CHAPTER#9: Mrs.Blanchard...

”My lady. Its time to wake up. ”

The sound of the opening of curtains pierced my sensitive ears and the dazzling morning sunlight blinded my eyes.

”Mmm~ ”

- ”Doesn she know that children need to sleep more? ”I glared at her from behind.

”Lets get you ready for breakfast. ”

After the maids dressed me up I was taken to the dining hall.

”Ah~my princess is here early. ”

”Good morning mama, ” I said sleepily.

”Where is brother Lucien? ”I looked around and suddenly remembered that he went to the academy the day before.

” Do you miss your brother? ”

”Yes, I do. ”

She smiled and held out a letter from her pocket.

”You have good news in exchange. ”

- ”Its the seal of the academy! ”

”Its from- ”

”Yes, its from your big brother Lucien. ”

”Mama can I read it? ”

”Not now Luna. After breakfast, we will read it together. ”

”But father isn here. ”

”Oh, he left for a business trip to the capital for a week. So it will be just the two of us. ”

”Then mama is mine for now! ” I looked at her in excitement leaving her stunned for a moment.

”Yes, I will be yours until your father comes back. But only til then my baby. Your father has a bad habit of minding the smallest things. He will start to pout or read a book or newspaper to hide his frustration. ”

- ”What is he a kid? ”I twitched my brow in annoyance.

After breakfast, I wouldn stop whining until my mother gave in and took out the letter from her pocket and opened the seal.

”Read it, mother read it! ” I jumped excitedly to hear the contents of the letter.

”Alright here goes…

My dear baby sister how are you doing? I already started missing you when I boarded on the carriage. I feel like I want to come back and hug you… ”

- ”Is he pedophilic? ”I asked myself creeping out.

”The Academys environment is not homely but I am trying to adjust myself with new students and guess what? Al is my roommate on the same campus as knights. Unfortunately, I was a bit surprised when Ro went to with the students who study Law and want to compete for the highest position of the Chancellor. ”

- ”Chancellor?… This was unexpected. Why would he give up on being a knight like in the novel? If he becomes one then how will I carve up my path to lead a safe and peaceful life? ”

”Oh my! Rowan is going to become a great Chancellor for the empire if he does so. ” Inina smiled looking at the rest of the letter.

- ”No it won be great at all! Why is he aiming to become one? Calm down Luna think there might be some other way around. What will I do? Even in my past life, I did my major in Law and commerce! ”

”Commerce! ”

- ”Crap! I said it out loud. ”

”Commerce? ” My mother asked out of the blue.

”Mama, what is accounting and commerce? ”

”I don know much dear but your father says its all business-related since he did his major in this subject. ”

”But wasn father an engineer and a knight? ”

”Fufufu~He is multitalented isn he? ”

- ”I can see that. ”I hopelessly smiled as if my spirit was about to leave my body.

- ”Author you jerk! If you had to make him so talented why didn you mention it so? On top of that, why did all of the good traits go to Lucien huh? Why? I curse you that the voice of judgment will hold you accountable for your sins you bastard! ”

”Luna why are you pointing out your middle finger with a funny face? ”

”Its nothing mother I felt like I recalled something bad. ”

”What could it be? Were you troubled in any way? ”

”No, it was no big deal. ” I tried to climb up on her lap.

She automatically picked me up and gently placed me on her lap.

”Mama I want sweets. ”

”Then why don we go to the garden and have some sweets together after I take care of some work left to do? ”

”Hmmm, Okay! ” I beamed in delight.

”Mama, why are you so busy? ”

”Because when your father goes out for his work it is the mothers job to take care of things at the house in his place. ”

”Even if it is work-related? ”

”Yes and this is why a noblewoman must know about her husbands career and must be educated accordingly. ”

- ”Are women potatoes? To sell them off with an early engagement and locking them away from their freedom.Sigh*What a world. ”

”But they are allowed to continue whatever they like for themselves. ”

- ”My mind is at peace for now. ”

”Mama, did you also do what you liked? ”

”Hmmm, lets see I liked music, singing, and painting. Though they are compulsory subjects for every noblewoman in the empire but many who are interested do masters in arts and subjects related to them. I was also quite interested in business so that is why I know things related to your fathers career. ”

”Mama is amazing! ”

- ”I never knew she was just as talented as the rest. But what about Luna? Ahh! my head is hurting more than before. ”

”My thank you my little sugar cube. ”She said pleased.


”Come in. ”

A servant entered the room which partially annoyed me for the disturbance she caused within our conversation.

”Madam, a letter has arrived for you. ”

”Who might it be? ” Inina took the letter from the servant and read the address and the senders name.

”Oh, it is from Mrs. Blanchard. I am grateful that she prioritized my request. ”

”Mrs. Blanchard? ”

”She will be your tutor from now on Luna. ”

”What!? ”

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