saw an unknown room in my field of vision.

As I looked around the rather spacious place with a Western feel, I heard a voice from nearby.

You have a successor boya.”

The voice belonged to an elderly woman about 60 years old, dressed in a maid’s uniform.

The old woman, who was dressed in a maid’s uniform without considering her age, called out to a strong-looking man with black hair. 

(That man looks familiar to me somewhere… who is he? But still, what the hell is that old woman…)

I wonder oddly if the aging of the population means that even an old woman like that is in demand as a maid.

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