Chapter 18: Entrance Examination

*Villain’s Point of View*

Villain Ark is currently meeting with the King at the Royal Castle.

“I never thought I’d see you again… I’m glad you’re alive, at any rate.

The King and Villain shake hands firmly, having grown up together since childhood.

“Oh, I’m a dead man.
I killed so many people, even my own father, and I didn’t think I would survive.”

Villain mocked himself.

“Don’t say that.
You and your Ark family have done more for our country than anyone else.
You have helped me more times than I can count just by being my childhood friend.
I’m really glad you’re alive, Villain!”

The two of them had been together since they were very young.
It was the relationship of friends that was meant to bind the Ark family to the royal family, but they are friends nonetheless, indeed.

“I really wanted Michael to get along with Absolute as well as I did with you.
Absolute is too good, even from my point of view as the king.
I don’t think Michael can hope for a good relationship with Absolute anymore because of his inferiority complex and prejudice.
Hey, have you thought about an engagement between Absolute and my daughter, Haniel?”

The king wanted to bind Absolute to the royal family at all costs.
He had given up on the idea of establishing a friendship with Michael and was planning to take him as a son-in-law for his daughter, Haniel.

“I’m sorry.
I thought I was going to die soon, so I forgot about it.
I wanted to throw the whole thing to Absolute after I die.”

Villain laughed openly and the king’s shoulders slumped at the answer.

“Well, Absolute is fed up, though he doesn’t say it in so many words, with people like me who get their hands dirty behind the scenes for the royal family and the country.
If Absolute becomes the head of the family, he won’t work for a royal family that has nothing to do with him.
If the royal family can’t provide a quid pro quo to Absolute’s satisfaction, the dark organization will go out of business in my generation.”

Villain’s words left the king scratching his head.

The next head of the Ark family, which is currently protecting the national defense of the Rainana country behind the scenes, is dissatisfied with the royal family.
There is also the blunder in the case of Michael. 

The king is planning to marry off his daughter to Absolute at any cost.


Finally, Absolute was able to make a contract with the spirit, albeit a slave contract.
This power would be a great help in fighting the hero in the future. 

But then a problem with the spirit arose 

“What? you can’t go back to the spirit world⁈”

Absolute overwrote the contract with the spirit that had been contracted with his father, Villain, in the form of a slave contract.
However, because it was different from the original contract with the spirit, the spirit was bound to the human world.

“I understand.
It is my fault that you can’t return back.
I’m sorry about that.
I’ll think of a way to deal with that in the future.
By the way, do you have a name?”

The spirit shook its head.

“I see.
Then I will name you Toa.
Can you be small?”

Toa changed to the size of a coin.

“I’ll have you stay with me from now on.
When you are outside, you will be small and stay on my shoulder.
I’m going to keep you busy now that I’ve entered the academy.
I’m counting on you, Toa.”

Toa gave a small nod.

A few days after the discussion with Toa, he came to take the entrance examination at the Royal Academy, where he will be enrolling.

The members of the Ark family faction had arrived at the venue ahead of the others, and now they were the only ones there.
They took their seats around Absolute, and Chris took the lead.

“From now on, the first test will be based on magic, melee combat, and written examinations.
Based on the results, the students will be classified from A to D.
I don’t think Absolute-sama will have any problems, but I have already informed you guys not to drag us down by getting low scores.
This year, Prince Michael, the descendant of a hero, and even a saint will be enrolled.
I don’t think we will have much to do with them, but if something happens, the Absolute-sama’s name will be damaged.
Please be careful.
Lastly, please, Absolute-sama.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.
Absolute had nothing special to say.

“Just do your best.
That’s all I have to say.”


Their spirited voice echoed through the hall.
Then, the other examinees entered the hall in droves.

Among them was the heroine of the original story.

“The one in the nun’s habit looks like a saint, doesn’t she? She has a mysterious atmosphere.”

Chris was fascinated by the saint.

Is that Saint Eliza, one of the heroines?

Saint Eliza holds the highest position in the church and is a cleric who uses the skill “regeneration,” which is a super compatible skill of recovery magic.

In the original story, she healed the hero who was mortally wounded in the battle against Absolute many times before sending him to the front line, and she was a leading figure behind the scenes who kept the morale of the soldiers up with her beauty and her skill of “incitement.

Saint Eliza…she is just as dangerous as the hero.
Moreover, she never came out of the church much, so she must have been quite naive.
I have to do something about it before she falls into the mind game of the hero…

While Absolute was pondering, Alicia Mirai, the heroine and fiancée of the hero, entered the hall next.

“Absolute-sama, it’s Alicia, hero-sama’s fiancée.
It seems the hero is not with her.”

Alicia Mirai.

Alicia is the daughter of the Mirai family and the fiancée of the hero.
She is also a childhood friend.
In the original story, Alicia is portrayed as a stopper for the hero who is unfamiliar with the world of nobility, but her fighting style is mainly long-range magic attacks and support with the Mirai family’s unique magic.

(Alicia was pushed around even more by the hero at the school.
I wonder if Alicia will have a hard time…)

Absolute answers Chris’s question earlier while sympathizing with Alicia

The hero is exempted from the school’s examinations, so he won’t be here today.  The examinations are about to start.”

The conversation was cut short, and soon the examiner entered the hall to begin the written test.
The written test was completed without any problems since I had already covered everything I needed to know at the academy.

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