”Come in! ” Lin Wen said.

A sleazy middle-aged man walked in, his face full of flattery, bowing and his fat body squeezed into a ball.

”Hello, Sheriff Lin, I am the deputy director of the Sheriff ’s Office, Yuan Zhimen. ”

Lin Wen didn ’t bother to listen to the rest of his words, he opened his Linglong Heart and started reading the documents himself.

Yuan Zhimen had no objection to the scene where the sheriff was reading while talking.

He was just surprised that the young Sheriff Lin was so good at officialdom, even more slippery than the most oily veteran officials.

Indeed, he had a special talent.

Yuan Zhimen ’s desire to ingratiate himself with Lin Wen became even stronger.

”This is definitely not an ordinary person.
I must bring out some big news and take the closest position to him in order to be promoted in the future. ”

Then he began to reveal some big news, from the former Sheriff Zhao Anping successfully leading his cronies to leave Changshan County, to the Director of the County Government Li Tupu leading the resistance against the new Sheriff.
The reason was that the new Sheriff was a town mayor who had only been in office for a few years, but he had climbed directly to the second position of Changshan County, which shattered his hopes of promotion.

Yuan Zhimen explained these things in detail, and of course he did not forget to mention that he had been sick a few days ago and was very angry when he found out about this situation today.

Yuan Zhimen talked until his mouth was dry, but he did not expect that Sheriff Lin did not listen to a few words at all, and only knew that Zhao Anping was not dismissed but transferred, and that there was a second-in-command who was at odds with him.

Lin Wen himself did not want to deal with these trivial matters, which was one of the reasons why he was so tired of the physical world.
The immortal world was so much better, where a problem could be solved with just one word.

Soon, under the persuasion of the Linglong Heart, Yuan Zhimen left satisfied, thinking that he had received a hint to become a regular deputy director.
But in fact, Lin Wen didn ’t even notice when he left.

The Sheriff ’s Office did not quiet down after that.
On the contrary, the knocking on the door did not stop all day.

Theft is never good, try looking at bit.ly/3iBfjkV.

People who came to defect to him came one after another, and even those who were anxious broke in and cried on the ground.

It wasn ’t until it was dark that the office finally quieted down for a while.

Lin Wen stretched lazily and looked out the window, ”Huh? It ’s already dark? ” He quickly closed the Linglong Heart and regretted that the spell had only 17 minutes left.

”What a waste, I forgot to turn it off and wasted so much time. ”

”Never mind, let ’s continue to think about the plan to make money. ”

Lin Wen smiled, excited at the thought of today ’s gains.The jurisdictional power is basically autonomy.
Apart from establishing new armies and declaring independence, they can do anything without any approval or notification.
Basically, it is like a country within a country.

This will definitely be very helpful to him, but he hasn ’t found a use for it yet.

The real help now is another document under the jurisdictional power.

This is an imperial backbone development plan, mainly about the construction plan of the imperial highway.
Originally, Changshan County was not included in the plan, but the governor fought for it and added some benefits to Changshan County.

The part of this construction plan related to Changshan County is: to build an imperial highway that runs east to west to connect the 128th imperial highway located in Yunzhou and the 133rd imperial highway located in East Qin Prefecture.

The total length of this new road is 121 kilometers, of which 101 kilometers are in Changshan County.
The total investment will reach 5.6 billion yuan.

Due to the large amount of mountainous areas involved, the cost of the road has soared.

This is probably why the plan has no fixed investment time and is ranked at the end of the priority list.

The governor Sheng Huaixuan ’s meaning is to let him fight for it, make corresponding measures, and improve the ranking as soon as possible.
He even specifically reminded him, ”Priority should be given to rectifying the environment near the imperial highway. ”

When Lin Wen first saw it, he was confused.
What is the environment near the highway? Do you want me to build the roadbed?

But Changshan County doesn ’t have the money to build a roadbed.

He spent 10% of his spiritual power and asked for guidance from the Immortal ’s Guidance.

Only then did he know that it refers to cleaning up the security environment nearby and demolishing buildings on the planned route in advance.

Security environment?

Although Lin Wen is not familiar with politics, he is not a fool.
The governor ’s special reminder means that the security environment in Changshan County is very poor, and the construction team may encounter robbery, harassment, destruction, or conflicts with the locals during the construction of the road, which may cause construction delays or interruptions.

So what should he do?

Lin Wen asked for guidance from the Immortal ’s Guidance again.

But this problem is very difficult.
No matter how he asks, the answers are all expensive.

Lin Wen hesitated for a moment and still couldn ’t bear to use the good karma, mainly because he couldn ’t predict how much good karma it would bring him.

What if he loses money? Wouldn ’t it be in vain and even lose money?

The most important thing is that it is a long-term development plan, not something that can be immediately profitable.

His primary goal now is to get the good karma of rebuilding homes for 300,000 people.
Everything else can wait.

In the midst of his worries, Lin Wen suddenly remembered a brilliant plan when he thought of a case of a fallen director of the transportation department in his hometown.He immediately took a pen and wrote down what he had in mind, afraid of forgetting any details.

A rough plan to make money formed instantly.

This was something that even the ”Immortal ’s Guidance ” couldn ’t solve before, as the answer required at least a few thousand good deeds and could even reach astronomical numbers.

This was equivalent to saving thousands of good deeds just by using his own intelligence.

Lin Wen laughed so hard that his nose almost tilted.

Indeed, he was born to be a child of destiny with great wisdom, and his brain was better than anything else.

Lin Wen looked at the thin sheet of paper, which was filled with his scrawny handwriting, and showed a satisfied smile.
This was his biggest gain today.

The next morning, Lin Wen found the fat man Yuan Zhimen and handed him the revised Empire ’s backbone plan, telling him to hold a press conference to announce the contents of the plan.

Yuan Zhimen, who was in a state of fervor as a convert, immediately shook his 50D fat and promised to complete the task.

Then, he found the director of Changshan County ’s Guangxin Bureau, Zhu Changyuan, and asked him to broadcast the prepared broadcast script on various channels.

Although it was a local media with little influence, it was better than nothing.

Afterwards, Lin Wen contacted the big newspaper reporters who had interviewed him before and sent them the interview manuscripts he had written himself, but it was uncertain whether they would be adopted.

Then, Lin Wen found a young female employee in the county hall and called her into the office.
She was wearing beautiful makeup, dressed exquisitely and stylishly, which obviously couldn ’t be supported by her meager salary.

The female employee was called Fang Weiwei, and she was delighted, thinking that she was going to be taken advantage of.
She was constantly thinking about whether to accept or reject, but Sheriff Lin only gave her a pair of gloves, a gift and a cloak, instructing her to take good care of them, clean them carefully and apply wax to make them shine.

Fang Weiwei came out of the office extremely disappointed, constantly criticizing the young sheriff ’s lack of taste, ”What a broken aesthetic sense, this big fool.
This is the Chi standard ceremonial attire, it should be low-key and luxurious, and only then can it match its noble temperament.
Applying wax to make it shine is so tacky. ”

Although she thought so, she held the items in her hands as if they were her life-saving boxes, with various thoughts of amazement floating in her mind.

”Wow, this is the first time I ’ve touched such a high-level ceremonial attire. ”

”This material is so soft and cool, it must be the top-grade ice silk. ”

”The craftsmanship is so exquisite that I can ’t even see the stitches.
I can ’t even find a single thread. ”

”Compared to the clothes I ’m wearing, it ’s like I ’m wearing beggar ’s clothes.
I really want to wear them once. ”All kinds of thoughts eventually turned into a sentence: ”I must attach myself to the new sheriff ’s thigh, even if I have to offer myself up. ”

”Okay. ” Lin Wen thought to himself, ”There ’s only one thing left to do. ”

He found the sheriff ’s office computer, a bulky box with a primitive cathode ray tube monitor, but much better than the trash he had in Changle Town, and the internet speed was acceptable.

Then Lin Wen began to truly browse the internet world of this world for the first time.

Hmm, there wasn ’t much difference, probably like what the world looked like 20-30 years ago, chaotic, lacking regulation, with all kinds of spell materials everywhere, but because websites earned little and were not very noticeable during this period, there was no significant expansion.

During this period, many big shots surfed the internet, so occasionally some real information could be found hidden in the waves of the internet.

Lin Wen browsed the spell materials a bit and found that the quality of these materials varied, and occasionally there were damaged or rotten ones, making it hard to defend against and nauseating.

”Tsk! The quality is really poor, it hurts my eyes. ”

After closing the spell materials, Lin Wen began to do a profession that probably hadn ’t appeared in this world yet.

A water army.

He frantically posted on various forums, news sections, and even spell material forums, the content being that the newly appointed sheriff of Changshan County, who was wise and brave and had been unprecedentedly granted military power, had gained the extreme attention of the empire ’s high-level officials, and a new storm was about to unfold here, starting with the construction of a highway.

Behind this was a picture, which showed the part of the empire ’s main plan related to Changshan County, and the keywords had been changed by Lin Wen from ”branch ” to ”main ” and from ”non-key ” to ”very important. ”

Then Lin Wen replied to himself in the voice of a developer: ”Wow, is this true? ”

”I really want to invest here. ”

”I ’m sure I can make a lot of money. ”

”My mansion and beauty rely on it! ”

”Is there an investment plan for this project? ”

He replied to himself: ”Yes, my uncle told me that Changshan County will be bidding for it in three days, it ’s not public, insider information, don ’t tell anyone. ”

Stuff like that.
Because the workload was too large, one person played multiple roles, and there were inevitably some signs of exposure, but this didn ’t matter as long as the information got out.

At this time, there was no concept of deleting posts, and most websites followed the law of the jungle where the high-replied posts were on top, and the content wasn ’t checked at all, with all sorts of nonsense.

Lin Wen just kept replying to himself, sometimes too lazy to say anything, and just found a random picture to reply with.So his post was a long string of various images, mostly of spell materials, which actually generated some heat and gradually attracted some real replies.

”OP, hurry up and post more, what ’s next? ”

”These images are amazing, where did you find them, OP? ”

”OP is a good person, may you live a peaceful life. ”

Basically, no one was interested in the content of his original post.

But Lin Wen persisted in his efforts to build up his army of fake commenters.

He spent a whole day and night doing this, and his eyes were blackened by the end of it.

During this time, a press conference was held, and because the flooding had just passed and the aura of the empire ’s heroes was still strong, some reporters showed up.

The news was also broadcasted and published in newspapers.

His clothes were also washed and hung on the wall, shining brightly under the lights.

Everything was ready, except for the crucial moment.

He specifically instructed the liaison and reception offices to notify him of any movement.

Next, Lin Wen spent another day on this, but he couldn ’t bear it anymore and slept for a while.

When he woke up, the situation had suddenly changed.

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