Lin Wen turned and left, and the deputy director of finance next to him complained bitterly, ”Are you an idiot? Can you just ask Sheriff Lin about his relationship? Now our position in Sheriff Lin ’s heart has dropped again! ”

The director said unhappily, ”We are in charge of finance.
If we don ’t even know where the money comes from, how can we do our job? ”

”Are you kidding me? ” The deputy director was almost furious.
”Sheriff Lin said that this is the special post-disaster reconstruction fund issued by the empire! ”

”But this is against the regulations! How could the empire give cash to the sheriff? Oh my god, there ’s even gold! This makes no sense.
I ’m going to find Sheriff Lin! ”

The deputy director was about to go crazy.
”Old Lei! Use your brain a little! It ’s for post-disaster reconstruction.
Sheriff Lin has entrusted the money to you.
What are you still suspicious about? Do you think Sheriff Lin would give you his own money to rebuild the homes of disaster victims? Do you think Sheriff Lin ’s brain is as faulty as yours? ”

Director Lei was suddenly at a loss for words.

While the deputy director was instructing the staff to count the money, he kept talking to himself in a frenzy, ”Old Lei, Old Lei, I told you that your brain is as hard as granite, but you didn ’t believe me.
You need to be smarter.
Otherwise, with your identity as the top graduate of the empire ’s highest financial university, how could you have been stuck here for more than ten years? ”

Director Lei ’s face darkened, but he didn ’t say anything.
He just put on gloves, took out the gold bars one by one, weighed them carefully, and arranged them neatly.

”Sheriff Lin said he used his connections! Can you question the internal relationships of people at that level? I ’ve told you many times.
When the leader gives you a task, just say that you ’ll take care of it and don ’t ask too many questions. ”

”And last time, when the new sheriff came, you insisted on not currying favor and just letting things take their course.
As a result, we were grouped with Li Tupo ’s faction.
It didn ’t take three days for the power to shift, and now you ’re in trouble.
You still say it ’s not important, just do our own job.
Let me tell you, if it wasn ’t for the day I went to the sheriff ’s office and cried on the ground, we would have all packed up and left! ”

Director Lei suddenly asked, ”Why hasn ’t Li Tupu left yet? ”

The deputy director was so angry that smoke was coming out of his nostrils.
”He ’s the director of the county government! He ’s two levels higher than you! Are you a director? Besides, Li Tupo won ’t last much longer.
At most, he ’ll have to pack up and leave in a month! Old Lei, with your emotional intelligence, you should have given up your position as director to me a long time ago.
We would have taken off with the finance department! ”

”I ’m serious.
For the sake of our friendship of more than ten years, just agree to it! ”

Director Lei shook his head.
”Your thoughts are not right.
I have to keep an eye on you.
You ’re prone to making mistakes. ”

The finance department was in chaos again, while not far away at the large hotel, the bidding meeting hosted by Sheriff Lin ’s office deputy director Yuan Zhimen had ended.
Zhang Pangzi and the others had won the bid and were happily riding in their luxury business car back to the governor ’s office to complete the final procedures.The highway from Huai Town to the county was already in a dilapidated state, with towering mountains on both sides.
But this only made Zhang Pangzi and the others more excited.
The spacious car interior was already in chaos, unbearable to look at.

Zhang Pangzi cursed while driving, ”Bitch! Use some strength, did you not eat today? ”

Someone behind him laughed in a weird tone, ”Then feed her, old Zhang! ”

”Be more tolerant, old Zhang.
The people here are of this quality. ”

Zhang Pangzi, red-faced and panting, said, ”One day, one day, I will…
I will…
oh, oh, oh! ”

With a bang, Zhang Pangzi slammed on the brakes, and the car was in chaos.

”Why did you stop, old Zhang? ”

”I almost broke something! ”

Zhang Pangzi cursed, ”Did I tell you to stop, bitch! ”

Then he said, ”I think I hit someone. ”

”You hit someone? ”

”Who did you hit? ”

”At this speed, they ’re already dead, right? ”

”Let ’s go, let ’s go.
In this wilderness, what ’s a dead person? Let them walk in the middle of the road, they deserve it! Hurry up, we ’ll save some money. ”

The luxury business car started again and drove forward along the mountain road.

Behind them, on the gravel-covered mountain road, a human body slowly evaporated, leaving only a straw man and a flattened hard shell paper.

And not far away, on the mountaintop in the fierce wind, Lin Wen, wearing a Chi Dragon cloak, whispered, ”The paper moon is suspended, close. ”

【Paper Moon Suspended】

A white Foundation Establishment spell that consumes 15% of the primordial spirit to raise a paper moon.
Anything illuminated by the paper moon is covered by an illusion that lasts for one hour in this world and can be interrupted.

【Observing People ’s Aura】was still running, and in his eyes, the seven people ’s aura had turned completely black.

”You ’re already dead. ”

Lin Wen ’s cold expression did not fluctuate at all.
At this moment, he looked more like an immortal who held the power of life and death without joy or sorrow.

【Divine Movement Technique】

A green Qi Refining spell that consumes 10% of the primordial spirit to gain the effect of divine movement, lasting for 16 hours in this world.

Since he had used 【Flying on Clouds and Mist】to fly to this mountaintop, he no longer had the primordial spirit to use it.

Lin Wen directly consumed 13 points of good karma to activate this spell.

Suddenly, he felt light and ethereal, and with a tap of his toe, he flew dozens of meters on the wind.

But this was not enough, he still needed a combat spell.

Considering the possible dangers, 【Strength of Nine Oxen and Two Tigers】was not enough.
Lin Wen quickly searched and soon locked onto a spell.

【Qi Prohibition Divine Power】

A spell between white and light gray in color, a Foundation Establishment spell that consumes 25% of the primordial spirit to run the aura throughout the body, making it impervious to water and fire, and impervious to knives and guns.
It can lift a thousand pounds with ease and lasts for one hour in this world.

Lin Wen once again consumed 33 points of good karma to activate the spell.

Great!Lin Wen felt his soul boiling, this was the feeling of cultivating immortality.

He leaped from the top of a hundred-meter high mountain.

With a bang, Lin Wen slightly bent his knees, his figure stable, unscathed, his cloak fluttering in the wind, as if a god had descended.

Lin Wen raised his head, squinting his eyes, looking into the distance.

The commercial vehicle was long gone, the sky was dimming, night was about to fall.

”Trying to run? ”

Lin Wen sneered, and with a tap of his toe, his speed exceeded 200 yards in the blink of an eye.

The fierce wind hit his face, but he didn ’t close his eyes.
His ordinary clothes began to tear apart, only his cloak swayed in the strong wind, unaffected.

”I see it! ”

In the faint night, the black commercial vehicle was like a coffin driving on the winding mountain road, not too fast or too slow, obviously confident.

Lin Wen suddenly stopped, his figure shot out like a bullet, crossing the bottomless cliff, and landing directly on the right wheel of the commercial vehicle.

Lin Wen didn ’t have a sword, only an iron rod he picked up on the road.
He pulled out the iron rod and shouted.

”Watch my sword! ”

A sword pierced the right tire.

The commercial vehicle lost control and rolled towards the cliff.

Lin Wen grabbed the A-pillar of the commercial vehicle, and with a backhand, he slammed the vehicle onto the mountain wall.

Lin Wen pulled down the car door, and while the people inside were still dizzy, he pulled out several girls who weren ’t wearing clothes, knocked them out, and left them on the roadside.
Then he grabbed the B-pillar of the commercial vehicle, and shouted.

”Green mountains are not painted black for a thousand years, immortals use swords to eliminate demons! ”

With his right hand ’s veins bulging, he threw the commercial vehicle with all his strength.
It flew like a javelin in the hands of an athlete, straight into the sky, and fell into the bottomless abyss.

Lin Wen would not make any arrogant mistakes.
After settling the girls, he jumped off the cliff to confirm that they were dead and couldn ’t die anymore before returning.

The girls ’ breaths were mixed with green, yellow, and blue, occasionally with a trace of black, but it was fleeting.
Obviously, they couldn ’t be harmed, and they didn ’t know much, nor could they see his face.

Although there may be some flaws, it didn ’t matter.
He just needed to take them back and settle them.

He took off his torn clothes and covered the girls, but there were too few clothes, and the wind was still blowing.
Lin Wen had no choice but to bundle them together, wrap them in his cloak as gently as possible, and carry them on his shoulders, rushing back to Huai Town.

In the situation that no one saw, he sneaked into the inn he had booked and put the girls on the big bed.
After checking them, besides a few scratches and bruises, they were fine.
Lin Wen covered them with a blanket and left confidently.

It wasn ’t until he returned to the sheriff ’s office that Lin Wen had time to check his expenses and achievements.The power of the primordial spirit has been depleted, leaving only 2%, and Shanyuan has consumed a total of 46 points.

There are still three spells remaining.

[Seven Aperture Linglong Heart] for 1 hour and 11 minutes.

[Observing People by Reading Qi] for 3 hours and 22 minutes.

[Paper Moon Hanging in the Sky] for 56 minutes.

Killed seven demons, and each demon gave three points of Shanyuan, totaling 21 points of Shanyuan income.

Shanyuan deficit: 25 points.

The work of rebuilding the homeland has not yet begun.
This is a long-term project.
As long as his money can effectively help the disaster victims, Shanyuan will continue to roll in.

Lin Wen thought to himself, ”It seems that this is the most important part of my work in the future.
I must ensure the smooth operation of administration and the orderly reconstruction of the homeland.
Otherwise, my money will be spent in vain. ”

At the thought of a large amount of Shanyuan soon to be credited, the little bit of weariness in Lin Wen ’s heart immediately disappeared.

”No, I have to establish order and supervise them quickly! ”

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He immediately changed his clothes and got up.

”The hard-earned money, every penny must be spent on the blade! ”

”If anyone lets me lose these 25 points of Shanyuan in vain, I will make sure they won ’t see the sun tomorrow! ”

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