After dealing with another trivial matter, Lin Wen felt exhausted.

Although he wanted to continue working, he couldn ’t sustain himself mentally, and his spiritual power was only at 3%.

He needed to rest.

Otherwise, his spiritual power wouldn ’t recover, and he couldn ’t keep using his spells by consuming good karma.

Lin Wen thought to himself, turned around and lay on the big chair, and soon fell asleep.

Resting on time was also a kind of cultivation.

The next day.

Lin Wen opened his eyes, and the warm sun shone on his face through the window, as if Xihuo was gently caressing him.

Spiritual power: 14%.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Not bad.

Lin Wen quickly dealt with his personal matters and immediately started working.

He first called the materials management department of the county government and instructed them to prepare the existing infrastructure materials in the warehouse and transport them to Changle Town.

Then he found the defense commander Fang Dashan and asked him to immediately assemble all the soldiers in Changshan County and prepare to go to Changle Town to assist in the reconstruction work.

Fang Dashan was shocked when he heard the news, thinking that a refugee riot had occurred and that imperial troops needed to be deployed to suppress it.

In his mind, there had never been soldiers helping refugees rebuild their homes.
Deploying imperial troops to assist in reconstruction work could only be to maintain order.
This work was generally handled by the public security department, unless there was a large-scale turmoil that the public security department couldn ’t handle, and troops would be deployed to suppress it.

Therefore, Fang Dashan ’s first thought upon hearing the order was that a riot had occurred and that imperial soldiers needed to be deployed to suppress it.

This was the last thing Fang Dashan wanted to see, because suppressing a refugee riot would not earn him much credit, and if anything went wrong, the blame would be significant.
There was a 99% chance that he would bear the brunt of it.

However, he couldn ’t just not do it.
This meant that he was openly defying orders, which was generally acceptable for a sheriff, but this sheriff had discretionary powers.

Unlike inland officials, Fang Dashan, as an imperial officer, had fought on the border and understood discretionary powers very well.
Those who held discretionary powers were powerful and ruthless.
They could replace people at will and punish them at will.
This was not a joke.
They wouldn ’t listen to any reasoning.

This was also the reason why Fang Dashan immediately sided with the sheriff when he saw the discretionary power document.

Of course, in fact, Lin Wen ’s intention was not like this, and Fang Dashan could not understand Lin Wen ’s true intentions.
After all, according to imperial conventions, even in emergency relief and rescue operations, they were carried out by the imperial engineering corps.
Imperial soldiers were at most responsible for maintaining order.

As for reconstruction work, it had nothing to do with the military.
It was done by specialized construction teams, and had nothing to do with imperial soldiers.

This was also in line with the fact that the military was essentially a violent agency.
After all, the People ’s Liberation Army was unique in the world, with a history of three thousand years, and no other branches.

Therefore, thinking that the situation was extremely serious, Fang Dashan immediately returned to the imperial residence in Changshan County and sounded the emergency assembly order.

It had to be said that Fang Dashan ’s professional ability was still very strong.
In less than fifteen minutes, a team of nearly three thousand people had already assembled.

Then Fang Dashan nervously called the sheriff ’s office and asked for instructions.

Lin Wen replied with four words.

”Depart immediately. ”Fang Dashan had no choice but to order his troops to board the transport trucks fully armed and head to Changle Town.

At the same time, Lin Wen, through temporary worker Li Xiaoli, drew a hundred personnel from various departments of the county government to assist in the work in Changle Town.

As Lin Wen had just established his authority, holding both military power and administrative power, no one dared to complain for the time being.

After arranging the work, Lin Wen got on a special car and arrived in Changle Town ahead of time.

He then found Huang Mingxiao buried in a pile of paper documents in the courtyard of the temporary command center.

”Sheriff Lin… ”

Huang Mingxiao had two big dark circles under his eyes, looking like he hadn ’t slept all night.
He seemed to have a lot to say, but Lin Wen spoke first.

”Time is limited, let me explain quickly, remember it well. ”

Lin Wen spread out the map and began to explain the plan of the immortals.

”All old sites will be overturned, and I will establish a new town as a new home for the disaster victims. ”

”The center point is here. ”

Lin Wen pointed to the map, attracting Huang Mingxiao ’s attention like a magnet.

He forgot everything he wanted to say and focused on Sheriff Lin ’s next words.

The staff who had been with Huang for a long time knew that whenever it came to reconstruction work, he would be like this, putting aside even the biggest matters temporarily.

”Connect here, then here. ”

Lin Wen moved his finger to a mountain between Dongdaokou and Niujiaocun, then to the dam of Changpaicun.

”Form a triangle area, with Changle Town as the base point, a total of one town and eleven villages will be merged to establish a new town. ”

”The new town is divided into three areas, Changle District, Niujiao District, and Changpai District, which are expanded from Changle Town, Niujiaocun, and Changpaicun respectively. ”

”The new plan is as follows. ”

Lin Wen began to explain the specific details, construction sequence and plan, materials used, possible difficulties and ways to overcome them.

Huang Mingxiao was first confused, then amazed, shocked, and then endlessly confused again.
The new plan was so detailed that it seemed like Sheriff Lin had witnessed the entire process from scratch, participated in it personally, and designed and directed it himself.

But this was impossible.
The thriving and orderly new town now only had mud and dust as its actual existence.

Lin Wen spoke for twenty minutes before he finished, his mouth dry and thirsty.
He picked up a glass of water and drank it all.

While Lin Wen was drinking water, Huang Mingxiao finally had a chance to speak.

”Sheriff Lin, this…this plan is too detailed.
Where did you get it from? ”

Lin Wen replied calmly, ”From a classmate of mine named Zhang Jinglai, who works at the Lisalocarlos Lusaka Asli Design Institute.
I asked him to do it for me. ”

Huang Mingxiao looked shocked.
”Your classmate is really amazing.
The Lisalocarlos Lusaka Asli Design Institute is so professional, it is truly a top world-renowned design institute.
This plan is too exquisite, with details to such a degree that I never dared to imagine before. ”Only those who have done it know how many details there are in a huge project involving 300,000 people from design to implementation, and how many revisions there are along the way.

This is a field that normal people find difficult to reach, and Huang Mingxiao ’s previous reconstruction plan was very self-aware.
Their plan was only rough and crude, they picked a place and built houses on it, as long as it could shelter from wind and rain and ensure basic living.

Even so, this plan has caused them countless headaches and killed many brain cells from site selection to planning.

”Well, this plan must be expensive, right? I heard that the things from top design institutes are not cheap. ”

”Oh, I have a good relationship with my classmate, I didn ’t spend any money. ” Lin Wen said casually.

”What? ”

Huang Mingxiao ’s eyes almost popped out: ”No money? The design fee starts at least a million.
Your classmate, he, he, he…
is he the dean? ” But seeing Sheriff Lin ’s age, he swallowed the words.

”Enough. ” Lin Wen said impatiently, ”No time to talk about other things, arrange people to calculate the cost now. ”

The immortal ’s plan is detailed in every aspect, except that it doesn ’t specify how much it costs.

After all, it is already the ”least ”.

Now Lin Wen urgently needs to know its specific budget to prepare for the next action.

”Wait, wait. ”

Huang Mingxiao immediately interrupted Sheriff Lin.

”I haven ’t figured out this plan yet.
Here, here, and here, why does it have to be built like this? What does this passage mean? And, and… ”

Lin Wen was speechless because he didn ’t know either.

”Just do as you are told, and you can understand it slowly when you have time later. ”

”Wait, Sheriff Lin, shouldn ’t we discuss this important matter more? Is it a bit hasty to decide so quickly? ”

”Of course, I don ’t doubt the level of the top design institute, but they may not understand our specific situation.
We should have more meetings and discussions to see what else can be changed… ”

Lin Wen was already impatient, ”Just do what I told you to do.
Do you still not trust the immortal ’s plan? If something goes wrong, I ’ll take care of it. ” He slapped the folder containing the plan on the table and wrote on the front with a pen:

Lin Wen orders that this plan is the only plan for post-disaster reconstruction and cannot be changed.

Seeing that Huang Mingxiao still wanted to speak, Lin Wen said sternly, ”Don ’t give me any more nonsense! How many days will pass if we have more meetings and discussions? Time waits for no one! We drink tea, read newspapers, and brag in the office, while the disaster victims are exposed to the sun and rain in the wilderness! Where is your conscience? Do you want me to take a knife and cut you open to see it? ”

In the blink of an eye, Huang Mingxiao ’s entire mental state changed.

”Good! With Sheriff Lin ’s words, even if I die here, I will have no complaints about carrying the blame in the future! ”

Only those who have done it know how many details there are in a huge project involving 300,000 people from design to implementation, and how many revisions there are along the way. ”Okay, you quickly gather the staff to make a budget.
Also, didn ’t I send a work group over yesterday? Have you arranged everything? Now call Lei Tiantong over, and he will be in charge of the financial work of the temporary command center from now on. ”

”And there ’s a fat guy, Yuan Zhimen.
He ’ll handle all your miscellaneous affairs from now on. ”

Lin Wen arranged several people in a row.

Huang Mingxiao hesitated for a moment and said, ”Sheriff Lin, are you going to put the work group above the temporary command center? I trust Old Lei ’s level and character, and although Yuan Zhimen is not well-behaved, he is good at handling tasks.
But what about the others… ”

Lin Wen sneered, ”No, we ’ll work in parallel.
You are also the deputy leader of the work group, and no one can interfere with you except me.
Got it? ”

Huang Mingxiao ’s face suddenly turned from cloudy to sunny, and he said loudly, ”Yes, Sheriff Lin! ”

”Also, many more people will come to join the reconstruction work soon.
The first batch of 100 workers will arrive soon.
Remember to arrange their accommodation and work responsibilities. ”

This time, Huang Mingxiao truly felt hope.

Unlike the previous sheriff, the new sheriff was truly concerned about post-disaster reconstruction work, allocating funds and sending people back and forth.

Moreover, he acted decisively and did what he said.
He sent people to support yesterday morning, and three batches of people arrived in the afternoon.
More people will come today.

The problem of insufficient manpower will be solved soon.

If it were the previous sheriff, he would probably have sent a few people next month and considered it fulfilling his promise.

Sheriff Lin truly regarded these disaster victims as his own people, not just livestock that could talk and walk and pay taxes.

Moreover, Huang Mingxiao also understood Sheriff Lin ’s arrogance.
The situation is urgent now, and they really need someone to make decisions and take responsibility, not bureaucrats who push the blame and drag their feet until all the victims are dead.

That would be a real tragedy.

The new sheriff has arrived, but his inertia of thinking has not changed yet.
He is still in the mode of Zhao Ping ’an era, and even a little afraid of the new sheriff ’s wild and new style.

This won ’t work.

It ’s time to be liberated!

With great excitement and expectation, Huang Mingxiao said loudly, ”Yes, Sheriff Lin! There are plenty of empty houses in Changle Town.
I can arrange accommodation for as many people as you want. ”

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