CHAPTER #2:Daughter of a noble.

”How could you do this to me? ” She wailed holding her arm.

”Do you think I care whether I did it or not? ” I retorted crossing my arms.

-Pathetic. I knew she was a better schemer than me. ”

The students now had gathered around the two of us. I who is also known as the infamous villainess, and in front of me the angel of the campus. I raised my hand targeting her when someone took my blow instead of her.

”Stephanie Lee. When will you stop harassing her? She did nothing wrong. ”

-How dare he intervene? I lost my last bit of patience.

”Give it up Stephanie. ” I heard someone else speak from the crowd.

”This is why Jonathan left you for her. ”

This was something I couldn bear to hear.

I clenched my hands lowering my head.

They are right about it.

”Enjoy being protected by your guards Han Lisa. You won last long while I am around. ”

I turned to leave the suffocating place.

”Look at her mighty attitude.No wonder she is called the villainous princess. ”

I heard all sorts of comments and accusations against me from every corner.

Walking in the rain, dejected and miserable I the infamous villainess arrived at my apartment. I stared at the door while tears from my eyes fell on the cold doorknob. Slowly reaching out to insert the key I realized that it was unlocked beforehand.

My eyes widened with fright.

- ”Somebody broke in? A burglar perhaps? ”

Without giving it a second thought I rushed inside.

Randomly looking in every direction of the room my ears perked up to the silent footsteps behind me.

”You are back. Stephanie. ” That familiar voice I heard. The voice was deep and bitter.

”You. ” I turned to him as hatred slowly boiled my blood.

”How dare you step a foot in here? ”

His lips curled into a sarcastic smile and shrugged upon my question.

”Aren you my bestie? ”

”State your purpose, Jonathan Lee. ”I wondered how he got the key to the door.

At this moment he no longer smiled. His eyebrows wrinkled and slowly approached me.

”Did you hurt Lisa? ”

Yes, the name that I hated to hear. The saintess of the campus.

My grip tightened to a fist.

”I don know what you are talking about. ”

- ”Why do I need to go through all the trouble facing her? ”

”If you are done. Leave at once. Never come near me again. ”

I turned to my bed where I dropped my purse to get the key.

”So you refuse to speak up huh? ” He said.

Without me realizing he grabbed me by my arms and forced me on the floor.

”Oww! That hurts! What are you on about? ” I cried as my back throbbed with intense pain.

”Answer me! ” He raised his voice.

His grip around my shoulders tightened.

”I swear I didn do anything. I don know what you are talking about. ”

”You don know? You? Are you saying, Lisas arm was bruised just like that? ”

I have had enough of him. I kicked him on his abdomen to free myself from the painful grip.

”Gah! ” He cried out trying to get his grip on me.

I tried to reach for my purse to get my cell phone.

Before I could get up I felt something piercing through my stomach.

Too afraid to look down I tried to feel my abdomen with trembling hands as a tremendous amount of pain ceased me from every part of my body.


Blood seeped out dying me red. I looked at him. Looking at me with both fear and hatred his hands trembled while I glanced at him as he collapsed near me trying to lift me.

I tried to lift my arm but strength gradually left my lifeless body. Darkness slowly engulfed me and my eyes closed.

”This wasn what I wanted! ” I heard his cries.

”Don die on me, Stephanie!…Stephanie! ” I heard his wailing.

I knew this is where I die. A terrible death for a villainess to die.A perfect ending.

- ”Where am I? ”I wondered.

It was dark as a starless night.

”Stephanie. ”

I frantically looked around trying to find out the source of the sound.

” Stephanie Lee. You have disappointed me by your record of past deeds. ”

Again, the same voice.

”W-whose there? ” I muttered as it terrified me out of my skin.

”You who dared abuse others shall be cursed as the villainess. ”

”But I never intended to hurt her. She is the real culprit, not me. ” I retorted.

”But you never held back either. ”

”What is this about? I was killed unjustly. Without any solid proof. That person ended my life here and yet I get blamed. ” I teared up sobbing.

”All I wanted was justice. Am I unworthy of getting whats right? I don accept this. And why am I being judged? W-Who are you anyway? Show yourself to me. ” I spoke aloud annoyed. My hands were trembling.

”You will get one last chance to prove your innocence. A second life. Its up to you how you lead it. ”

”Hes ignoring me huh? ”

A light suddenly beamed blinding me.

The temperature was warmer, I felt something soft being wrapped around me.

”Congratulations my lady. Its a girl. ” I heard a voice.

Gentle hands embraced me warmly and kissed my forehead lightly.

”She is beautiful. Just like you my dear. ” I heard another voice. A voice that was much deeper than I heard before. Someone poked my cheek.

I tried to open my eyes.

- ”Who are these people? ”

The woman giggled.

”Waah! ”

- ”Waah? What happened to me? ”

All that came out of my mouth was strange noises a baby would make.

” She has black hair like yours, ” she replied.

”Have you decided on the name? ”

- ”Wait, wait, wait. Why are you naming me? I already have a name. Why do they keep ignoring me? ”

It was useless to speak my mind since all they heard was a baby-making random sound.

”Yes, Luna Cassian Vanderburg. ”

”Luna! As of the night sky. What a beautiful name. ” she exclaimed.

”Wahhh! ” I started to cry and curse the voice of judgment.

”There there my baby. Mother is here. ”

- ”Baby? Did I hear her correctly? ”

I looked again at my hands. They were really small.

”Don tell me! Did I reincarnate? ”

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