Chapter 25: Mock Battle – Below

The hero blows the teacher, who tried to stop him out of the way and launches a preemptive attack on Absolute.

“Let’s go, Absolute! Holy Out!”

Holy Out is a magic that can only be used by Alto, who has the skill of a hero.
It is a wide-range attack that targets and damages only those whom the hero recognizes as enemies, and Absolute is currently within range.

Absolute was originally going to take the first move with the intention of seeing how good he could be.
He wanted to check the amount of damage.
The Hero’s Holy Out attacked Absolute.

“Did I do it!?”

The hero was feeling the pressure, but unfortunately, he couldn’t do enough damage to defeat Absolute.

(……I’m taking more damage than I thought I would.
I thought it would be okay because of the difference in level, but it’s not good if I keep getting hit.)

“Absolute-sama!? You can’t forgive such a surprise attack from the hero after he blew away the homeroom teacher in a mock battle.”

“We have to stop the hero!”

“This is my fight, and you want to take on one person with more than one? You’re playing me for a fool!”

Mist and others who try to join in the fight are stopped.

Absolute will never challenge a single person with more than one person.

He had no intention of spreading the commotion any further.
However, the class members were either watching from afar for fear of collateral damage or calmly analyzing the fight between the two.
The idea of tampering with the fight was groundless.

“Tch! I can’t beat him? Then how about this, I’ve been trained by a court mage and my magic power is guaranteed! Holy Lance!”

The hero had once incorporated not only swords but also magic into his lessons after his match with Ur.
This was because he felt that swords weren’t enough to defeat Absolute.
The magic enhanced by the hero’s skill was powerful and would do great damage to someone other than Absolute.

The hero deployed a spear of magic with holy magic and fired it at Absolute.
However, it didn’t hit Absolute.
Absolute closes the distance with the hero as fast as possible while avoiding his attack.

Absolute is already determined to win the game.

“Wait! Holy ahh! It’s too late!”

(The amount of damage from the hero’s attack was known, and Absolute’s rating would be lowered if he lingered too long.
Let’s decide with one blow.)

Absolute, who had closed the distance with the hero, struck his body with his bare hands before the hero could use magic.
Although Absolute took it easy so that the hero wouldn’t die due to the difference in level, he was still blown away by the powerful attack and slammed into the wall with great force.


“Is it over?”

Absolute felt like he broke two or three bones in the hero’s body.
He seemed to think it was over, but surprisingly, the hero stood up.

(I thought it was settled, but he’s still going to do it.
Was I myself weakened by the skill of Absolute Evil more than expected?)

“Hahaha, that didn’t hurt at all, that caught me a bit off guard, but I won’t be bluffing anymore.”

The hero closes the distance with Absolute again.
He decided that it would be dangerous at close range with Absolute and tried to attack him from a medium distance using magic and sorcery.
However, Absolute knew this, and before the hero could use his magic, he entered his range and struck again, this time with more force than before.

Boom, thud, thud, thud, thud.

The sound of bones breaking can be heard from the hero’s body.
Once again, the hero is slammed into the wall with great force.


The hero vomits blood due to the damage to his internal organs.
The hero gets back up again.
Despite his appearance, his face is still full of fighting spirit and somewhat insane.

(No way, How can he get up? Calm down, I am not talking about my attack being weakened.
The hero is abnormal right now.)

Absolute calms down and analyzes once.

(In the original story, he should have only the skills of hero.
The hero’s skill had the effect of raising the status, but there was no recovery.
How could he be so calm?…Wait, could this be?)

Absolute looked at the saint who was watching the battle.
She always had a smile on her face, but this time, it looked somewhat suspicious.

(That Saint did it, didn’t she? She used her “incitement” skill before the fight? That’s why he lost his reasoning before the match, cursed me in public, and beat up the homeroom teacher who came to stop him.)

The “incitement” skill of the saint not only overcomes the fear of your allies and raises their morale.
It also has the effect of removing the brain’s limiter, enabling the person to perform beyond what he or she thinks is possible, and also has the effect of constantly secreting adrenaline to make the pain go away.
However, as a disadvantage, the removal of the brain’s limiter also causes reason to fly out of the window.
The hero Alto, who has lost all sense of reason, is now able to say whatever he feels, and his emotions have become uncontrollable.

The hero stands up and glares at Absolute with eyes filled with anger.

“Absolute, did you by any chance use enhancement magic before the match? You coward, you want to win that badly!”

(No, you don’t get to say that.
Besides, I went easy on you and didn’t use any magic or weapons, not even enhancement.
That’s a terrible thing to be told.)

Absolute had placed restrictions on himself in his match against the hero.
This was to prevent him from showing his power to the hero and others around him.
Of course, there was a sense of holding back, but it was also because he didn’t want to expose his cards to those in his class who might someday become his enemies.

“I won’t lose to you.
There are many people who are suffering in this country because of you and the Ark family.
I, the hero, have to help them.
I want you to let go of that girl too …… so die quickly!”

The hero has always been haunted by the beastman girl he once fought in a tournament.
 He couldn’t save the girl at that time, but now that she has grown up, he might be able to save her.
And the culprit who is tormenting her is right there.
He wants to defeat Absolute and let her go.
Even though he had lost his reason, his heart was driven by the desire to save the girl he once could not save.

The hero closes the distance and manages to get Absolute within magic range to attack, but it doesn’t happen.
At high speed, Absolute got behind the hero, grabbed his arm, and dislodged the joint.


A dull sound echoed through the training hall.
After dislocating the joints, he destroyed the hero’s knees.
Both arms and legs were rendered useless and the hero rolled over.
The hero, who could not use his arms to stand up and whose knees were also destroyed, could only stare at the Absolute.

“…… You’re weak.
What you’re saying is great, but if you don’t measure up to your abilities, it’s all just an ideal.
You are just a kid with the skills of a hero, after all.
You think that if you have the skills of a hero, you are allowed to do whatever you want, but only those who have achieved results are allowed to do so.
You are just a kid who does not fulfill his duty and only claims his rights.”

“Shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about, you evil scoundrel! I’m going to defeat you and save everyone and that girl!”

The hero tried desperately to get up, but his body was too wrecked to move, only his energy.

“Yes, I am a scoundrel.
I’m the best in the country.
And the scoundrel has defeated you…..
then, my righteous friend.”

Absolute gave the hero a blow to the brain and mowed down his consciousness.
The hero fainted and didn’t move.
The first battle between the hero and Absolute ended with Absolute’s victory.

“Killing me to save everyone…… killing me won’t make a difference.
It will only bring out other villains.”

Absolute muttered to himself.

He wanted to take a breath, but there was still work to be done.
Absolute switched his mind and processed after the war.

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