”As punishment for failing to abide by my rules, I will set you an essay of 20 cm long as a minimum about weapons and their owners physique. ”

I stared at the imposing figure looming over me, eyes wide open.

”In addition, I will also have you recite page 637 of the textbook and run an extra 8 laps in our next lesson. ”


My mouth hung agape as I tied my best not to glare, incredulous.

The man before me let out a discreet smirk before dropping yet another bombshell:

”On top of that, you will have to serve detention today. ”

I gawked at him as he picked up the duster from the blackboard tray ledge.

”Are you serious?! ”

I couldn help myself from letting out a disbelieving outburst, slamming my hands on the table in front of me.

I heard that Professor Kyle was crazy, but to this degree?

I said that I only drifted off at the end of the lesson, blurting out an incorrect answer, but he made me do this much?

Well, to be fair, there really isn any ordinary professor here at Xira. I should be grateful he wasn the worst of teachers and he didn deduct any points…

But still! This is too extreme!

I shivered at the thought of getting caught misbehaving under his strict regime.

This much all for not paying attention? What would happen if I were to do something more extreme…

…like… hide a mythical creature even the best of the best salivate for…

I secretly bid fare well to all of my points.

I lowered my head. Enough to mask my racing thoughts from professor Kyle.

”Here, ” The combat professor tossed the eraser at me.

I attempted to catch but missed entirely. Only for Kaida to swoop in like a knight in shining armour and passed me it in her mouth with a smug grin, like the show-off she is.

Karma caught up to her as she began hacking due to the dust in the eraser.

He pointed at the board, filled with incoherent scribbles from the aftermath of the lecture, ”Spotless. ”. He jerked a thumb to the floor, ”Mopped and swept. ”.

Damn it, of course it had to rain today…

There were muddy footprints all over the floor. Professor Kyle then pivoted around to the tables.

I watched as he lightly flicked the air, causing all of the tables to turn over, no doubt the work of magic.

My attention soon shifted to the tables, gum stuck underneath all of them.

Ah. but for who knows how long.

Suddenly I had an ominous premonition

”Aaaand- the best for last, scrape all that filth off. ”

His eyes became slits from how hard he was smiling as he watched me silently shake, head lowered, almost to the ground.


Shut up! This is all your fault! If you didn distract me then I wouldn be this situation you brat!

Well, technically you were the one complaining to me though.


”Elijah, when I return, I expect half of the tables to be scrubbed down, you hear me? ” Professor Kyle said as he absentmindedly twirled his keys around his index finger.

I wanted to gouge my eyes out, half? I was supposed to clean out half of the tables by the end of lunch?

And also, he is planning to have me come back to clean the rest of the tables…

This bastard, to think I was actually serving two detentions…



Chip chip chip. Chip chip chip. Chip chip chip.

Elijahs hand laboured away using a chisel to grate the moldy gum.

Chip chip chip. Chip chip chip. Chip chip chip.

Crusty musty dusty flakes of dry gum dropped into the bucket giving off a suspiciously repulsive pungence.

He looked so dead, with his glassy eyes staring into oblivion. What a drama queen.

I yawned, ugggghhhhhh Im so bored, how long do I have to waitttttt.

Then go do something fun then, and leave me alone, serving a detention that wasn even my fault.

Nuh uh. It was your fault, stop shifting the blame, but since Im really really nice, Ill stay with you~

I swear Elijahs eyes started watering when I said that.

Ai, Elijah, don be like that, Ill help you! I panicked as I picked up a chisel

Its alright, Im nearly done anyway.


The door leading to the classroom next door locked.

”Haahh… Its so hard to find an isolated space. ”

”I know right, especially when we have to keep it a secret from other teachers as well. ”

Two unknown voices could be heard, albeit barely through the thick walls.

I recognise their voices! Its the head of the grade and the necromancy teacher! Elijah mentally projected their appearances into my mind.

I widen my eyes and grinned, of course I won let this opportunity slide.

The head teacher was supposed to be the figure with long fluttery eyelashes and startling blue eyes, intense like a depthless ocean. She also has mahogany hair that was curled into a braided spiral, framing her dark skin that glows with health, which had a couple of freckles scattered along her cheeks.

Her elegance is incomparable, every step contains sophistication, her ambiance excludes exceptional maturity and vehemence, carrying herself with dignity. She seems to be glaring all the time, no doubt the work of Elijahs existence.

Shut up!

The head teacher wore a white silk tie-neck blouse that was adorned with a black ribbon around her neck. Her navy skirt hugged her legs till her knees, then flared out. Golden intricate patterns were embroidered along her collar and the edge of her skirt. Tightly secured around her waist was a beige corset. With every twist and turn her skirt twirled as if to compliment her graceful movements. Elijah certainly was so ugly he-

Stop narrating you dolt.

The necromancy professor, on the other hand, had fair skin. Her face is so dazzling that it gave off a slight sheen. It was so smooth that there was no hint nor any chance of any blemish. Her deep wavy shiny waterfall of platinum silver hair flowed up to her bottom rib bone with side-swept bangs, outlining her small figure.

Unlike the head teacher, her smile emanates a sense of child-like audaciousness which was further emphasised by her amethyst eyes, sparkling with mirth. Her cheeks had a light champagne pink blush from excitement- unmistakably having witnessed Elijah making a fool of himself.


She wore a bright yellow skirt that was slightly above knee height with a white hoodie. On top of that, she wore a loosely fit white silk robe with a huge heraldic sun on her back, with yellow sleeves along with white sneakers. An anomaly to her students who all seem to be going into their emo chuuniboyu phases, Elijah can relate to her students on a personal level, he too has constipated emo tend-

-worm! Im not-

”Kyle, do you know if anyone is on this floor? ”

The necromancy professor asked, effectively interrupting Elijah from continuing his false accusations of unpleasant insults.

”Hm? One a student serving detention. Though, hes really weak, not anywhere near the level where he can eavesdrop through sound-proof walls. ”

Both of us turned to each other slowly.

I thought the walls weren sound proof though…? Elijah stuttered

e the one who is the student here! I screamed

”Lmao! Don you think you give too many detentions out, though? ” The necromancy teacher giggled.

”Felicity, avoid colloquial language, you
e leaving out Edith, ” Kyle grunted.

”Oohh, sorry! I forgot Edith is reaaally old. ” Felicity joked.

”Excuse me, Im only a year older than you! I just don keep up with this teenage balderdash! ” Edith glared.

”We didn come here for you two to argue, we came here to avoid prying ears of the bribed and nepotistic staff to discuss the upcoming assessment. ”

I couldn believe my ears, the most confidential information of the academy, was right in front of us?

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