Fortunately, the tragedy of the empire hero beating the journalist did not occur.
The director of the First Hospital led a group of chief physicians to force their way in, driving away all the journalists and severely reprimanding the security personnel.
He announced that the empire hero had just awakened and needed rest due to his weakened body.
He could only meet people for no more than thirty minutes a day, which would be strictly controlled by the hospital.

After a strict regimen of healthcare, the director announced that the empire hero ’s body had basically recovered after the First Hospital ’s full rescue efforts and that there were no aftereffects.
He would be discharged after a period of recuperation.

After a series of secular friendly exchanges with the doctors, Lin Wen, who had been very comfortable lying down, suddenly felt very uncomfortable and nauseous, accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, weakness, chest tightness, and heart failure.
He only wanted to immediately reincarnate and cultivate.
However, Lin Wen did not speak out, and none of the perceptive doctors noticed.
They left very satisfied, praising Mayor Lin as a talented person with a pleasing manner of speaking.

”This won ’t do, ” Lin Wen thought, ”If this kind of conversation continues, I ’m afraid I ’ll be sick to death.
I have to figure out a way. ”

Forcing his way through emotional connections was not an option.
He was not a shut-in now; this would affect his efficiency in obtaining good karma in the future.

When he was forcibly ”awakened, ” Lin Wen had already figured it out.
He had to go on living and face reality instead of just avoiding it.

The first plan had indeed failed, but what did it matter?

He could always find another opportunity.
Even if there were no floods this year, there would be floods next year.
Besides, there were still landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, continental shelf fractures, asteroid impacts, and various other disasters.
There were plenty of opportunities, and he could accumulate more good karma and find more causes of death during this time.
It was just a long and arduous process.

But what did it matter?

If one wanted to become an immortal ancestor, how could they not experience hardships and dangers? Was it really that easy to become an immortal king or ancestor?

This was just the first difficult step on the path to becoming an immortal.
The road to immortality was littered with corpses, and the hardships endured were a million times greater than this.

If he couldn ’t bear it, he should just stay in the physical world and suckle.
Why bother cultivating?

”So I must come up with a solution. ”

”Well, in the future, in unnecessary situations, I ’ll just be aloof and only say key words.
If the person is not a special character, I ’ll talk normally, treating him as a classmate in my dormitory.
When discussing matters, I ’ll treat it as inviting him to play games with me or asking him to gank. ” ”But this only solves part of the problem.
What about special individuals in necessary situations? ”

For example, at the meeting in Donghe Town the other day, it was obviously a ”necessary situation, ” and Sheriff Zhao was a ”special individual. ”

At that time, Lin Wen didn ’t have the opportunity to take on this crucial task.

”I ’ll first look for similar spells. ”

Lin Wen didn ’t have much hope for this, but if he couldn ’t find one, he would just have to tough it out and treat it as a trial.

Fortunately, not long after, Lin Wen found a very suitable spell.

[Seven Apertures Linglong Heart]

Insight into the world, understanding of human nature.

Consumes 10% of the spiritual energy, gains the effect of being friendly with everyone and skilled in socializing.
Lasts for 8 hours in this world ’s time, and the effect can be interrupted and continued.

It looks very suitable for me, but I have to try the effect first.

Lin Wen pressed the nurse button, and three nurse sisters immediately came over, but each of their faces still had traces of makeup, looking charming and lovely.

Lin Wen felt a huge amount of embarrassment, he coughed and used [Seven Apertures Linglong Heart].

The embarrassment immediately disappeared, and he chatted with the three nurse sisters as if he was in the spring breeze.
He thanked them for taking care of him so meticulously during his coma, and he felt very good now, thanks to their care.

In just a few minutes, he had made the three nurse sisters laugh and any barriers between them disappeared.

Seeing that they were about to talk about marriage, Lin Wen quickly ended the spell, pretending to be dizzy and saying, ”I feel a little dizzy, I ’ll rest for a while. ”

The three nurse sisters quickly helped him tuck in his sheets, afraid that a wrinkle would hinder the sleep of the hero of the empire.
It took a long time for them to reluctantly leave, and as they left, Lin Wen heard a small stomping sound.

”Ah, I envy the sheets. ”

In the quiet hospital room, only the sound of a pounding heart could be heard.

Of course, it wasn ’t just because the nurse sisters admired him, although that was also a small part of the reason, it wasn ’t the main reason.

This spell was a perfect fit for him, not only was the effect extremely good, but Lin Wen didn ’t have to do anything himself.
Sweet words automatically floated out, completely avoiding the possibility of his mind being polluted by worldly desires.

The only possible problem was that the degree of communication and the direction of the topic were not under his control.

But these were all small matters.
After using [Seven Apertures Linglong Heart], all that was left was boring socializing.
It didn ’t matter what they talked about.

The most valuable thing was that he could interrupt the spell at any time, and the duration would be preserved until the next use.This can greatly save his divine power, which is very useful for situations that require frequent use of spells.

A few more days passed.

Thanks to the effect of the Seven Apertures Linglong Heart, Lin Wen perfectly dealt with the reporters and officials who came to visit during this period, winning unanimous praise and admiration from everyone.

But Zhao Anping, who Lin Wen wanted to see the most, didn ’t come, and he didn ’t know where he went.

These days, he watched the news and knew that the floods had receded, and the empire had entered the post-disaster reconstruction work.
Among the nine areas most severely affected by the disaster, Changshan County was ranked first.

Except for the Changpai Village embankment, all the dry embankments in Changshan County collapsed, and there were countless small embankments and earthen dams, and more than 60% of the area was affected.
There were 300,000 homeless people.

If it weren ’t for the Changpai Village embankment holding up, the people who came to take refuge because of the collapsed embankment would have suffered even greater disasters, and who knew how many more people would have died.

So, Lin Wen not only won the award because of his bravery, but also because he actually saved many people ’s lives.

This is also the reason why Lin Wen ’s merit is as high as 809 now.

In less than three days of emergency, he gained nearly 450 merit points.

This huge income slightly eased the trauma caused by Lin Wen ’s perfect reincarnation failure, as long as he didn ’t think about the sad fact that if he succeeded in reincarnation, this merit would not be much worse.

Life must go on, and cultivation must continue.

”Maybe… ” Lin Wen thought, ”Did Sheriff Zhao get dismissed and investigated because of the poor flood prevention work in Changshan County? ”

It ’s possible.

Unfortunately, he still wanted to ask him for post-disaster reconstruction work.

The key is that he can ’t go out now.

Lin Wen proposed to be discharged from the hospital, but he was politely but firmly refused by everyone in the hospital.
Various experts came up with ten thousand reasons to ask him to rest for at least another week, and even alarmed the higher-level East Qin Prefecture Governor ’s Mansion.

The Governor ’s Mansion specially issued a notice to let him rest assured and not worry.

So Lin Wen had to helplessly eat soft food in the hospital bed.

Speaking of eating, it is now the most troublesome thing for Lin Wen.

Every mouthful of food must be blown by three nurse sisters before it can enter his mouth.
They enjoyed this boring little game very much.
Unfortunately, Lin Wen also enjoyed it very much when he activated the Seven Apertures Linglong Heart.

It ’s really unbearable.

After staying for another two days, Lin Wen couldn ’t stand it anymore.
He felt that he would become mouth-to-mouth feeding soon, and his treatment in the ward had completely degraded into that of a baby, and he even wanted someone to wipe his butt when he went to the bathroom.Fortunately, the awkward situation did not last long.
On the third day, the Governor ’s Office notified him again to attend a meeting in Danyang City.

Danyang City was the capital of East Qin Prefecture and the location of the Governor ’s Office.

East Qin Prefecture was located in the middle of the empire, a very large prefecture with a large population, but not very wealthy.
The governor was the highest official in the prefecture, overseeing all affairs.
It was said that the governor of East Qin Prefecture was very legendary.

Changshan County was located in the far west of East Qin Prefecture, the most desolate and sparsely populated area with over 1.3 million people and an area of over 50,000 square kilometers, enough to hold nine coastal cities.
But judging from the appearance of Changle Town, which was sold off, it was possible that one couldn ’t even buy a toilet in Jing ’an District.

Although Lin Wen had never cared about this aspect, he had learned a lot from the news in recent days.

So he could guess that at this time, sending him to attend the meeting was probably because the disaster had passed and only steady and orderly finishing work was left.
This was to discuss the distribution of benefits and rewards for merits.

As the Governor ’s Office sent a special car to pick him up, Lin Wen only needed to change his clothes and set off.
After waving goodbye to the hospital ’s medical leaders and the three crying nurse sisters, Lin Wen sat in the black coffin-like special car and left the First Hospital of Xihu City.

Danyang City was not far from Xihu City, and they arrived in less than half an hour.

After entering Danyang City, Lin Wen felt for the first time that he had returned to modern society.

Tall buildings, neon lights, cars and people.

The architectural styles on both sides of the road were mixed, with both American modern and Japanese simplicity and elegance, as well as Chinese classical elegance.
But outside the bustling city, in some quiet areas, one could often see the charm of Italy, the seriousness of Germany, the romance of France, and the solemnity and richness of Russia.
In some specific corners, one could even see the sedimentation of history.

Seeing Lin Wen staring blankly, the special car driver smiled and said, ”Is this your first time in the city? Danyang City is very prosperous. ”

Lin Wen nodded, ”Um, it ’s like my hometown…
I mean, I used to think it was a second-tier city, but I didn ’t expect it to be so prosperous.
It should be a super first-tier city. ”

The special car driver laughed, ”How is that possible? Only the capital of the gods, the magic city of the dragon, the heavenly city of the martial arts, are considered super first-tier cities. ”

Lin Wen sighed, ”It ’s hard to imagine that it ’s not a super first-tier city with such prosperity… ”Lin Wen didn ’t pay attention to what was said afterwards.
He had already activated his Seven Apertures Luminous Heart, and nothing could distract him from focusing on the view outside the window.
He felt that the technological development in this world was somewhat bizarre.
Although there were internet cafes, people on the streets were still using combat phones that were like bricks.

In the miserable Changle Town, there wasn ’t a single mobile phone.
Later, he found out that there wasn ’t a single one in the entire Changshan County.

The only technological product in the entire Changle Town was a fixed telephone, a fax machine, and an antique computer that dialed up to the internet using a telephone line.

This semi-modern technological era was really terrible.

The private car crossed through the bustling streets and soon arrived at the highest center of power in East Qin Prefecture – the Governor ’s Mansion.

This was an extremely large and luxurious mansion that occupied a vast area.

The entire building was mainly in white, with fountains, lawns, and a large number of guards.
It looked like a palace that had been burnt and painted white as in the legends.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

After getting off the private car, Lin Wen was accompanied by the driver and passed through countless inspections and checkpoints before climbing up thirty-three steps of white jade stone and entering the Governor ’s Mansion, which was like a palace.

Then he was told that the closed-door meeting of the Governor ’s Mansion had not yet ended and he had to wait outside.

Lin Wen could only turn off his Seven Apertures Luminous Heart and sit in the waiting room drinking tea.

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