Chapter 29: The Mirai Family

Days have passed since the hero caused the incident, and today the settlement negotiations between the Mirai family, the backers of the hero, and the Ark family, who were victimized by the hero, finally take place.

Absolute was taken by a surprise attack this time, in addition to being disgraced in front of his classmates by the hero.
Although he is a hero, he is a commoner, and the victimized Absolute is a high-ranking nobleman.
Normally, even a hero would have been executed, but after a plea from the royal family, the execution was no longer possible.

Instead, Absolute received some magical tools from the royal family’s treasury.
These items are necessary to complete the events of the original story from now on.
Basically, Absolute is going to skip the events that have nothing to do with him or the people he belongs to.
However, there was an event that caused many deaths during the year, and there was a possibility that the Ark faction would be affected.
He thought that he had to intervene in order to proceed as in the original story, so this time he gave up the life of the hero and used magical tools to deal with the situation.

[The Ark family]

Absolute and his father, Villain, were discussing the upcoming settlement with the Mirai family.

“I don’t mind if you take the lead, Absolute.
However, is that really the best way to settle the matter? Certainly it would be damaging to the Mirai family, but if we strengthen the outer wall, there will be opposition from the surrounding nobles.”

Villain was not satisfied with Absolute’s idea of settlement.
Aside from the consolation money, Absolute was planning to strengthen the outer wall using the anti-magic stones that could be obtained from the Mirai family.
The reason for this is to prepare for a future war with the country, but it is something that Villain, who has not seen the same scenery, doesn’t understand.

“No, I’ve got the royal family’s permission, so I think we’ll be fine.
Besides, I think it’s important to apologize, but it would be better to have them show their sincerity in some way.
It’s a huge loss for the main culprit, the hero, and I’m taking it in this direction.”

“…… I see.
Well, do as you please, but definitely don’t show any mercy.
If the Mirai family had not been negligent in educating the hero, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Yes, it’s alright.
It is impossible for evil to show mercy to its enemies.”

(It’s 80% the saint’s fault, but it’s a chance to separate the hero from the Mirai family.
I will definitely cut him off.)


Just as they are about to finish talking, there is a knock at the door of the room.

“Come in.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation.
The Mirai family is here to see you.”

Maria, who was waiting outside, announces the arrival of the Millais.

“Is that so? Well, take them to the reception room.
Then we’ll have some of this tea before we go.”

(There is no need to accommodate them, let’s just hurry them up.)

Villain understood Absolute’s intention, and after having a break with him, they went for the settlement.


After having a break, Absolute heads for the reception room where Marquis Mirai is waiting.

There are three major factions among the nobles of the country of Rainana.
The royal faction supports the king.
The aristocratic faction, which fears that too much power is concentrated in the royal family and seeks to gather power in the aristocracy.
A neutral faction that stands between the king’s faction and the nobles’ faction to maintain balance.

Marquis Mirai belongs to the royal faction and is famous for his increased voice and power within the faction after the engagement of the hero and Alicia.

Absolute and Villain enter the room.
Inside are Marquis Mirai and Alicia, who is covered in bruises.
Marquis Mirai and Alicia stood up and bowed deeply when they saw them enter.
Absolute and Villain looked at the bruised Alicia for a moment and almost stiffened, but then took their seats across from each other as if nothing had happened.

“Marquis Mirai, Mistress Alicia, please sit down.”

Absolute urged them to sit down, and they took their seats.

(Marquis Mirai, aren’t you overdoing it? Even without the Saint, it’s your negligence of lack of education that’s at fault.
Are you trying to put all the responsibility on Alicia? They didn’t bring the hero with them…well, you never know what he might do…)

The first to speak was Marquis Mirai.

“I apologize to Ark-sama and Absolute-dono for the foolishness of the hero.
I am especially sorry to Absolute-dono, for something has been done for which an apology will never be forgiven.
I was going to bring him in, but he showed no sign of remorse, and I thought it would only make you uncomfortable, so I have placed him under house arrest in the mansion.
I am sorry.”

Marquis Mirai and Alicia bowed deeply.

“Even if he’s a hero, he’s a commoner who has committed a crime, and there’s no way he will get away with it.
What on earth have you been teaching the hero, Marquis Mirai? He called us criminals without proof.
Did you teach him that the Ark family are criminals?”

“No, I didn’t teach him that.
In our family, we thought it would be better to have someone of the same age to be the educator of the hero, so we left the matter of the hero to Alicia.”

(I knew you were going to put the blame on Alicia, you piece of trash.)

“Nevertheless for something like this to happen, you foolish girl.”


A dull sound of a smack on Alicia’s cheek echoed.
Alicia was hit vigorously and fell off her chair.

“I am sorry…”

Marquis Mirai raises his hand to strike Alicia again.

“You! You can’t just apologize.”

“Shut up!”

A low, quiet voice echoes through the room.
Marquis Mirai felt a pressure in his body that he had never felt before due to Absolute’s Intimidation.
Marquis Mirai couldn’t believe that he was exerting this much pressure while still a student.
His breathing naturally became uneven.

“Where do you think you are, Marquis Mirai? Why are we being subjected to your three-sentence play? If you continue this farce, I will kill you.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

Marquis Mirai was under so much pressure that he forgot that Absolute was younger than him and apologized politely.
Marquis Mirai, hyperventilating from Absolute’s intimidation, apologized and took his seat.

“Enough, your apology is worthless.
The Ark family has three demands for settlement.

The first is to provide the anti-magic stones needed to repair the outer walls of the Ark territory.

Second, the Mirai family and the hero must pay two billion in compensation to Absolute.

At least half of this must be paid by the hero.
The school will be suspended until the payment is completed.

Third, the engagement between the hero and Alicia must be broken off.

These are the three demands.
I won’t hear any objections.”

“T-That’s… two billion? And to break off the engagement? This engagement was approved by His Majesty!”

Marquis Mirai was dismayed.
Absolute used an agent of the Ark family to check the tax revenue of the Mirai family to settle the case, and demanded the amount that was just barely within the limit of what could be paid without regard to the market price.
As for the hero, no matter how skilled he was, it would be impossible for him to earn this amount of money unless he accomplished great deeds, such as saving the nation.
However, what Marquis Mirai wants to avoid the most is to break off the engagement.
For the Marquis, who had gained his current position in the faction through his daughter’s engagement to hero, breaking it would mean his downfall.

“Normally, even a hero would be executed, right? But because of the royal family’s intervention, this is the extent of the damage that has been done.
Ah, that’s right, they said that once the alimony has been paid in full, the engagement can be dissolved.
That’s a very lenient ruling.
Also, Marquis Mirai, you are to be transferred to the king.
This is a royal order, and you cannot refuse.

“Why me!?”

“Why you? You are the Marquis yet you neglected your duty and failed to educate the hero who will be the key to the country’s future strength.
Therefore, you must take responsibility.
Let the royal family hear your excuses.
Now, father, please take the Marquis.”

“Ah, I’ll leave Alicia-san to you.”

Villain forced the Marquis, who tried to shake him off, out of the room.

With the obstruction out of the way, Absolute turned to Alicia.

“The settlement is now over.
We have unilaterally presented you with our demands.
The royal family will send you a notarized document with the content certified and signed at a later date.
In addition, your father will be removed as head of the family, at the very least.”

This had been decided in advance during the negotiations with the royal family.
Whether the Marquis agreed to their demands or not, the end result would be the same.

“…… Yes, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry…I didn’t do things right, and that’s why everyone is in trouble.
It’s all my fault.”

Alicia continued, her mouth was still under the tension of Marquis Mirai’s slap, making it difficult for her to speak.

“Alto went against the Ark family because I didn’t stop him properly, and he messed around with your maid because I let him out of my sight.”

Alicia stands up and faces Absolute.

Alicia’s emotions are breaking down and tears are streaming down her face, and gradually Alicia’s words are filled with emotion.

“I know it’s all my fault for him calling you a criminal and for attacking the teacher at …….
Why am I the only one who has to suffer like this I didn’t do anything, I’ve always been the one they get angry at every time Alto-kun did something, and now it’s my fault that the problem between our houses has developed? Don’t be silly, a self-righteous person with that kind of power, there is no way I can handle it… I… can’t…”

It was a monologue, as if she was venting all her anger up to this point.

In the original story, with Maria’s education, the hero wasn’t as bad as he is now.
In addition to that, Alicia’s mental health was also built on Maria’s support behind the scenes.
In today’s world, Maria is not in the Mirai family.
Alicia had been carrying the burden alone for a long time.

Absolute took in all of Alicia’s monologue without saying a word.

“I’m sorry.
You’re the victim, but I pretended to be the victim.”

Absolute shook his head as if to say that was not true.
After that, Absolute took Alicia’s hand and applied recovery magic.

“Absolute-san? Eh! Recovery magic?”

Absolute said to Alicia, who was surprised by the recovery magic.

“Alicia Mirai.
It is not your fault this time.
The bad guys are the hero who went wild and your parents who left him to his own devices….
and me.”

“Eh? No, you are not to blame! You are the victim.”

Alicia denies it, but Absolute continues.

“If I had more overwhelming power, the hero wouldn’t have thought to touch me.
I had to clearly show my power in a way that even a fool could understand.”

“Such a thing …….”

“So Alicia Mirai.
You can hate me all you want.”

“What are you talking about?”

Alicia had no idea what Absolute was talking about.

“I’m telling you to blame it all on me and make it easier for yourself.
I am evil in this country, and one person’s resentment is nothing.
Wouldn’t it be better if you could blame me for all of your elusive feelings?”

Alicia didn’t understand what he was saying for a moment, but after understanding, her expression relaxed a bit.

“Thank you, but I’ll refrain.
I’d rather hit Alto-kun than you, who did nothing wrong.
…… I should have done that from the beginning… I feel like an idiot for taking it all on myself and exploding on my own.”

Alicia looks satisfied, as if she has digested something.

Alicia was no longer the broken Alicia she had been a moment ago.

“I think I understand why the nobles under your faction love you so much.
You’re a pretty nice guy.”

Hearing Alicia’s words, Absolute made a disgusted face.

“I’m a nice guy? Are you out of your mind? I am a bad person in this country.
I didn’t mean what I said before.
Don’t get me wrong.
The recovery magic was just to make your wounds look bad.”

Alicia found it amusing that Absolute denied it with a disgusted look on his face, and she smiled.

It’s strange, I feel like I haven’t laughed in a long time.
Thank you, Absolute-san.”

You seem to be leading a very boring life.”

“Yes, I’ve had a really hard time.”

Alicia looked up at the ceiling as if thinking back.

After a pause, Absolute’s mouth opens.

“Hey, Alicia Mirai.”

“What is it?”

After a short pause, he released the words.

“Will you join me?”

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