There are actually two of them?

Lin Wen was slightly stunned, then immediately overjoyed.

What a profitable deal!

He only intended to find one, but both Phoenix Nest and Sheriff Zhao Minggong ended up in his account.
To think that a small county could have two experts at the same time, how could this world not be peaceful?

Hahaha, this broken spell finally made me feel good!

Lin Wen immediately shouted, ”Sheriff Zhao Minggong! ”

An old man with white hair bowed and replied, ”I ’m here, sir. ”

Lin Wen took a look and realized that this was the mayor of Huaizhen.
He had just called out to the mayor without a deputy.

When the ”Observing Qi and Judging People ” skill was activated for the first time, Lin Wen saw a classic example of the diagram of qi momentum in the textbook.

A hidden dragon in the abyss.

Pure white qi with a greenish luster formed a disc at the bottom and resembled a dragon plunging into the abyss.
Clouds and mist rose from the qi, resembling a large stone pressing down on the head.
The overall radiance was not apparent, but it did not dissipate either.

Move the boulder, and the dragon soars into the sky.
Press down the boulder, and the dragon dies.

The explanation under this example had a total of 9,400 words.
Lin Wen only remembered these few sentences, which meant that he had great talents but was not recognized.

This kind of luck was unstoppable.

Could it be that my huge opportunity was now being put into effect?

Lin Wen was overjoyed.
Wasn ’t this the equivalent of drawing an SSR with just one pull?

”Good, you are now the deputy sheriff.
When I am not in the county, you have full authority to handle affairs on my behalf. ”

The appointment came too fast, like a tornado.

The entire conference room suddenly became quiet.
Everyone stared blankly at the sheriff and the white-haired Zhao Minggong.
The more agile brains were already running at lightning speed, thinking about the relationship between them and the deeper implications of the appointment.
The slower brains were still wondering what was going on.

And the most incredulous person was Zhao Minggong.
He had been the mayor for thirty-six years and had long given up hope.

Who would have thought that he could bloom again in his old age?

He was at a loss for words and couldn ’t tell if this was true or just a joke from the sheriff.
A deputy sheriff had been blowing wind about his appointment for at least a year before it was decided.

Now, was it one second or two seconds?

Lin Wen shouted loudly, ”All of your affairs will be handled by Deputy Sheriff Zhao Minggong from now on! ”

Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

Was this for real?

Was there such an appointment? Was it premeditated or just an impulsive decision? Was there any trick to it?

After a while, a voice whispered, ”The deputy sheriff ’s appointment must be approved by the councilors of the county hall and submitted to the Governor ’s Office for approval. ”

Lin Wen didn ’t want to repeat himself, ”Fang Weiwei! Read the corresponding clauses of the power of command to this fool one hundred times! ”

Everyone suddenly realized that this was an extremely rare, even unprecedented, first power of command holder in an inland stable area of the empire.

He had this power!

He could even mobilize the imperial army! No wonder the defense of Fang Dashan was so obedient to orders!

This was for real!Everyone looked up in an instant and stared at Sheriff Lin.

”Qin Luoshuang! ” Lin Wen shouted twice, but no one answered.

It seemed that she was not one of the officials in the meeting room.

”Does anyone know Qin Luoshuang? ” Lin Wen shouted.

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads.

Finally, a staff member who was responsible for guarding the water dispenser whispered, ”There is a new female colleague named Qin Luoshuang. ”

Lin Wen immediately said, ”Bring her to me. ”

After a while, a young woman with messy hair, a face covered in band-aids, and very ordinary clothes was brought in.

Lin Wen frowned.
This woman seemed to be nothing special.
Her Qi disk was chaotic and hard to understand, but he could confirm that there was no black Qi.

”Are you Qin Luoshuang? ” Lin Wen asked.

The woman replied softly, ”Yes, Sheriff. ”

Lin Wen hesitated slightly in his heart, but this name was not like that of an outlaw like Zhang San.
It was impossible for there to be someone with the same name in such a small area.

But compared to the statue of the crouching dragon from earlier, this Phoenix Nest seemed too inconspicuous.


Pang Tong was also so inconspicuous back then.
He was appointed as the county magistrate in a small county by Liu Bei and spent half a year drinking.
When Liu Bei came to question him, he pretended to be someone else and finished all the backlogged affairs in just one day.

Isn ’t this exactly like me now?

Lin Wen ’s heart was moved, but he couldn ’t just appoint her as the deputy sheriff.
If Liu Bei had appointed Pang Tong as the magistrate from the beginning, how could he have shown off later?

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He pointed to Zhao Minggong beside him and said, ”You are now his assistant and will handle all the affairs of the county with him. ”

This arrangement was perfect.

Lin Wen was very pleased with himself.

The key was in that sentence, ”handle together, ” not ”assist in handling. ” This was called misplaced competition.

The two of them had equal abilities and would inevitably not be convinced of each other.
When they competed with each other, wouldn ’t these affairs be resolved quickly?


Zhao Minggong and Qin Luoshuang both heard Lin Wen ’s specific wording and their expressions were difficult to understand.
They were both incredulous.

”I have to leave quickly, so as not to cause any unnecessary trouble and tarnish my Dao heart, ” Lin Wen thought and quickly said, ”The meeting is over.
You may leave now! ” and walked out quickly.

Because his movements were too fast, when everyone came back to their senses, he had already walked to the door.

Zhao Minggong shouted, ”Sheriff! Huai Town has no official now! ”

”You can be the mayor of Huai Town yourself! You can decide on these small matters without finding me, ” Lin Wen replied.

Zhao Minggong wanted to say more, but the sheriff had already disappeared without a trace.

When he turned around, everyone in the room was staring at him.

Back in the sheriff ’s office, Lin Wen was originally planning to study magic, but the guard Fang Dashan followed him.Lin Wen could only chat with Fang Dashan for a while using the Seven Apertures Linglong Heart.
He didn ’t know why the effect of the Seven Apertures Linglong Heart was surprisingly good this time.
Fang Dashan quickly regarded the sheriff as his confidant and an easily manipulated superior.
He declared his unconditional loyalty and beat his chest, claiming that he would not hesitate to obey any orders from the sheriff, even if it meant going through fire and water or facing a mountain of swords and a sea of flames.

After sending Fang Dashan away, Ma Baojia, the senior security officer of the Security Department, came uninvited.
He was the third most important person in the Security Department after the department head and deputy department head, but his actual power was small and inferior to the deputy department head.
However, since the department head and deputy department head were involved in the rebellion, he was currently the most powerful.

Lin Wen took a look at him and found that he was quite greedy for power and money, and had a hint of sinister aura, accounting for about 5% of it.
He could only reluctantly use him.

Lin Wen let him temporarily take charge of all the daily work of the Security Department, organize the order, and dispatch 50 security officers and guards to listen to his orders tomorrow.

Finally, the eunuch Xu Kangxing came.
No, he was the chief eunuch, meaning he was from the Supervisory Office, and was truly the third most important person in the Supervisory Office, with much greater authority than the senior security officer.

Lin Wen asked him to take good care of the rebels, investigate and collect all the evidence of their crimes, and destroy the false evidence they had made to slander the wise and martial sheriff.
At the same time, he rejected Xu Kangxing ’s request to search for potential rebels.
This was no joking matter, as it would bring a lot of bad karma.

After dealing with all these mundane matters, Lin Wen studied the spells for a while, appreciating the charm of the immortal world and imagining how to use these spells to deal with strong enemies when he roamed the immortal world, in order to turn the tables and kill all sides.

As he delved deeper into his thoughts, his heart was stirred and he was filled with longing to the point where he couldn ’t wait to be reborn and cultivate immortality.
However, his reason stopped him in time.
He now knew that he had to cultivate in the physical world first, so that the beginning of his cultivation in the immortal world would be smoother, and these delightful scenes would appear more frequently.
Otherwise, it would be enough to spend hundreds or thousands of years accumulating strength, seeking opportunities, and secretly seizing Qi luck while hiding in the dark.

Although he could not be reborn immediately, the process of dreaming deeply had purified his spirit, washing away the dust of the day, and making his spiritual platform clean and free of dust again.

After another good night ’s sleep, his mood was restored, and he was once again full of energy and motivation.

Spirit: 15%.

Excess recovery!

What surprised Lin Wen even more was that he inexplicably gained more than ten points of virtue than yesterday!

Lin Wen ’s first thought was: Has the virtue of rebuilding the homeland arrived?

But he soon realized that this was impossible.
The construction team had not yet returned, and the funds had just been exhausted.
It couldn ’t have arrived so soon.

So where did it come from?After thinking back to what he did yesterday, it was impossible to suppress the riot.
If it was possible, it would have been done earlier and not dragged on until now.

So, the only possibility left was to promote the talents of Phoenix Nest and the Hidden Dragon.

Was it because Phoenix Nest handled the miscellaneous affairs so well that he was rewarded with good karma?

Or was it because of appreciation that they were able to soar to the sky and achieve their ambitions and gain good karma? Or was it both?

Lin Wen was not sure for the time being, but it was definitely because of them, there was no doubt about it.

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