CHAPTER #3:First meeting with male lead.

A week has passed since I opened my eyes and was able to catch a glimpse of my new home and family.

”Look mother! she opened her eyes again. ” A small high pitched voice exclaimed excitedly.

”Yes, she will be able to see you, Lucien. ”

”Her eyes are silver as well. She is a mirror image of your father. My, my. ”

This gorgeous woman is supposed to be my mother and the madame of the house. She had brown wavy hair and gentle hazel eyes which were notably big and beautiful.

The boy beside her is my older brother Lucien de Vanderburg who has black hair similar to mine and hazel eyes like my mothers. I kind of felt jealous that he had inherited such a trait from our mother. But grey eyes aren bad either.

I was born into a wealthy family. I learned that the name Vanderberg that stuck in my mind was the name of the family of the antagonist in this novel.

My poor luck. The handsome man Count Cassian Vanderburg is my father to whom I resemble other than my facial features. He is famous for his business, for holding the largest supply of military weapons to the countrys army.

As time went by I turned three years old trying to regain my strength which was hard as it is with a small fragile body of a child.

The hardest part was to speak and walk as I kept stumbling on my little feet.

This brother of mine who will abandon me in fifteen years never let any of his friends near me.

I found it cute how he protected me in every way.

He reminds me of Jonathan. He was like a brother to me. In my last life, I was a single child with a single mother. I did not have a complete family. This is a blessing I will cherish in this life.

”Mama~ ” I called out and the countess would immediately embrace me lovingly in her arms.

”What is it, Luna? Are you hungry again? Nanny, please give me the feeding bottle. ”

The woman in her late forties was chubby. She was a breath of fresh air. She had dark hair which was turning grey with time. And wearing a pair of spectacles on her nose. She was a happy and cheerful person.

”Madame, please give me the young lady I will feed her. ”

”No.No.Today,I will feed my cute little princess myself. ”

I could not imagine finding such love within this family.No wonder the real Luna was a spoilt brat. I pity her parents for having such a rude daughter. But I will change this here. Of course, it doesn mean I will turn myself into a saintess. The personality of a villainess is embedded within my soul. I cannot change everything the author has written at my will.

But I will take advantage to grow to avoid a dire situation like that in the novel.


The day of my fifth birthday drew in.

On this day I will for the first time meet the male lead of the above. He was Lunas fiance and will be in heads over heels for the female lead and the one who will be known as the flower of society.

Early in the morning, my nanny woke me up. Helped me take a bath and dressed me in a cute purple white dress.

To my surprise, my mother was wearing a matching dress but it was more of a ball gown reaching the floor. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun.

She looked gorgeous. Like a queen.

”Shall we go to the hall for breakfast? ” My mother took me from my nannys arms and walked cautiously to not trip over her trailing dress. I rested my head on her shoulder watching nanny follow us.

I smiled at her and she smiled back at me.

”Mother. ” Lucien came running to her.

”Let me carry Luna. Please be careful. ”

”I am fine my dear son. Who do you think I am? I am your mother. ” She replied passing a smile.

I didn want to leave my comfort zone but was taken slowly from my mothers arms and to my fathers.

”Lucien is right. You need to take care of yourself more Inina. ”

”I am alright dear. You worry too much. ”

Both father and son sighed heavily watching my mothers stubbornness.

Well, nothing could be done about it. She is one of a kind.

The breakfast went well and the preparations for the party were completed.

I was the star of the event. This means I could develop some friendship bonds with my other noble children.

This was the key to keep them in check and for the sake of my safety against the schemes of the female lead.

The guests started arriving at noon. It was past eleven. Tired of waiting I read a book or two with Lucien while my parents welcomed the guests at the reception.

And finally, some of my brothers friends approached us. These were his mates from the Royal Academy which was the largest academy that trains and produces the finest knights, engineers, and politicians in the nation.

This is where Lucien entered last year at the age of nine years. This will be the place where the male lead will be his rival. The son of the marquess. In the novel, the female lead Phanessa was an orphan. She was taken in by the King and the Queen since they did not have a child of their own due to her sheer resemblance to the first king. With dark green hair and deep brown eyes, she was considered a hope for the empire in dire consequences.

Henceforth she was sent to the Royal Academy to prepare to become the next ruler of the country. This was a turning point for Luna to become jealous as she lost the attention of her only sibling and her fiance and eventually began to harass Phanessa. She didn care whether she was a princess or a commoner. In the end, she had to reap what she sowed by becoming a death row convict serving as an example of the heartless villainess who dared to voice against the royal. But the kind-hearted Phanessa reduced Lunas punishment by exiling her from the land.

- ”Exile? Kind-hearted my ass. You were the reason Luna lost everything. But not this time. ”

I do not want to die miserably. And I will go to the Academy after I turn right just as Lucien did. I will avoid such fate at all costs. I need to become either a businesswoman or a politician like a chancellor.

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