CHAPTER #3:First meeting with male lead.

y age insisted.

She had wavy silver grey hair tied in twin high tails with ribbons. She looked like her mother.

”Viscountess Althaia. Aren you joining us? ” A noble lady called out to the elegant woman.

”Oh, I will join you shortly. Please go in without me. ” She smiled.

”Come on Eirlyn lets head inside. ” The woman sighed holding her daughters hand.

- ”Now is my chance to make a friend. ”I thought excited.

I got down from the couch and ran out to the doorway.

”There! ” I cried delightedly to see mother and daughter enter the building.

”Its an honor to meet you, Madame. I am Luna Cassian Vanderburg. ” I introduced myself as any lady would.

”Oh my. Its a pleasure to meet you as well dear. So you are the birthday girl. Happy birthday. ” She smiled.

– ”Ahh~My eyes. ”She was as bright as the sun.

” Its nice to meet you too Lady Eirlyn, ”I said but she hid behind her mother and gestured shyly.

- ” Uggh. I am bad at dealing with these types. ”

”Would you like to be friends with me? ” I offered her eagerly.

”That would be great. ” Lady Althaia clapped her hands.

”Why don you play with Lady Luna Eirlyn? ”

The girl still hesitated to bury her face in her mothers skirt.

The woman sighed and bent to her daughter.

”You can stay like this forever dear. This is your chance to make new friends. Won you do it for mommys sake? ”

”Okay, I will try for mothers sake. ” She replied in a low voice.

Her mother was overwhelmed by her answer and kissed her cheek.

”Off you go then. ”

- ”Its finally over. ” Looking at them made me want to cuddle in my mothers lap.

I held hands with her and took her to where I was formerly sitting.

”Viscountess Beauregard. Its been quite a while. How is your husband? ” My mother and marchioness Aiden approached her.

”Why thank you for asking. He is well. ”

”It must be hard since he is mostly near the borders. ”

”It is. Eirlyn misses him often. ”

They carried out their conversation constantly changing topics.

I looked at the girl who didn speak a word.

Tired I ordered some sweets from the maid who was attending to me.

”So Eirlyn what kind of sweets do you like? ” I tried to start up a conversation with her.

”V-Vanilla tarts. ” She replied shyly.

”You like those too? ” A big smile crossed my face.

”I like them too!They are one of my favorites. ”

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