CHAPTER # 6:Rescue.Departure...

I woke up with a usual routine. My nanny dressed me up and took me to the dining room.

Unfortunately, something was a bit different. My parents were busy discussing something which I did not understand well.

”Good morning mama.Papa. ” I beamed.

”Good morning dear. ” My mother replied kissing my cheek as I ran into her arms.

My brother and father seemed a little envious of my mother.

”Luna come here. ” Lucien and my father competed as to whom Id choose to go to.

Nevertheless, I am mentally a grown-up.

I clung tightly to my mother.

”I love mama best. ”

”My daughter is like me. ” She hugged me back.

Both father and son looked at us disappointed.

The breakfast was delicious. Till the age of three, I had to suffer from the torture of eating bland baby food which was harder to swallow.

”Lucien, have you made preparations for departure? ” My father asked my brother who had just finished his breakfast.

He nodded and said that he had prepared long before my birthday.

”Is it time already? ”My mother said worriedly.

” Lucien dear. Be sure to send me letters when you go there. ”

”I will mother. ”

”Me too brother! ” I chimed in.

He smiled and agreed on sending me the first letter.

”Too bad I will have to part from my baby sister. ” He said gloomily.

Walking past my parents he held my hand and led me out of the hall.

”They get along well. ” Inina smiled gently.

”I think we need to get her a tutor soon as possible. ”

”She will go to the academy anyways when she is Luciens age. ”Count Cassian replied drinking his tea.

” But she needs basic education for lady, my dear. She is not a boy after all. ”Inina sighed at her husbands reply.

He stopped in midway and thought for a moment.

”Well if you say so. I will arrange for her a tutor. ”He gave in.

” Leave that bit to me. You can waste your time on something trivial like this. ”

”Then I leave it to you, my lady. ” He smiled.


”Brother Lucien, why are we here? ”

I asked my brother who came out of the stables with a horse.

It was majestic with shiny deep brown color.

I was amazed at how big it was in front of me.

”Lets go somewhere fun. ” He said picking me up and before I knew it I was sitting high on the horse.

”And up. ”

Well, I can say this exactly but my brother is quite tall for his age.

”My Lord! Where are you going? And with the young lady at that. ”

A knight called out.

”Tsk! ” He clicked his tongue out of irritation.

”Hang on tight Luna. ” I immediately clung to him without a second thought.

”Hyaa! ”

”My lord please wait! ” The poor knight entered the stables to get a horse.

”Sorry can hear you, ” Lucien called out.

”T-That was mean brother, ” I said as I still held onto him tightly.

”Is it so? ” He grinned but didn look down.

At mid-morning we reached a place where there was no settlement or a house.

It was a mystic view to look at. A vast plain filled with hundreds of various types of flowers.

”This is the flower meadow I wanted to show you. ” He said getting off.

”Catch! ” I mischievously jumped on him but was defeated by his instincts as he caught me.

”You are a hundred years behind to catch up to me. ” He put me down gently on the soft lush green grass.

I passed a big smile on my face.

”Be careful next time. ” He patted my head.

I looked around while he tied the reins of the horse with a sole banyan tree that stood in the middle of the meadow.

The light breeze was blowing across the wide plain.

Summer slowly closed in after spring. I was lucky to be born in spring.

”Brother play with me, ” I called back to him cheerfully.

”Wait a moment Luna. ” He called back to me.

I was annoyed since he was taking longer than usual so I decided to pick different kinds of flowers.

”What is this Luna? ” I heard my brother peering from behind me.

”A garland, ” I replied.

”Garland? ” He asked surprised.

”How did you learn it? ”

”From nanny. ” I lied.

Of course, I knew it from my past life. I was alone and I used to spend half of my time in the garden outside of my mothers mansion.

But it was rather small compared to the current mansion I live.

”Brother, could you come closer? ”

He leaned forward out of curiosity.

I placed the garland made out of daisies over his head.

”You look like a princess. ” I giggled as he blushed turning red as a beet.

”N-not funny Luna. ” He mumbled suddenly turning away.

”Sorry I meant prince. ” I corrected the misunderstanding.

He slowly peeked from the corner of his eye.

And without me realizing he caught me and started to tickle me.

”Haha! s-stop it brother. ” I couldn control my laughter.

He barely freed himself and got up. A childs body is much more agile than a grown-ups.

I showed him my tongue and ran forward as he chased me.

We played till the afternoon.

My stomach gave away and growled without giving a rest.

”Hungry? ” He teased me.

”Mmm, ” I stroked my stomach.

”Lets get something to eat. ”

I brightened up after hearing about food.

I had never thought that I would play like this again. It was good to become a child again.

”Luna, did you get a tummy ache? ”

”Huh? No, I didn ! ” I exclaimed embarrassed after I came to my senses. Letting go of my stomach which was growling like crazy I followed my brother who held me up and carefully placed me on the horseback.

We arrived at the city streets shortly after entering the part of the city where the lower-class citizens lived.

”Father once brought me here when I was your age. There is a sweet shop that has unique sweets. ”

I wondered what kind of sweets they were.

We entered the shop which had been designed in a way that looked cute and attracted many people even nobles bought sweets from here.

It was more like a cafe.

”Two slices vanilla cakes and four honey tarts. ” He ordered the waiter.

”Would you like some beverages sir? ” The waiter asked after writing down what Lucien ordered.

He looked at me then ordered two cups of unsweetened warm milk.

I felt inferior because a childs tongue cannot bear the bitter taste of coffee or tea.

”Stop right there! ”

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