CHAPTER #8:New tutor.

”Eirlyn! ” I exclaimed. I was just as much delighted as she looked.

”Father this is Luna. Luna this is my father. ”

I saw a tall man in his late twenties walk towards us.

”Its a pleasure to meet you, Lord Beauregard. I am Luna Vanderberg, Eirlyns friend. ” I paid my respects to him.

”The pleasure is all mine. I see you have a wonderful friend my princess. ”He smiled gently.

He was a tall man with a well-built body and gentle features. Tall enough for me who had trouble looking at him from down here with this small body.

Eirlyn had inherited the same gentle brown eyes from her father and hair from her mothers side. Since he had brunette hair.

”Its a pleasure to see you safe Lord Beauregarde. ” My mother greeted him formally.

”Please save the formalities for later. I hear a lot about your family from my wife. She is very fond of your children. ”

”Dear! ” the viscountess blushed.

”Oh my! Im honored. ”

”Eirlyn why don you show Luna around the mansion. Oh, be sure that your maid is with you. We adults will have a little bit of chat of our own. ”

Eirlyn nodded excitedly and grabbed my hand.

”Lets go, Luna! ”

”How is Lord Vanderberg doing? ” I heard the last bit of their conversation while leaving the guest room.

”Oh, he is fine as ever. My son and husband wanted to come to visit too but unfortunately - ”

We left the guest room and walked into the sunlit hallway.

”My lady, please walk properly. ” The maid instructed Eirlyn.

She immediately straightened and walked slower than she was.

I was surprised to see how flustered she was.

”Eirlyn is something wrong? ” I whispered into her ear.

”N-no its nothing. ” She murmured.

”Ahem. ” I heard the maid cough as if to interrupt our conversation.

- ”I don like her one bit. ”

We went to the terrace of Eirlyns room. Then in the music room. And in the library which was her favorite room in the house.

”And finally, the greenhouse. It was gifted by my father to mother. ” She explained excitedly.

”My lady you must not tell everything to an outsider. ” The maid scolded Eirlyn.

”I-I apologize. I just got carried away with excitement. ”She said tearfully.

I have had enough of that nagging hag.

” Who do you think you are talking to? ”I stood up to her.

”Pardon? ”

”I asked you who are you? ”

”I am young misss caretaker, ” she replied proudly.

”In other words a mere maid. ” I snorted.

”Whats your name? ”

”Its Madelyn. ”

- ”Haughty as she is. She doesn even address us properly just because we are children. I will throw you off your high horse. ”

”Do all maids have the same attitude towards you Eirlyn? ”

”N-no there are few who are very kind and helpful. They are some friendly ones as well. ”

she replied.

”But there are ones who abuse you secretly aren I right? ”

”W-Well… ” She hesitated.

”Eirlyn can you lift your dress. Till knees are fine. ”

She hesitantly lifted her dress.

- ”I knew it. She was being abused. What were her parents doing without even knowing whats going on with their child? ”

I turned back to the maid with rage.

”If you were my maid I would have hit you tenfold with the iron whip until your skin tore off and as for your tongue, I would cut it clean off so you would never raise a voice at your master. ”

”F-Forgive my impertinence, my lady! ” She now bowed deeply.

”Shouldn you be asking that to your master? ”

- ”Whats with this child? She is so small and fragile but those eyes…they are like that of an oppressive ruler. ”

”People like you who don know their place are unacceptable. Eirlyn is a noble be it of whatever status. She is kind enough to ignore your sins, unlike other nobles who go as far as to torture then kill their servants. So you thought you could take her kindness for granted? ”

”Luna you can stop now, please, ” Eirlyn whispered in my ear.

”No, I can not Eirlyn. She will do the same thing over and over again. ”

”Hey, you over there. ” I pointed to the maid standing near the entrance.

”Bring me a whip. ”

”L-Luna. ”

”Itll be done shortly. ” I smiled gently.

”Please forgive my rude behavior Lady Eirlyn! ”She dropped on her knees begging for forgiveness.

” Who said you can bow down? Were you ordered to? ”I scorned her.

She didn say a word but continued to tremble in fear.

”I will show you how to discipline a scum like her. ” I took the whip from the maids hands.

”Lift your skirt. ”

She trembled while looking on the ground. Her eyes were filled with crocodile tears.

But it didn matter to me. She never thought of the tears a young and innocent child shed because of the pain she inflicted on her.

”Its an order! ” I raised my voice causing her to shudder.

”You better confess your crimes right here. ”

”Girls you are here? What are you doing? ”

”Mama! ” I turned around dropping the whip.

- ”Lucky she was far away. ”

”Mama this maid was abusing us when you and aunty were not here. ” I teared up.

- ”Bleh!Whatever I am gonna put up an innocent child act. I hate to admit it but I did learn to put up an act from my sworn enemy of last life. Han Lisa I loath you to core! ”

”What is the meaning of this? ” Althaia gasped as Eirlyn ran into her mothers arms.

”Care to explain what is this? ” The Viscount picked up the whip I dropped in front of the useless b****.

I saw him looking at her with a death stare.

”My lord it wasn me! I swear upon my name it wasn me. ”

”Mama Sniff*Sniff*She was whipping Eirlyn in front of me. I don know how to explain it. She has wounds on her legs. ” I started to fake cry.

”Eirlyn is it true? ” Her mother looked at her with a horrified look.

She nodded tearfully. They examined their daughters legs that were wounded.

”I can believe it. ” My mother gasped covering her mouth in shock.

”Oh, my baby girl. What did you go through? ”

She held Eirlyn in her arms tearfully.

”Guards arrest her and drag her to the Hells prison. ”

”No! Please, believe me, my Lord! My lady! I didn do it. ”

- ”What in the world? She knows how to lie even in this situation? ”I stuck out my tongue.

”Dear, we need to get her checked by the doctor. ”Althaia cried out.

”Calm down Althaia. I will take care of everything. ” He bent down and picked up the wounded girl in his arms and left the greenhouse.

”Thank you, for saving me, Luna. ”She lipped the words of gratitude with a pleasant smile.

” I hope Eirlyn is fine. Poor child. ”My mother held my hand.

”Thank you for opening our eyes, Luna. Had it not been for your daughter Lady Inina, we wouldn have known what was going on with our child. ”

”Please take better care of that child. Sometimes we even as parents fail to protect our children. I am just glad that she is alright. ”

She looked at me and smiled proudly.

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