Chapter 23: Self-Introduction

The dispute between Absolute and his classmates was quieted down by the homeroom teacher.

The first HR session of the class was about to begin.

“As I was introduced at the entrance ceremony, I am Teach Tote, who is in charge of Class A.
I specialize in teaching swordsmanship and fighting.
Before I was a teacher, I was an adventurer.
I’m pretty strong despite my appearance.
Nice to meet you.”

Teach Tote

He wasn’t that active in the original story.

But judging from his reaction to me earlier, I’d say he’s a fair guy and an adventurer.
That’s a profession I haven’t had much to do with.

There are no dungeons in this world, but there are monsters.
Adventurers hunt monsters and do whatever is requested of them.

“Well, now it’s your turn to introduce yourselves.
Just so you know, there is no hierarchy in this school.
Don’t say anything too demeaning about others, okay? Let’s start with those at the end.”

Teach urged them to introduce themselves one by one, and as they did so, the original characters were introduced from time to time.

“I am Michael Rainana.
I’m royalty, but I’ll be friendly at the school.
I look forward to working with you.”

Michael introduces himself with a smile that he doesn’t show normally.
Do it like you usually do!

“My name is Christina Zen and I’m not going to let anyone beat me in magic, studies, or as a woman!”

Christina Zen.

She is the daughter of Duke Zen, who is the Prime Minister of the country of Rainana.

In the original story, she challenged the hero to a match and was defeated, and then she repeatedly challenged him to a match in order to get revenge.
In the original event, she loses her life early on.
By the way, she is now a candidate for Michael’s fiancee.

I don’t remember much from the original story, but the Zen family is pretty black because of political involvement.
She’s a pretty dangerous-looking girl.

And then it’s the hero’s turn.

“I’m Alto, who will become the next hero.
My goal is to become the strongest in the country of Rainana and protect people from bad guys.”

He looks at me for a moment, but I ignore him.

“My name is Alicia Mirai.
I want to live a peaceful school life.”

It’s just a few words, but it makes me feel like she’s going through a hard time.

Alicia Mirai.

And then comes the saint’s turn.

“I have come from Rainana Church.
My name is Eliza.
I look forward to working with you all.”

“I am Anya, also from Rainana Church, and I am here to escort the saint.
I am a holy knight.”

In the name of escorting the saint, several students were recommended by the Rainana Church and enrolled in the class.
In this class, in addition to Anya, there were two other holy knights who were escorting the saint.

“I am from the Kingdom of Suiroku.
My name is Leone Suiroku.
I am the first princess.”

Leone Suiroku.

She is the princess of the Suiroku Kingdom and is in the country of Rainana under the guise of studying abroad.
However, her real reason is different.
They wanted to evacuate the princess because the country is in crisis.
And it is the hero who solves the problem.
In other words, it is an event.
By completing this event, the hero will have an achievement and his voice in the country and the academy will be raised.
I must somehow keep the hero away from this event.

While I was thinking about this, the greetings were finishing one after another.

“It’s your turn, Ark!”

Teach urged me.

Come to think of it, Absolute refused to introduce himself in the original story.
I would like to refuse too, but I won’t do that.
This is a break with the flow of the original story, a declaration of war as a villain.
Let’s do it!

“Absolute Ark.
Whoever stands in my way will be crushed without mercy.
Prepare yourself.”

The reaction of the class is mixed.
Gazes of hostility, disgust, and interest are mixed.
But I don’t care.
Having been born as Absolute and having traced the life he has led, I am already prepared.
Absolute is a proud man who has defended his country behind the shadows while the country and readers look at him with white eyes in the original story.
I really respect him, but in the end, he took all the blame and lost.

This is not just a fight for himself, this is a fight to restore Absolute’s pride.

“Haaah! I told you not to make too many enemies, but you didn’t listen.”

After that, Teach explained the school’s facilities and class schedule.

“Is there anything you don’t understand? If not, we’re going to have a mock battle tomorrow as a way for the class to interact.
We’re all curious to see what the guys in our class are capable of, aren’t we? Besides, we’ve been on the warpath before.
It’s a good opportunity for us to fight and understand each other.”

The mock battle is the first opportunity for the hero and Absolute to fight each other in a recreational event after the entrance ceremony.
This is a losing event for the hero, but I will use this defeat as a springboard to further develop my abilities.

“The pairings will be decided by us, and each student will compete in one match.
I’ll start with you, Ark and Alto, because I hear that both of you are quite strong, and since you’re fighting against the hero, don’t use magic or skills that could kill him.
I’m sure you’ll be fine, but don’t use any enhanced magic before the match, okay? So, that’s it for today.”

HR is over and the classmates are leaving.

“Absolute-sama, it was cool of you to introduce yourself just now, but we are worried about you.
I think it would be better not to make too many enemies in class.”

Cruel-san called out with concern.
Oriana and Mist, who came close by, looked as if they wanted to say the same thing.

“I see…but this was necessary.
I appreciate your concern, but this time I really wanted to say it for my own sake.
I may cause trouble for you all, but rest assured that I will protect you and I will show no mercy to my enemies.”

“Absolute-sama, we’re all on the same page.
But please don’t do anything that will draw hate to yourself in order to protect us.”

Hmm? There’s a discrepancy.

“It’s hard for me to see you getting hurt because of us.
I beg you to take a little more care of yourself.”

Oh, that’s how you interpreted it.
If anything, I’m a little sorry for the trouble I’m causing you guys.
I’m not going to tell you.

“Don’t get me wrong, that was something I said for my own good.
…… Well, okay, I’m going home.
The others are waiting for us.”

The Ark family is also supposed to take them home, so Absolute quickly leaves the classroom.

The three of them follow his back with their eyes.

“…… Oriana, Mist, we’ll protect Absolute-sama.
We won’t let him fight alone!”

Mist and Oriana nodded at Lady Cruel’s words.

“Come on, let’s go!”

They hurriedly chased after Absolute and returned home in a lively manner.

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