Lin Wen lay in the first hospital of Xihu City for a week.

In fact, he woke up on the third day, but he couldn ’t face the missed opportunity of a perfect reincarnation into immortal cultivation, so he pretended to be dead on the hospital bed for another four days.

Fortunately, three nurse sisters took care of him meticulously all day long, giving him full-body massages and maintenance every day, supposedly to prevent muscle atrophy.
So the days were not too bad.

What bothered Lin Wen a little was that they made too many small movements, often touching him randomly and whispering and giggling.

”Wow, this feels so good, I can touch it countless times and not get tired! ”

”Look at these abs, soft, strong, and elastic.
They ’re much better than those hard muscles trained in the gym. ”

”This exaggerated pectoralis major muscle, the chest is unexpectedly wide, it must be very secure to lean on. ”

”These strong and stylish thighs, with restrained strength, fragrant and delicious, even I, a girl, envy them. ”

”Wow, I touched the inside of his thigh… ”

”You little brat, do you want to die? ”

”You ’re the most shameless one! ”

They only behaved when the head nurse was on rounds, but not for long.

In Lin Wen ’s view, this was actually a kind of test.
During immortal cultivation, one would face various temptations.
Once one couldn ’t control oneself, one ’s Dao heart would be damaged, and in severe cases, one would produce a devil in one ’s heart.
When breaking through, one would also have various illusions, with various desires and temptations surging from the bottom of one ’s heart.
Once distracted, failing to break through was a minor matter, but losing one ’s foundation was disastrous.

So it wasn ’t a bad thing to exercise in advance, anyway, he was focused on rushing towards the cause of death and studying spells.

He really found a valuable cause of death.

To die for love, [become a person who cannot understand the love of the mortal world, plant love in the red dust and plant dreams in the moon], intelligence +9, opportunity +3, luck +1, charm +3, obtain [love root], if betrayed by a lover, the heart will collapse and go crazy, falling into devilry.

This was the first time Lin Wen had seen a cause of death with a single attribute value increase of more than 3.
According to the information he obtained while studying another spell, there were three fundamental attributes for immortal cultivation: bone, mind, and intelligence.

Bone was the mainstay of life, mind was the mainstay of soul, and intelligence was the mainstay of wisdom.

These were the most important fundamental attributes.

Opportunity and luck were special attributes, opportunity determined the process, and luck determined the limit.

In the world of immortal cultivation, if one wanted to climb higher, luck was essential.
If one wanted to walk steadily and quickly, opportunity was essential.

Without luck, one would ultimately perish and lose one ’s wealth and treasures, which was what Lin Wen often referred to as the scattered wealth boy and the treasure-sending immortal.

In the world of immortal cultivation, if one wanted to survive without luck, one could only live a mediocre life, bow one ’s head and be a small person, and for Lin Wen, who aimed to dominate the world of immortal cultivation and sweep away all the immortals, this was unacceptable.

Therefore, luck came first, opportunity second, and fundamental attributes third.

Apart from these five, all other attributes were secondary, such as charm, temperament, and aura, which were not useless, but not particularly important.

Looking at it this way, the cause of death for love was terrifyingly high in intelligence, with the only shortcoming being slightly less luck.This is also its biggest flaw, so Lin Wen can only reluctantly regard it as a backup.
Unless he can find a cause of death that can be achieved together with it, he still cannot shake the position of the savior star and the responsible person.

In addition, Lin Wen has found the usage of certain spells and verified something.

The two special spells that were discovered at the beginning, without any realm: Qingming Haodang and Wendaoyutian.

Qingming Haodang cannot be used, the reason is very simple, there is no celestial mechanism in this world, so the natural chaos cannot be stirred up.

Wendaoyutian is because he didn ’t use it correctly.
As the literal meaning, he needs to ask questions first, and then decide the consumption of the spell based on the difficulty of the question.
The lowest is 10% of the soul, and the highest is an infinite amount of good fortune.

The part about qualifications before was the answer he obtained from Wendaoyutian.
This information is not in his memory, and it wasted him a lot of time rushing forward.

The information in his memory should only include the system aspect, not all the problems of cultivation.

And if he uses Wendaoyutian to ask questions about the system, the answer he gets is always ”none ”.

The information revealed here is very interesting.

What ’s even more interesting is that Wendaoyutian can answer the questions of this world.

Lin Wen showed a cold, noble, evil, and arrogant smile.

”This question can only be answered after I become a Dao Ancestor. ”

There is another spell similar to it: Xianren Zhilu.

The only difference between them is that Wendaoyutian only answers objective things that have existed.
Xianren Zhilu answers subjective questions, such as how to succeed in something.

Xianren Zhilu consumes a lot, sometimes hundreds or thousands of good fortune.
If not for this, Lin Wen would like to ask, ”How can I drive away these three monsters? ”

They have become more and more excessive during this period.

”Wow, look at his face, those edges and corners, he ’s obviously a little handsome guy. ”

”Really, I didn ’t notice it before. ”

”You little bitches, you obviously slandered his body before. ”

”You ’re talking like you didn ’t slander his body. ”

”That ’s right, you little bitches. ”

After a while of playfulness, someone sighed softly.

”If only he were my husband. ”

One person sneered, ”Dream on, he ’s already a mayor at such a young age.
Today ’s headline of the Empire Daily is about him, ’The Last Person on the Dike ’, with the subtitle: ’The Star That Never Goes Out in the Long Night ’.
Look, can you match up to such a man? ”

There was a rustle, and someone took out the newspaper.

”Look at this photo, it ’s really amazing. ”

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”Wow! Is he really that handsome? ”

”I ’m going to faint! This is really handsome, my dream hero, the prince on a white horse, has appeared again! ” ”You see, the light, the silhouette, the composition, it ’s simply amazing.
Just as the night was passing and dawn was yet to come, in the hazy sky, he stood alone on the embankment facing the rushing flood, exuding an air of heroism that seemed to say, ’Even if there were thousands of troops and horses, I would still charge forward. ’ ”

”Look at this scene, above him, dark clouds roll and the atmosphere is heavy.
Below him, the embankment is silent, concealing danger, and in front of him, water splashes, proving that the river is surging and the enemy is right in front of him.
Look at his figure, towering and unmoving, facing the enemy, with a faintly rising, prelude to the charge. ”

”Under this multiple-layered portrayal, doesn ’t it make people ’s hearts race and their imaginations run wild? Faced with such immense pressure, he stands alone.
Although his figure is small, he seems as tall as the sky.
This feeling is explosive, isn ’t it? ”

”I bet this photo will win the Best Photography Gold Award this year and surpass all the gold medals of the past twenty years. ”

”Li Jie, stop it, my heart can ’t take it anymore. ”

”Why do I suddenly feel a terrifying sense of regret and want to stab him with this knife… ”

”Hey! Little girl, let go of me, this is a dangerous move, intending to harm the empire ’s hero, be careful of being taken away by the Empire ’s Internal Security Bureau! ”

After a while of playing around, their voices suddenly became quieter, but Lin Wen could still hear them.

”This top-notch man, if he wasn ’t lying here with us, we wouldn ’t even be able to touch him. ”

”Exactly, he ’s probably going to have a smooth career path, rise to the top, and become a high-ranking official with a bunch of little fairies by his side, pampering him every night… ”

”Don ’t talk nonsense! He ’s the empire ’s hero, he ’ll only have one wife and grow old together! ”

”You ’re stupid! If you say that, won ’t your heart ache even more? Do you think you can become an official ’s wife? ”

”So, it ’s best if he ’s greedy and lustful, surrounded by hundreds of beauties, maybe you ’ll have a chance to get close to him. ”

”Don ’t talk nonsense, little girls, this is our last chance, if he wakes up, we won ’t be able to touch him again.
Let ’s take advantage of the opportunity and touch him as much as we can. ”

No one spoke, only the sound of a few sips of water.

”The empire ’s hero, this is the first time I ’ve seen a living one, and I even touched him. ”

”Shh! ”

A slight rustling sound, Lin Wen could imagine the three nurse sisters sneaking up on him.

”Hey, isn ’t this a little inappropriate? ” A super soft voice.

”Then you can leave! ” A voice said unceremoniously, ”You can touch him in your dreams from now on. ”

There was silence for a while, and Lin Wen felt his blanket being gently lifted, and a few soft and slightly cold little hands reached in.

Unlike before, the little hands didn ’t linger on his body, but went all the way down, lifting up his only pair of shorts and pulling them down.

Lin Wen could only ”wake up ” immediately, yawned and stretched lazily.

The three little hands quickly retreated like lightning, and there was a thump next to him, as if someone had tripped over a chair and fell.Coincidentally, all three nurse sisters ran out, and Lin Wen could only see their slender backs and his familiar ears.

After a while, a loud shout came from the corridor, ”The Empire ’s hero has awakened! ”

”The hero is awake! He ’s okay! ”

The sound gradually faded away, and soon countless footsteps rushed over, forcing open the door with violence!

Countless long and short guns rushed in, more fierce than a flood, and they fiercely hit him.

The flash frequency was much more intense than the thunderstorm just now.

A microphone was directly pressed to his mouth.

”Mayor Lin, do you have anything to say about the dam protection? ”

This action seemed to open a certain switch, and countless microphones came over.

”Mayor Lin, is it true that your staff ran away and refused to take risks to protect the dam? ”

”Mayor Lin, the experts say that high-power construction equipment should be used on the dam, but as far as I know, there is no such equipment in the entire Changshan County.
How did you do it? ”

”Mayor Lin, is the courage to fight on the dam for the glory of the Empire? ”

”Mayor Lin… ”

”Mayor Lin… ”

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.

Lin Wen felt that his Qi cultivation had instantly reached its limit.

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