Lin Wen picked up the three children and walked out of the cave, jumping onto the embankment.
”We ’re safe, ” he said briefly.
He handed the children over to Xiuyu, who hugged them tightly and cried uncontrollably, saying over and over again, ”My children, thank you so much.
I will do anything to repay you… ”

Everyone else was also overjoyed and eager to spread the news.
They shouted desperately on the embankment, ”The children are found! ” ”We have found hope. ” ”Everything is safe! ” ”The immortal ’s magical powers are vast and boundless! ”

Lin Wen stopped the beginning of this, not wanting to become like the foolish Xingxiu Laoxian.
He stood on the embankment and began to give a speech to the tens of thousands of people below.
”I am Lin Wen, the sheriff of Changshan County.
I am now officially taking over the post-disaster reconstruction work.
I will bring you food, tents, hot water, and medicine.
I will organize everyone to build our new home together. ”

Since the original spell had already expired, Lin Wen had to spend more virtue to open a new Qiqiao Linglong Heart.
The speech lasted for five minutes, and there were signs of losing control.
No matter how he guided the topic, the Qiqiao Linglong Heart would always automatically drift towards the content of immortal magic saving the world.

Finally, Lin Wen had to interrupt the speech and end it forcefully.
”Okay, now please go back to the camp in an orderly manner and tell those who don ’t know yet. ” The crowd reluctantly dispersed.

Afterwards, Lin Wen left the embankment and gathered all the imperial soldiers, announcing his decision.
”From today on, you will participate in the reconstruction work and build homes for the people. ” Even the imperial soldiers who always obeyed orders were in a state of chaos.
Fang Dashan couldn ’t believe it, ”What? We ’re participating in the reconstruction work? But we are imperial soldiers, not engineers.
Besides, the labor force of the Construction Corps is responsible for this! ”

Lin Wen said sternly, ”This is an order! ”

”But, but, this… ”

Seeing that they could not accept it, Lin Wen turned to ask, ”What is the duty of an imperial soldier? ”

Fang Dashan stood up straight and said loudly, ”To protect the country! ”

Lin Wen asked again, ”Why protect the country? ”

Fang Dashan was suddenly at a loss.
He had never encountered such a strange question before and stuttered for a while before uncertainly saying, ”Of course, it ’s to protect the interests of the imperial people and ensure their safety. ”

Lin Wen pointed to the refugees who had left and asked again, ”Aren ’t they imperial people? ”

”Of course they are. ”

Lin Wen said sternly, ”The flood has invaded their interests and threatened their safety.
Why don ’t you help them? ”

”That ’s not…but this is not…not… ” Fang Dashan was at a loss again.
He felt a string in his brain, tightening and twisting, ready to break at any time.

Lin Wen pointed to their clothing and equipment, ”Take what you need from the people.
They are the ones who have paid the price. ”

Pointing at Fang Dashan again, he said, ”What you do is to deceive the world and steal fame! ”

Fang Dashan ’s face turned red immediately, and he tried to defend himself, ”No, it ’s not like that, Sheriff Lin.
We, we didn ’t know, the empire has no such precedent. ”

Lin Wen sneered, ”From now on, there is.
And it starts with you. ”

Fang Dashan ’s face turned white again.
Lin Wen turned around and left, leaving only his back.
”Do you know that there is a kind of army where every person is as good as an imperial hero? ”Lin Wen spent ten minutes explaining to them the concept of a people ’s army that had never existed in this world before, and then said, ”Now, I hope you can become such a team. ”

”If you do, you will all be heroes of the empire. ”

”I ’m conferring it. ”

Fang Dashan listened with flushed face, scratching his head and excitedly disbelieving.

”Really? There is still such a force in the world? Which country is it from? Why have I never heard of it? ”

”Can we really become this kind of force? ”

”As long as we do, our combat power can be doubled? ”

In the face of Fang Dashan ’s questions, Lin Wen just smiled mysteriously.

”Don ’t worry. ”

After humming and hawing for a while, Fang Dashan suddenly slapped his chest and shouted, ”From now on, all members join the post-disaster reconstruction team.
Anyone who doesn ’t want to do it can leave, and I ’ll kick him out! ”

In the evening, after a luxurious and sumptuous meal of immortal cuisine – two green vegetables, three radishes, a cup of dew collected from the night sky, and a bowl of glutinous rice with immortal energy – Huang Mingxiao came again.

Unlike Lin Wen, who was in a better mood and even felt a little sunny, Huang Mingxiao looked melancholy and exhausted.

He said, ”Sheriff Lin, the food and living supplies have been distributed according to your arrangement, enough for two days. ”

Lin Wen stood on the hilltop, the night wind blowing gently, and took a sip of the dew of the night sky.
A kind of tipsy feeling surged up, as if the gravity had disappeared, and there was no restraint between heaven and earth.

”I would like to remind you again that the stock of supplies is only a little over a day ’s worth.
Please urge the purchasing personnel of the finance department to complete the procurement as soon as possible according to your requirements. ”

Lin Wen took another sip of the dew of the night sky, as if drinking fine wine.
The pure water seemed to have a degree, fermented by spiritual energy, fragrant and mellow.

”In addition, after the distribution work was completed according to your requirements, I have summoned all the staff and security personnel.
They are now gathered outside the town, waiting for screening and trial. ”

With the third sip of the dew of the night sky, the world turned upside down, and when looking at the sky and the earth again, it seemed like three autumns had passed.

”Finally, I would like to remind you again that the screening must be fast.
Those who cannot prove their innocence should be temporarily detained and dealt with later.
The work cannot be done without someone.
Even if the bad guys are convicted, the people ’s lives will not be improved.
Your prestige will also decline. ”

With the last sip of the dew of the night sky, Lin Wen was in high spirits and recited a poem on the spot.

”Wine does not intoxicate people, but people intoxicate themselves.
Why bother to talk more about the immortal path? One sword can conquer nineteen continents! ”

Huang Mingxiao listened quietly and then said, ”Sheriff Lin, I have failed in my work, unable to manage, rescue, or quell the chaos.
Please punish me. ”

Returning to the mundane world, Lin Wen finally spoke to him, ”No, you continue to work. ”

Jokingly, if such a good worker ran away, where could he find another one?

Today, he had already made a big sacrifice for good karma.
It had just scabbed over, and Lin Wen didn ’t want to pick at the wound at this time.

So Huang Mingxiao was the only and most suitable candidate.

”But… ”

Lin Wen interrupted him, ”There ’s nothing you can ’t do.
Just make up for your mistakes.
If you do well in the future, your fault will be forgiven. ”

Turning around, he looked at him with a piercing gaze, ”Please use your abilities to the fullest from now on.
Do you understand the saying ’mend the fold after the sheep are lost ’? ”

Huang Mingxiao looked moved and admiring, ”Sheriff Lin, I… ”

Lin Wen didn ’t let him speak and asked, ”Have you called the head of the Changshan County Court as I requested? ”

Huang Mingxiao nodded, ”I have notified him as you requested.
He will be here later. ” ”Okay, tell him to come see me directly when he arrives. ”

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Lin Wen asked again, ”Have the soldiers of the empire finished setting up camp? ”

Upon hearing this, Huang Mingxiao felt a little embarrassed, ”It should be done soon.
Resting tonight shouldn ’t be affected. ”

Earlier that day, he had boasted in front of Sheriff Lin that he could arrange as many soldiers as he wanted, and that night, 3000 soldiers of the empire suddenly arrived.

This made Huang Mingxiao very worried.
Due to poverty, many people had fled Longle Town over the years, leaving many empty houses.
This was the reason why the temporary command center was set up here in the first place.

Although these empty houses were dilapidated, they could still be cleaned up and lived in.
There were many of them, so there was no difficulty in accommodating the personnel before.

But even so, they couldn ’t possibly house three thousand people.

Huang Mingxiao had never thought that so many people would come, and Longle Town didn ’t have that many empty houses, nor could they force others to move out.

In the end, it was Sheriff Lin who came up with a solution.
He directly ordered the soldiers of the empire to set up camp outside the town.

With one sentence, he solved the problem that had been bothering Huang Mingxiao for a long time.

So Huang Mingxiao really had this kind of feeling – Sheriff Lin might really be a fairy sent by heaven to save him.
Without him, everything would be unimaginable.

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