The so-called post-disaster reconstruction command center was actually just a few dilapidated houses with a large courtyard.
The Civil Affairs Department held meetings and worked in the courtyard, while the houses were only used as sleeping quarters.

When Lin Wen broke in, the Civil Affairs Department was having a meeting.
All the officials, including Director Huang Mingxiao, were sitting under an old locust tree, gathered around a large round table.

The table was piled high with documents and handwritten manuscripts, and waste paper was scattered all over the ground.
The entire courtyard was like this.

A telephone line was strung from the locust tree to a small table with a telephone and fax machine.

When the door was pushed open, everyone ’s eyes turned to see Little Li standing outside, and a young man striding towards them.

Director Huang Mingxiao stopped the other officials who were about to scold and asked, ”Are you Sheriff Lin Wen? ”

Lin Wen nodded.
He grabbed a chair and forced his way into the group.
”Report to me on the current situation. ”

Huang Mingxiao hesitated for a moment, his eyes catching sight of Sheriff Lin ’s dedicated driver standing in the distance.
He quickly stood up, but was stopped by Lin Wen.

”Sit down.
The disaster is serious.
Don ’t waste time on irrelevant matters. ”

Huang Mingxiao quickly sat down and began to introduce their current work situation.

”There are currently a total of 307,102 homeless people.
110,000 people are settled on the slopes of Niujiao Mountain, 40,000 people are settled on the slopes of Goujiao Mountain, 30,000 people are settled on Changpai Mountain, 20,000 people are settled near the levee of Changpai Village ’s Qingfeng Mountain and Luanjungang, 70,000 people are settled on the hills near Dongdaokou, and another 30,000 people are settled in Niujiao Village and Changpai Village, as well as several nearby villages. ”

Huang Mingxiao spread out a map on the table.
The huge map immediately covered the entire table, filled with red, blue, and green markings, as well as various numbers and text annotations everywhere.
At first glance, it was dizzying and confusing.

But Huang Mingxiao was able to accurately provide detailed information on each location, the strategies used before and after, the current situation, material supply and shortages, and the problems they faced.

Lin Wen listened silently.
The thirty-minute speech was finally over, and during his pause for breath, Lin Wen asked, ”So, the primary problem now is the lack of materials? ”

Huang Mingxiao swallowed his last breath and felt his lungs come alive.
”Yes, Sheriff, we… ”

Lin Wen interrupted him with a wave of his hand.
”You immediately make a list of the missing materials and send it to the finance department.
Tell them to arrange for people to purchase them. ”

Huang Mingxiao was surprised.
”Does the county have money now? ”

Lin Wen nodded.

Everyone present smiled, and Huang Mingxiao was even more excited.
”This is the best news I ’ve heard in days! The Empire ’s aid has finally arrived! Sheriff, we shouldn ’t buy things ourselves, should we? We just need to report to the Empire and leave the money for reconstruction.
Let ’s get the construction team back and start working.
This is the only way to solve the problem! ”

Lin Wen sneered.
”You ’re wrong.
There ’s no aid.
I got the money myself.
You go and purchase the materials.
The construction team has already been called back and will arrive in a few days.
Let ’s first finalize the construction plan. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, the atmosphere turned cold, and all the smiles disappeared from everyone ’s faces.

Huang Mingxiao couldn ’t believe it.
”How could this be? Is the Empire abandoning us? These are 300,000 disaster victims.
How could they do this? ”

He grabbed his hair, his forehead wrinkled, and the white color leaked out from between his fingers. ”This is impossible, there must be some mistake.
I need to go to the Imperial City, to the headquarters, to find the Emperor! ”

Deputy Director Zhang Qiaohe grabbed him and said, ”Stop it! You won ’t be able to see him. ”

Huang Mingxiao suddenly lost control of his emotions.
He forcefully shook off Zhang Qiaohe ’s hand and shouted, ”Let go of me! I must see him! The Empire can ’t be like this.
There must be some other reason… ”

Zhang Qiaohe shouted back, ”The Emperor of the Empire is a Transcendent! You are 11 levels apart! You can ’t even enter the main gate.
You ’re dreaming! ”

Lin Wen couldn ’t understand their behavior and interrupted, ”Didn ’t I say we have money? Does it matter if the Empire provides assistance or not? ”

Huang Mingxiao shouted back, ”There are 300,000 disaster victims! Do you know how much money it takes just to keep them alive? It costs 400,000 every day! Everyone can only eat rice bran and pig feed! Rebuilding homes is an astronomical number! Once the supplies run out, everyone will die! How many days can your money sustain us? One day or half a day? ”

Lin Wen calculated, ”42 days.
Uh, it takes so much money just for 42 days? ”

Everyone present fell silent again, staring at the young sheriff unable to say a word.

After a while, Huang Mingxiao said incredulously, ”How much money did you get? ”

Lin Wen scratched the back of his head, ”About 17 million.
Damn, I was too hasty.
I should have squeezed that fat guy more. ”

Huang Mingxiao ’s body trembled slightly, unable to say a word.
Lin Wen noticed his chest heaving rapidly, his eyes turning red.
Afraid that he might have a heart attack on the spot, he quickly pulled him over to sit down and asked, ”How many more days can the current supplies last? ”

Returning to the specific affairs, Huang Mingxiao finally returned to normal, ”We can ’t last for more than 5 days. ”

Lin Wen said, ”Then buy one month ’s worth of supplies first, and I ’ll think of a solution later. ”

Huang Mingxiao ’s thoughts went even deeper, ”Sheriff Lin, if we do that, we can ’t just maintain the minimum living standards.
We also need to maintain our health.
Many disaster victims have fallen ill, and we need medicine and medical aid.
There will be a major epidemic after the flood, and we need epidemic prevention supplies.
Due to the fast pace of the construction team, some resettlement sites are still difficult to inhabit.
The living conditions for disaster victims are actually very crowded, and even more than 50,000 people can ’t even live in tents and have to sleep outdoors.
These problems also need to be solved. ”

Lin Wen ’s head was about to explode from listening.
He quickly interrupted him, ”Just tell me your thoughts. ”

Huang Mingxiao said, ”Supplement the missing supplies and purchase 20 days of living supplies. ”

Lin Wen was a little puzzled, ”Won ’t that be too little? ”

With money, Huang Mingxiao ’s thinking became much more flexible.
He said, ”This is the only choice.
Even if we buy all the money for living supplies, it will eventually be exhausted.
We can only save as many disaster victims as possible and rebuild our homes as soon as possible.
This is the fundamental solution to the problem. ”

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”As long as there is a goal, these difficulties can be overcome. ”

”I ’m afraid there is no hope.
Everyone ’s struggle in the dark is meaningless no matter how long it lasts. ”

”That ’s right, that ’s right. ” Everyone suddenly had ideas and started talking.

Lin Wen hesitated for a moment and didn ’t use ”Immortal ’s Guidance ” to confirm their plan, but only used ”Observing People ’s Aura ”.

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