The governor remained silent for a long time and did not give a definite answer.
He just let Lin Wen leave.

This ambiguous attitude showed that even the leader was uncertain and probably needed to carefully consider or consult with higher-ups.

Lin Wen was too lazy to bother with it.
After completing the relevant formalities at the governor ’s mansion, he took a special car back to Changshan County.

This time, he must make good use of this position and accumulate good karma.

Good karma is the foundation of everything.
It can not only add to one ’s success but also provide help in times of need.
It can lead to a quick rise or provide insurance in case of a fall.

As long as there is enough good karma, everything is possible.

Then, he could find an opportunity to achieve a perfect reincarnation.

If he could achieve reincarnation as soon as possible, it would be best.
He could save time from suffering in the mortal world, prevent his mind from being clouded, and his spirit from being dulled.

If there was no chance, it didn ’t matter.
It could be considered as a trial of hardship.

Anyway, in the future of cultivation, he probably could not escape the trial of the mortal world.

The third thing was to find more ways to die.
If he could find a way to die that was particularly outstanding and could replace the savior and guardian, then changing his goal was not impossible.

With his thoughts settled, Lin Wen studied the ”Immortal ’s Guide ” for a while and raised many questions, but unfortunately, he gained nothing.

For example:

”How can I be a perfect Changshan County Sheriff without making any mistakes? ”

It required 19,600 good karma.

”What is the way for all the people in Changshan County to become rich overnight? ”

It required 92,021,812 good karma.

”How can I use the power of the Sheriff to maximize my good karma? ”

This content did not exist, and there was no answer.

Damn it!

After returning to Changshan County, Lin Wen ’s workplace moved from Changle Town to Huai Town.
This was a town where modern civilization existed, the capital of Changshan County, and the facilities were much better than in Changle Town.

The appointment from the governor ’s mansion had already arrived at the county hall and the Sheriff ’s office, but when Lin Wen arrived, only some low-level officials came out to greet him.
There was no trace of the county hall officials, and no one was there to hand over work with him.

Lin Wen did not care.
He dismissed everyone and went straight to the Sheriff ’s office to check the information.

He stayed there for three days.

Lin Wen read all the documents in the Sheriff ’s office and went to the Changshan County Archives to go through the archives of the past ten years.
Of course, there was too much information, and he could not finish reading it all at once.
He only browsed through some of the main contents.

He had a preliminary understanding of the basic situation of Changshan County.
It was worthy of being the poorest area in the empire.
The total output value of Changshan County last year was 89 million empire yuan.

It seemed like a lot, but there were 1.3 million people in Changshan County, and the average output value per person was only 68 yuan.
If this total output value was calculated using the GDP calculation method of his previous life, it meant that the per capita GDP was an astonishing 68 empire yuan.

It was not even one-tenth of the African uncle ’s income.
Compared to the current dynasty, it was probably only possible to find such a low income before liberation.

Moreover, in fact, due to the remote mountainous areas that were difficult to count, there were many areas that were difficult to count.
Changshan County should have 1.4-1.5 million people.
If calculated in this way, it was even lower.

No wonder the ”Immortal ’s Guide ” asked what Changshan County needed most.

The answer was just one word – money.

In the county Sheriff ’s files that he had read over the past few days, Lin Wen saw the most were the suspended and shelved Changshan County development plans, as well as many drafts that were only half-written.
Most of them were the masterpieces of the former Sheriff Zhao Anping.

The reason they were abandoned was also only one.

Insufficient funds, unable to implement.

Indeed, the only disease that could not be cured in every world was poverty.

It seems that the first thing Lin Wen needs to do to accumulate good karma is to get money.The Governor ’s Office of East Qin Prefecture was already hopeless.
Sheng Huaixuan explicitly told him, ”I won ’t give in. ”

Moreover, according to the information that Lin Wen currently knew, the empire ’s funds were also very tight.
There were huge gaps in all aspects.
Although Changshan County was a special-level impoverished area that should be supported, it was not the loudest crying among the many hungry children.

The fixed support funds from the empire to Changshan County each year were only 600,000 imperial yuan, averaging only 0.46 yuan per person.
Even as the area that suffered the most severe disaster this year, only 100,000 imperial yuan was received for post-disaster reconstruction, and most of the funds were still outstanding.

Now, there was zero funds in the county government ’s account.

The empire could not be counted on.

They could only find ways to make money themselves.

Lin Wen was not good at making money, but the thought of 300,000 disaster victims waiting for Changshan County to help them rebuild their homes made his heart burn.

Other policies might be messed up, but rebuilding homes was always right, wasn ’t it?

How much merit would it be to rebuild homes for 300,000 people?

Although the policy had been set long ago, due to the lack of funds and a series of problems such as flood control and clearing, the reconstruction plan was forced to stop shortly after it started.

The disaster victims could only be temporarily resettled in the makeshift camps.

If I could get the money, wouldn ’t I be greatly credited for rebuilding homes for 300,000 people?

Lin Wen thought.

I have accumulated 810 merits, so it shouldn ’t be a problem, right?

After many days of practice, research, and hard work, Lin Wen had also figured out some of the mechanisms for obtaining merits.
Simply put, it was the size of his role in the matter.

For example, in the dam protection, he did play a leading role, but not the whole role, because there were people transporting materials.
Otherwise, how could he protect the dam with just empty hands?

He hasn ’t become an immortal yet!

With the laborers, who built the dam? Without anyone building the dam, how could he protect it?

After calculating all of these, the merits were actually thinner, which was also an unavoidable thing.
He could not take care of everything and could only try to maximize profits as much as possible.

For example, he allocated ten laborers to move soil instead of helping him protect the dam.
This was to maximize profits, and protecting the dam was undoubtedly more meritorious than transporting materials to the rear.

Now, the problem was how to get the money and where to go.

Lin Wen first consulted the ”Immortal ’s Guidance. ”

”How can I get the money to rebuild homes that can bring the greatest happiness to 300,000 people as quickly as possible? ”

This was a question that Lin Wen had carefully prepared, but it was a bit roundabout, and he had to repeat it twice.

It required 981,092 merits.


Lin Wen did not like this spell very much now because it always messed with people ’s mentality.
If you weren ’t careful, there would be a huge consumption that seemed to be a hindrance.

After changing many questions in a row, there was no normal consumption answer.

Just as he was at a loss, the Governor ’s Office sent another document.

This time, the document was delivered by the Governor ’s special car.

When the special car arrived in Huai Town, it was grand and imposing.
The officials of the county government rushed out, and Lin Wen heard the roar and came out too.
He was shocked when he looked up.

It was the most exaggerated car Lin Wen had ever seen in his life.

It was a giant car that was three meters high and seven meters long, surrounded by more than a dozen luxury cars of normal size like stars surrounding the moon.

The giant car was covered with luxurious decorations, such as swords, scepters, deer heads, wind chimes, and so on.
There were also a pair of paintings on both sides of the car.
The left side was a picture of blooming flowers and beautiful roosters, and the right side was a picture of a lion king and a hundred beasts.
The entire giant car looked colorful, with various colors competing for beauty and was so bizarre that it was beyond words.But everyone present didn ’t feel that way.
They stood on the side of the road, trembling and respectful, almost afraid to look up.
Lin Wen even felt that they wanted to kneel down to greet Saint An.

The door of the huge carriage opened, and the first one to come down was not Governor Sheng Huaixuan, but a cold, tall and thin person.

Lin Wen was a little disappointed.
It wasn ’t the governor.

A bald man in the crowd greeted him with a 180-degree bow, ”Director Li Tupu of the County Government Office respectfully welcomes Secretary Cheng ’s arrival… ”

Secretary Cheng didn ’t even look at him and a black-clad strong man pushed Li Tupu away and walked towards Lin Wen, standing in front of him.

Secretary Cheng ’s cold eyes stared at him, and he raised his right hand wearing white gloves.
A strong man carefully took out a document with a golden dragon seal from a black briefcase and put it on a tray covered with red brocade, then handed it to Secretary Cheng.

Everyone ’s eyes were drawn to the document, as if it were a large piece of gold and silver jewelry.

”Sheriff Lin, hello.
I am Governor ’s Chief Secretary Cheng Hexin. ”

Secretary Cheng spoke slowly and deliberately.

”This is a document specially approved by the Empire, signed by His Majesty, and stamped by the Governor, granting special martial law powers to Changshan County. ”

He lifted the tray and handed it to Lin Wen.

Lin Wen reached out with his right hand, covered in unknown dirt, and immediately heard a heavy cough.

A beautiful female secretary wearing a blue silk scarf came around behind Lin Wen and personally put on white silk gloves with hollow patterns, tied with a gold-rolled cloud pattern diamond ribbon, draped in a purple flower gold thread cloak.
Then, two ceremonial ladies stood on either side of him, lightly holding his elbow.

Seeing that Lin Wen was still standing foolishly, Secretary Cheng snorted and said softly, ”That ’s enough, Sheriff Lin. ”

Only then did Lin Wen come to his senses, reaching out to take the document from the tray, and was almost blinded by countless flashes of light.

Fortunately, the two ceremonial ladies behind him held his elbow tightly, allowing him to maintain a decent posture.

After the flashes ended, Secretary Cheng finally smiled a little.
”Congratulations, Sheriff Lin.
This is the first time that the Empire has granted martial law powers to an inland area without turmoil or war.
You will surely be remembered in history.
I hope you can use these powers appropriately and not disappoint the governor ’s high expectations. ”

He clapped his hands.
”Dismissed. ”

The crowd dispersed like a tide, and the convoy quickly moved away.

Everyone present was petrified and silent.

Only Lin Wen gritted his teeth, feeling like his hand joints were being squeezed by pliers, and his arms couldn ’t straighten.
How could these two ceremonial ladies, who seemed so delicate, have such strength?

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Ignoring everyone present, he turned around and went back to his office.

He wanted to see what these martial law powers were and why they were so powerful.

Maybe it could help him get some money?

As he closed the door of his office, the deserted sheriff ’s office rang with a knocking sound after three days.

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