Thirteenth day after crossing over.

Lin Wen had long since calmed down from his initial excitement, and not only had he calmed down, but he also felt a deep sense of despair.

This world was still a world ruled by boring physical laws, still a world without miracles, magic, or immortal cultivation.

This world still lacked everything he dreamed of, leaving only a struggling life in the dust and days that repeated endlessly with no end in sight.

For Lin Wen, all life here was dull, meaningless, and driven by instinct.

He had had enough.

”There ’s only death left. ”

Lin Wen finally made up his mind.

Looking around, everything was brown in this small town built on top of soil, with shapes made of soil everywhere, even the wind and air.

In this brown background, a green firewood knife was quietly leaning against a half-collapsed earthen wall.

It was so unusual that Lin Wen saw it at a glance.

”Okay, I ’ll use this. ”

Lin Wen walked over, ready to pick up the firewood knife and kill himself.

But a bony hand reached out and grabbed it before he could.

Lin Wen looked up and saw the old man sitting on the other side of the earthen wall.

”Uncle Xu. ”

Lin Wen spoke, recognizing the person as a lonely old man whose eldest son had gone out to make a name for himself and had not been heard from in decades.
His second son and youngest daughter had both died.
After his wife passed away a few years ago, he had been living alone in great hardship.

Every few days, Lin Wen had some work to do for him, so he knew him.

”Sell me the knife, I need it urgently. ”

Uncle Xu looked up at him and smiled with cloudy eyes and wrinkles like knife cuts.

”You can take it, Little Lin.
Return it whenever you can. ”

Lin Wen took out all the money he had on him and handed it over.

”Uncle Xu, the knife is requisitioned by the town, you take it. ”

”I don ’t need that much. ”

Whenever he saw Lin Wen, Uncle Xu ’s eyes were always soft.

Lin Wen had made up his mind to die and gave him all the money, casually making up a reason, ”Part of it is the poor family allowance from above. ”

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”Do they all have that? ”

”They do. ”

”Well, the county has finally grown a conscience. ”

”Yeah, who doesn ’t have a conscience? ”

Lin Wen took the firewood knife and bid farewell to Uncle Xu.

He had already seen a quiet and secluded place with no one around.

He would kill himself there in a moment.

This frustrating journey of crossing over was over.


He could cross over again after he died.


This time he would go to the world of immortal cultivation.

Even if he really died, it would be better than this hopeless life.Lin Wen walked to a secluded place, raised the firewood in his hand, and at the moment he aimed at his neck, a white mist suddenly appeared before his eyes, and two light golden characters swept across the white background.

【Good karma +1】

The golden characters disappeared in an instant, and then the golden light in his left eye shone and turned into a line of characters with a golden frame and golden patterned background:

【Good karma: 1】.

The black air in his right eye rolled and turned into a line of characters that seemed to be condensed from pure black gas:

【Bad karma: 0】.

These two lines of characters appeared side by side on the white mist background, one gold and one black, in sharp contrast.

At the top was his name surrounded by immortal energy: Lin Wen.

In the middle, a long section was written with various attributes such as spiritual energy, realm, divine ability, and spells, all of which had a seal-like pattern at the end.

At the bottom were four words that made Lin Wen ’s heart stop:

Reincarnation cultivation.

– Suicide can lead to reincarnation.

– 50 good karmas can lead to reincarnation.

This was the information that naturally came to Lin Wen ’s mind when he stared at these four words.

Explosive joy flooded his brain in an instant.

Undoubtedly, this was his lifelong dream, his unchanging aspiration from beginning to end, his wish that he had been dreaming of and willing to achieve at all costs.

Just a little bit more, Lin Wen would have died on the spot, but at this critical moment, his remaining sanity made another question pop up in his mind.

”What is the difference between suicide reincarnation and 50 good karma reincarnation? ”

As if asking and answering himself, the answer directly floated up from his mind.

”Suicide reincarnation makes you a person who does not care about the mortal world, with +1 comprehension, -3 mentality, -3 opportunities, and -3 luck. ”

”Good karma reincarnation makes you a good and kind person, with +1 aptitude, +1 comprehension, +1 opportunity, and +1 luck. ”

Lin Wen ’s face turned pale.

As everyone knows, the most important thing in the cultivation world is luck, followed by opportunities.

Without luck, no matter how high your cultivation base or how many treasures you have, no matter how arrogant or low-key you are, the end result will be that you will be robbed by a young master.

What ’s worse is that the real cultivation world may have even more tragic things happen.
Besides all your lifelong savings going to others, your disciples, relatives, and friends will also die.
Your wives, daughters, and lovers will become someone else ’s harem.

If the other party has a grudge against you, there may even be a grave-dancing party, an 18x kind of party.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

Without opportunities, it means that you enter the treasure mountain but come out empty-handed, do not recognize the big thigh in front of you, fall off a cliff but cannot pick up the secret book, spend a lot of effort to break an ancient formation and obtain a treasure but have it taken away by someone else, and find out that the inheritance of your predecessors has long been looted.

Although it is not fatal, this kind of frustration will definitely become the biggest devil in your heart and greatly affect your cultivation.The most crucial thing is that it will reduce many opportunities for immense pleasure.

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