A girl launched up into the air using the momentum of her teammate, then rebounded off a monsters head with incredible speed. Twirling her hammer in mid-air, she brought it down onto a manticore- SLAM -the beast swatted her away.

Sprawling, the girl sat up and coughed before spitting out blood and a tooth from the damage she received. ”Damn it, the boss monster is stronger than I thought! ”

Slice! A blonde man swiftly made his way to his party member and cut down a monster pouncing at her. ”Amber! Not the time to be complaining! ”

”Right Captain! Elijah could use some help here! ” Amber indicated, annoyed that despite what the healer claimed, he was slow to take the hint.

Amber growled with frustration before scanning the battlefield for the incompetent healer.


”Whats going on? ” the man asked, busy covering for Amber.

”That moron of a healer broke the formation! ” the girl gnashed.

The pincer movement is a military maneuver in which forces simultaneously attack both flanks of an enemy formation. This was a classic but effective way to slay beasts in a restricted area.

Elijah, the healer was a supporting role who was supposed to prioritise helping the front line of defence yet fled his position due to fear.

Or at least so they thought.

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