In the afternoon we received an expected guest.

”Mrs. Blanchard welcome to our estate. ”

My mother welcomed her warmly as I greeted her formally.

”Greetings Countess and your daughter is well taught, Countess Vanderberg. ”

”Ohohoho!Its nothing Luna is just an observant child. I didn teach her the etiquette of greeting yet. She always reads books in the library. ”

- ”Talk about bragging. ”I sighed.

”This way, please. ” the butler lead us to the guest room. ”

”Don worry Mrs. Vanderberg I will teach everything to her within four years. ”

”I am pleased to hear that Maam. ”

I sat near my mother sipping tea from my cup since coffee was still for my sensitive tastebuds.

”By the way, Madame your daughter does everything perfectly. Is there still a need to tutor her? ”

”I believe that children always learn something new at every stage of life. So my Luna will get to experience something new from your teachings. ”

I wasn pleased to hear that because I was trying my best to show off the skills I already learned in the past life from my strict tutors. But mother was right to a point. Perhaps I could learn the refined ways of leading a life of a noblewoman in this era.

”Thank you for your appreciation, Baroness. Its an honor to be assisted by a talented lady like you. You indeed have our gratitude madame. However…I think I am fine without a tutor. ” I thanked her with sugar-coated words that made me sick.

”Pardon? ”

”Ohh!Ahaha!Luna means you well madame. She has a sense of humor like her father. Please don take it to heart. ” My mother interrupted.

”Right, Luna? ” Mother smiled.

”Ahem! I-indeed madame. Mother is quite right. Please do not mind it. ”

- ”Take it to heart instead and burn with embarrassment. ”

”Oh, my such elegance! I would like to introduce you to my children. ”

- ”I don want you to bring up marriage proposals of your sons at my house. I can see everything right through her mind. How ludicrous of her. ”

They began their conversations on various subjects but all were related to her sons.

”My sons will be entering the Academy as scholarship holders. I am proud to be a mother of such three fine young boys. ”

”Indeed its very appreciative to see them succeed in life. However, Lucien just entered as one of the top youngest scholarship holders in the empire. Even though ranked third I must say even I was surprised to find it out when the letter arrived. ”

- ”She never knows when to stop her bragging. ”I sighed.

”Mother, will I have my lessons from today onward? ”

”Oh no, madame I will have to excuse myself for today. I have a last appointment of today so from tomorrow noon we shall begin. ”

”It was nice having you over. Have a safe trip. ”

”I am glad Althaia recommended her. And do you know Luna Eirlyn is one of her favorite students? ”

”Is that so? I am glad it is her. ” I smiled innocently. I would not get jealous of Eirlyn. I cannot say for sure but I have unwavering faith in her as a friend.

- ” But I must expand my social circle if I want to overcome death flags. ”

”Mama! Are you done with work? I want to have sweets now. ”

”In a minute dear. ”

I was tired of waiting so I decided to go out with my maid.

Walking around the mansion I discovered that the Vanderbergs had a long history of the family and one of the main contributors to the foundation of the empire. It was a shame that the family was stripped of its name because of Luna.

I will need to protect whats mine. Since I am a greedy person by nature I will make sure that I will take it all. Just like Phanessa took everything away from the original Luna. Even though I dropped the novel where Lunas punishment was confirmed I had no interest in further continuing the novel. Luna though described as a foolish villainess with a tragic end somehow appealed to me for unknown reasons.

”Is it because we have the same fate? ”

”Is something bothering you, young miss? ”My nanny suddenly interfered with my thoughts.

” Nothing for you to be concerned about. ”I hastily replied.

- ”Why isn she here yet? ”

”Thank you for waiting my child. ”

”You are quite late mother. Tea time is about to be over. ”

”Well, we still have time. I ordered sweets from the famous patisserie. Lets try them out. ”

For a moment I thought I was about to be left alone like in my last life. I was left alone in my house with a schedule made by my mothers secretary. She rarely returned home visiting foreign countries for her job. She would not make time for her nine-year-old daughter.

- ”God I am thankful for the first time for blessing me with a caring mother. Even if I am cursed or punished. I have someone caring in this life. ”

”Lets go, mama! ” I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the garden.

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