Demon eradication complete.

Lin Wen stepped forward and pulled out the iron rod, shaking off the blood stains on it.
He was not particularly satisfied.

The iron rod was too cheap and damaged his image.

Moreover, killing these four monsters only gave him 12 points of merit.
The ”Spirit Cat ’s Quickness ” spell couldn ’t be used with spiritual power, only with merit.
It cost him 13 points, leaving him with a loss of 1 point.

Of course, killing them was necessary, but Lin Wen hated that he had previously relied too much on his spiritual power.
He had used the ”Immortal ’s Guidance ” spell to solve some small problems, when he could have used his own wisdom.
This caused his spiritual power to be constantly tense, forcing him to frequently consume merit to use spells.

He could have saved some merit.

But now was not the time to think about that.
Lin Wen threw away the iron rod and walked towards the disaster victims.

The crowd on the mountain had stopped moving and were staring at the young man who claimed to be the new sheriff of Changshan County.
They were fearful and guarded, grateful and confused.

”Fellow citizens, ” Lin Wen walked up to a distance of less than a hundred steps from them and said loudly, ”I am Lin Wen, the newly appointed sheriff of Changshan County.
I know about your suffering, and I have come here to administer justice for you. ”

His voice covered the entire crowd, and even the furthest disaster victims could hear him clearly.

There was a commotion in the crowd.
Someone cursed loudly, someone burst into tears, someone was suspicious and undecided.
A middle-aged man shouted, ”What ’s the use of killing a few dog officials? We ’re all going to starve to death anyway, or die of illness, or freeze to death. ”

”Administering justice is just nonsense and deceiving everyone! ”

”Our supplies must have been embezzled by this dog official! Kill him! ”

”Kill him! ”

The voices in the crowd were mixed, with some people agreeing and some remaining silent, while others questioned.

”What ’s the use of killing him? Can we survive? ”

”The dog official won ’t kill his own people.
I don ’t believe it. ”

”He said he ’s the new sheriff, the hero of the empire! ”

”He guarded the embankment! ”

”Nonsense, that ’s just a lie! ”

”But he killed all these dogs! ”

”That ’s all a lie! He ’s deceiving you! ”

Lin Wen ’s face showed a cold smile.
He was not afraid of the mixed crowd and continued to walk forward.
At the same time, a ray of sunlight broke through the gloomy lead clouds and shone on him, as if it were a miracle.

”Paper Moon Hanging in the Sky. ”

This was the spell he had not used up when he killed Zhang Pangzi last time.
Its main function was to raise a paper moon and create illusions.

Of course, this was not a profound spell.
Any hard paper shell would do, and Lin Wen had it in his arms now.

The illusion could only cover a few meters around the paper moon.

And this so-called illusion was actually just some light and shadow effects.
Normal people could easily see through it, let alone those who were observant.

But it was very useful for adding special effects.
The special effects were real and there was no need to worry about being exposed.

Lin Wen added a light chasing special effect to himself, and he was surrounded by a faint sunlight.
After all, it was cloudy, and the light was too strong and might have a counter-effect.

In fact, this light was only a few meters away, but it gave people the feeling of being shot straight down from the sky.Lin Wen became the most handsome man in the crowd under the spotlight.

The golden radiance had an indescribable sense of holiness in the gloomy sky.
Although the light was faint, it seemed to be the golden justice they expected when it flowed and scattered.

As he moved, the light behind him left a brief trail.

He walked towards the disaster victims, as if a god walking towards the people.
The crowd automatically made way for him.

He raised his hand and shouted loudly, ”My heart and actions are as clear as a mirror, and everything I do is just! ”

The sound waves vibrated like evening drums and morning bells, and also like the sound of celestial music.
In an instant, it enveloped the entire mountainous area.

Suddenly, like a virus infection, a large group of people around him knelt down.

”It ’s the great immortal! ”

”It must be the great immortal! ”

Someone shouted, and panic, shock, and joy mixed together.

More people were in tears and couldn ’t speak, ”Great immortal, if only you had come earlier. ”

Lin Wen shouted loudly, ”I am Lin Wen, the guardian of the Changpai Village embankment! I am an empire hero! I am the sheriff of Changshan County! I will uphold justice for you! ”

His voice was like a bell, echoing in the valley.

”Get up! You should kneel to heaven and earth, not to gods! ”

”That ’s what I said! ”

Lin Wen walked up to a person and stopped.

The person looked nervous, looked around, and seemed to want to escape, but also wanted to pretend to be an ignorant villager, which was particularly awkward.

In Lin Wen ’s eyes, his qi was violently fluctuating, generally contracting, and his qi was abnormal, indicating that he was very afraid and had a great secret that couldn ’t be told.

More importantly, his qi was blackened by more than half, which was extremely conspicuous among the mixed green and blue qi.

Suddenly, he turned around and wanted to run, but Lin Wen kicked him down with one foot and stepped on his head.
He struggled like a fish on the shore, but couldn ’t turn over.

He shouted loudly, ”The sheriff is killing people! The sheriff is coming to kill us! It ’s all fake.
He is not a great immortal at all.
You, you quickly kill him, kill him! ”

No one paid attention to him.

Lin Wen pulled his torn clothes with one hand, and with a bang, the clothes were torn apart, revealing his smooth back and a carved silk vest.

Lin Wen sneered, ”Everyone, take a look.
Is this one of you? ”

There was a kind of approachable intimacy in Lin Wen ’s cold attitude, which made people unconsciously let down their guard and treat him as a close person.

People around him came forward to take a closer look.
The closest one burst into laughter.

”This tender skin and tender meat is not the same as me. ”

”My wife doesn ’t even wear this little vest. ”

Lin Wen kicked him hard, and he immediately passed out.
He shouted, ”These people deliberately hide among you to sow discord.
The official is not a good person, and they are not good people either.
They all want you to die. ”

”There are still people like this.
Everyone, be careful not to let one escape! ”

”I will find them one by one. ”

”Good! ”

There was a burst of cheers in the crowd, ”Kill the official! Kill the traitor! ”

A leading man stood on a stone and shouted, ”If anyone moves, they will be killed on the spot, as the great immortal said! ”At this moment, the fervent emotions had replaced the despair and anger in the crowd, and expanded rapidly by a hundredfold.

Tens of thousands of people stood still, covered in gray dust like terracotta warriors.
Only when Lin Wen walked by would they automatically make way, as if he had used the immortal methods laid down by the legendary Emperor Qin Shihuang after his successful cultivation.

No one could stop him, and everything he passed through would automatically recover.

Soon, Lin Wen dug out more than ten spies.
These spies could not figure out how he had accurately found them among so many people.

At first, they wanted to hide among the crowd, but Lin Wen dug them out one by one like digging out radishes.

Every time he dug one out, cheers erupted, but Lin Wen did not stop.
The cheers were endless.

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By the time they realized something was wrong, there were only one or two left.

It was too late to regret.

Lin Wen knocked them all unconscious, stripped them naked, and threw them together.
Many valuable personal items fell out of them.

Seeing the exquisite tiger-patterned silk handkerchief, jade and ivory towel, which were not things refugees would have, no one suspected Lin Wen anymore.

Lin Wen raised his voice like a bell.

”Now, please calm down and return to the camp.
I will bring you food, tents, hot water, and medicine.
I will bring you fairness and justice, and I will organize everyone to build a home together. ”

”Please tell everyone this news and temporarily stop making noise.
If there is any dispute, conflict, or injustice, please tell me, and I will eliminate all pests in the world. ”

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