Chapter 10: Hero vs.

Absolute and his team visited the royal capital to participate in the martial arts tournament.
This martial arts tournament is divided into two sections, one for those 15 years old and older and the other for those younger than 15 years old.
Most of the participants are from the nobility, but those who are recommended by nobles are allowed to participate on an exceptional basis.

This time, Ur was recommended by the Duke of Ark to participate in the tournament.

The rules of the competition are to use non-magical skills and weapons of one’s own.

“Look, look, Absolute-sama! It will soon be Ur’s turn.
I’m looking forward to it.”

Cruel-san who came with him wrapped her arms around Absolute’s shoulders and pressed her soft, almost swollen twin hills against him, appealing to him.

Absolute almost reacted, but he didn’t dare to because Maria usually does more than that to him. 

However, lady fell even more in love with the hard-edged Absolute.

Chris looked at her with dumbfounded eyes and called out to Absolute

“So, Absolute-sama, are you sure she’s okay? She may have speed, but she lacks decisiveness…”

Yes, this time the use of the beastification skill has been prohibited, which is unique to beastmen.
The reason is that the purpose of this time is to measure the ability of the hero, so the deepest hand is preserved.

“Well, watch and see.
She has grown up much more than when she was at your place.
After all, I trained her myself.”

Ur entered.
Her opponent was the son of a baron and had an orthodox style.
Ur, on the other hand,

“What is that? That weapon that looks like a claw! It looks like it has no claws, but isn’t that no different from bare hands?”

Yes, Ur’s equipment is the so-called brass knuckles.

As soon as the match begins, the opponent comes at her with a slash, but before he knows it, Ur sneaks into his bosom and fires a shot to the stomach.

Her opponent was unable to get up, and Ur’s victory was decided.

“Ur’s strength is her overwhelming speed.
But she is still small, and she’s not good with long objects.
That’s why I gave her an equipment that would ensure that she could inflict damage just by throwing her fists.”

Chris was surprised.
He had not expected the slaves he had once managed in his own home to have grown so much.

“I see…it certainly makes sense.”

“I can’t believe you thought that far ahead, ♡.”

(Well, it was Ur who fought… the next match is against the hero… well, let’s see how it goes.)

After watching the hero’s match, Absolute looked up at the ceiling and took a breath.

(Not weak, but he’s not making the most of his heroic skills.
He just swings his sword around and overwhelms his opponent with power.
His fighting sense is also inferior to Ur’s.)

“Chris, is that really a hero? He was struggling.”

“Ah, well, he didn’t have much practice.
It’s true that there aren’t so many children who are as experienced as you, Absolute-sama.”

(That’s true.
I can argue with that.
But if that’s the case, then the dirty work being done behind the scenes by the Ark family should also be done by the hero.
What is the country thinking? Tch!)

Meanwhile, Ur and the hero were winning steadily.
Then the final match begins.

The Hero Alto and Ur face each other, and the Hero calls out.

“Hey, are you from the Ark family?”

Ur nods silently.
If she defeats the hero and wins, her master will buy her sweets and anything she wants.
The thought made her hungry, and she smiled and licked her tongue at the thought of Sweets.
It may look cute to some people, but not to the hero Alto.

“To have such a young child look so belligerent.
What a terrible education standard the Ark family has (Alto was righteously indignant)”.

“Is it also the Ark family who told you to come to the martial arts tournament?”

Controlling his anger, he asks Ur.

“If I win, I get a delicious meal (sweets).”

(You mean they don’t usually give you good food? You Ark family! I will never forgive you!)

The signal for the start of the match rings.

Ur rushes to the hero and launches a fist at him, but he catches it with his swords.
However, Ur’s continuous strikes do not stop.

“Kiin, kiin, kiin, kiin, kiin, kiin, kiin!”

(She’s fast!)

The Hero Alto could barely catch it, but Ur begins to feint, and he becomes unmanageable.

(I’m a hero, but this little girl…)

“Don’t underestimate me!”

He swung his sword to shake the girl off, but she disappeared before his eyes.

(Where did she go?)

“She’s below!”

By the time Alicia’s voice from the audience reached him, it was too late, and the hero was knocked unconscious by a powerful uppercut from Ur, who was hiding below him.


The audience was thrilled by the sheer magnitude of the event.
The cheers that never cease to ring out surrounded the venue, but the only thing on Ur’s mind was sweets.

“I’m looking forward to the sweets.”

Chris couldn’t hide his surprise.

“She really won…”

To be honest, I had thought it would be tough for Ur to beat a hero, but to win by a landslide….

Absolute spoke.

“The skill of the hero was troublesome.
But because the wielder was a small fry, he couldn’t make full use of it.
If the hero’s attack had struck Ur with even a single blow, she would have lost.
Ur understood that, so she didn’t let the hero have a chance to attack.
Well, Ur was strong at this stage.
That’s all.”

Absolute was in a good mood.
He could see the bottom of his enemy, Alto the hero.

(Was it because the hero was weaker than Absolute in the original story because he had no sense as a fighter.
Well, I don’t know what will happen in the future.
Even if he has no sense, there is a possibility that I will lose if the levels are close.
I’ll keep an eye on the hero in the future.)

“Master! I’m back! Let’s have some sweets soon! And shopping too.”

Ur came back, wagging her tail.

Absolute put his hand on Ur’s head and patted her lightly.
The expression on his face was as usual a Buddhist monk’s face, but the voice he spoke to her was somewhat gentle.

“Ur, you’ve done well.
Let’s go and give you a reward.
No need to hesitate.”

Absolute and the others enjoyed the royal city while accompanying Ur’s reward time.

[The Hero’s Side]

Alto, the hero who lost the match, was taken to the infirmary, and inside was his fiancée, the Marquis’s daughter Alicia Mirai, who had come to watch the match.

“I never thought that Alto, even if he is a hero, would lose…that beastman girl was so strong.
Alto has a tendency to think he can win by force alone, so I hope he learns a little from this defeat.”

Alicia regretted that Alto had been a frog in a well among her own people without knowing the actual battle.

So she used her father’s name to force Alto to participate in the competition this time.

(Father, instead of leaving Alto to me alone, you could have thought of a way to deal with him.
it’s unreasonable for me to get angry when Alto skips class, even though he leaves everything to me.
It was father who decided to take in a descendant of a hero in the first place…)

Alicia was a hard worker.
She received unreasonable orders from her superiors, and was reprimanded by them whenever she did something that the subordinates didn’t like.

Such a black noble is Marquis Mirai.

While thinking about this, Alto woke up.

“Hm? Alicia…I see, I lost, didn’t I?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.
How’s it going? Did you learn anything out of it?”

(It’s the first time you’ve lost, after all.
I’d appreciate it if you’d change your mind a little.)

“Alicia, I’ve made up my mind…”

(Oh, so you finally understand! I believed in you! I knew that one day you would realize that you are a hero.)

“I’m going to destroy the Ark family!”

Alto the hero’s answer was diagonally below Alicia’s desired answer.
It was a wild pitch.


“I’m going to destroy the Ark family! I saw that girl who fought in the finals, and I thought to myself, I’m not going to let a little girl like that become a slave and fight.
No noble family should have a little girl like that fighting as a slave.
The Ark family is as garbage as they say.”

“No, but that’s impossible, isn’t it? Even though you are a hero, you are a commoner, and there is no way you can destroy a high ranking nobleman.
And if you mess with the Ark family, the Mirai family will be the ones to suffer.
Do you understand?”

“I know! But there shouldn’t be nobles who prey on little girls like that… I’m a hero.”

(Oh my— you’re not listening! We’re not on the same page here.
Stupid workers are really a pain in the ass.
Huh, calm down, Alicia.
The future of the Mirai family rests on my shoulders.)

“Don’t tell me you’re going to suddenly attack them? If you do that, I’ll cut you off immediately.
The Mirai family will have nothing to do with you.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t win against the Ark family by myself.
So I’m going to look for comrades to fight with me.”

I was relieved to see that he seemed a little calmer, but it looks like the calamity will continue.

“So, Alicia! Join me and we’ll fight the Ark family together!”

Alicia put the words in his mouth and said no.

“I’m not going to side with you on your false accusations! If you want me on your side, you’ll have to give me a good reason to send tens of thousands of troops from the royal family and the high nobility.
Then I won’t say anything more….
So until then, quit messing with Ark family! I won’t have the Mirai family destroyed because of you!”

Alicia’s intense pressure pushed the hero Alto to agree.

“I understand.
You are going to gather royalty, high-ranking nobles, and soldiers and beat them to a pulp.
Alicia is a quintessential.
You think differently.
I’ll get you the proof you need.”

Alicia was relieved that the worst was averted for now, but her misfortunes continued.

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