CHAPTER #5:New beginning.

The conversation went well, and what was more exciting was both of us had similar interests.

”Lady Luna, do you like to read books? ”

”Yes, I do. Books are after all the essence of vast imagination. ”

Watching her getting excited was something I found adorable.

”What kind of books are you interested in? ”

I wondered since she was a timid-looking girl I thought she would be influenced by fairy tales.

”I love reading books like history, politics, and romance novels. ” She blushed.

This was out of my vision of thoughts.

”She is rather mature, ” I said to myself.

”What about you? Lady Luna? ”

”Oh me? I like reading romance novels too. ”

”Really? ” She squealed with delight.

”Have you read the novel, the lady and the commoner? ”

”I apologize but I haven read that one yet. ”

I felt somewhat inferior to her since she exceeded me in almost every field.

But I needed someone like her to carry out my plans. I wanted the character of Luna to have the best even if I have no choice but to become a villainess.

”What are you two talking about? ”

I heard my brother calling for me a few meters away.

”Brother Lucien. Look I made a new friend. ” I pranced excitedly on him.

”Woah!Careful Luna. ” He cautioned me while looking at Eirlyn.

The girl was partially scared but mustered up the courage to greet him.

”G-greetings.Lord Lucien. ” She bowed.

The boy greeted by nodding his head.

”So you are my sisters friend. Please be comfortable and enjoy the party. ”

”I-l am having a nice t-time with Lady Luna. T-thank you for caring. ” She stuttered embarrassed.

Lucien smiled and looked at me. ”The party will begin any moment soon. And the star of the event is still missing. ”

I gave a big smile and took Eirlyns hand.

”Lets go Eirlyn. Lets have lots of fun tonight. ”

Her eyes gleamed.

”Yes, Luna. ” She smiled.

”Are you guys done talking yet? ” A boy called out.

”We are coming, Al, ” Lucien replied.

The other girls looked at Eirlyn awkwardly.

I blocked their glances by pulling her at my side.

”Thank you, Lady Luna, ” she whispered gloomily.

”Why do they hate you Eirlyn? ”

I asked out of curiosity. Since she was a character who didn appear in the novel so I had no clue about her background.

”Its….because of my hair. ” She caressed her silver-grey hair.

”They keep saying that I have hair as an old woman has, ” she said with tearful eyes.

”I don think so. You have beautiful curly hair. They look like silver. They are stunning. I am envious since I have normal black hair like any other girl. ”

Eirlyns hair indeed was a rare sight of what she inherited from her maternal side of the family.

And her eyes were deep honey brown which she probably inherited from her father.

Since her mother has wonderful green eyes.

”Todays cake is vanilla and honey flavor, ” I told her.

We played piano and competed in embroidery which she won. I was bad at needlework even in the past life. But I loved painting and flower arrangements. I wasn poor in my past life. My mother was a rich businesswoman but I didn receive any familial love from her. She used to punish me for getting anything wrong. But being born as Luna was like having born with a golden spoon in my hand.

”Lady Luna. Next up is dance. ”

”Call me by my name Eirlyn. ”

”Is it alright with you? ” She asked anxiously.

”Yes, we are best friends after all. ” I smiled.

She stared at me in disbelief.

”You are the very first friend I ever had. ” She said breaking in tears of joy.

”Don cry Eirlyn, ” I said patting her head.

”Umm, I am not crying. ” She said wiping her tears with her handkerchief.

She was very easily moved by things.

”Eirlyn oh goodness dear child. Were you crying? ” Her mother came to us.

”No mother. ” she passed a big smile across her face.

”Look, mother Luna is my best friend. ”

Her mother looked at her dumbfounded. It was hard to believe her daughter who had a hard time expressing her thoughts to her mother.

She hugged her daughter in tears.

”Thank you, Luna. ” She smiled at me.

”Its okay madame. Eirlyn is a fun and interesting girl. I like her. ”

She kissed the two of us on the cheeks and left us to spend some more time. The adults drank tea and started to leave. It was six in the evening.

”Mother just a little bit more, ” Eirlyn begged her mother to stay.

”Dear we must leave now. Your father will be arriving in two days. Didn you want to gift him an embroidered handkerchief? He will feel sad. ”

The little girl pouted but finally gave in until her mother agreed that she would invite my family to dinner this week.

”She isn usually like this. ”

”Don worry Mrs. Beauregard. All children are like this. ” My mother giggled.

”Well, I suppose you are right Lady Inina. ”

They bid farewell and left on their carriage.

”Todays day went well. I see you made a new friend Luna. ” My mother smiled.

”Isn Eirlyns mother friends with you mama? ”

”Yes, we are good friends. ” She held my hand and led me inside.

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