The moon was high in the sky, and the night was deep.

Lin Wen finally bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the day, feeling exhausted.
On his way back to his original small house, he met a girl.

She had long fiery red hair, bold and unrestrained eyes, a cute and slightly childish round face, and was extremely enthusiastic towards Lin Wen in their conversation, overflowing with admiration.

After talking for a while with her clever and perceptive mind, he realized that she was the civil affairs official Ji Fuxiao who had disappeared while doing publicity for him.

This girl seemed to have been completely brainwashed by his deeds in the Imperial Daily, calling him an imperial hero with one breath and a saint of the world with the next, which made Lin Wen feel like his head was about to explode.

Yesterday, she worked so fanatically that she didn ’t return all night and didn ’t report back.
She desperately spread Lin Wen ’s glorious deeds to the disaster victims, which made it seem like she had disappeared and made it difficult for Lin Wen to find her when he came today.

At first, Lin Wen was worried that her propaganda work was not enough, but later on, it turned out that his worries were unnecessary.

Her work results had far exceeded Lin Wen ’s expectations.

After Lin Wen killed the monsters and revealed his identity, the disaster victims quickly connected the guardian of the embankment, the immortal, the imperial hero, and the sheriff, which made his subsequent work progress so smoothly.

Thinking back, the fact that the disaster victims could accept her so quickly showed that her achievements were indelible.

Therefore, Lin Wen did not immediately drive her away, but just closed off his clever and perceptive mind, responding to her idol fan behavior without much thought.

But this girl was obviously too enthusiastic.
Lin Wen had already returned to his original broken house with only one bed and this girl still did not leave, eagerly helping him make the bed, fold the blankets, and clean the dust.

”Hey. ”

Lin Wen felt offended.
This was his rare time for cultivating immortality in the day, and he didn ’t want this short and happy time to be disturbed.

”Are you leaving? ”

”Huh? ” Ji Fuxiao looked surprised.
”It ’s still early.
I see there are still some dust on the blanket.
I must not let the sheriff be disturbed by the dust when he sleeps.
Hee hee… ”

Lin Wen said unhappily, ”Are you staying here so late just to warm my bed? ”

Ji Fuxiao jumped up in surprise, but didn ’t show the scared expression Lin Wen wanted to see.

”Wow! Is that true? Can I really do that for the sheriff? Wow, that ’s great! ”

In the end, Lin Wen still forced her to leave.
Come on, just a mere mortal in the physical world, wanting to set foot in the future world of immortality as the master of the great path was simply a pipe dream.

After studying some spells for a while, Lin Wen fell asleep.And on a nearby hill, there were seven sneaky figures lurking in the shadows.

It was the pretty boy Li Yuchen and the six governor ’s guards.

Since the day they left the Sheriff ’s office, under the guidance of Uncle Jie, Li Yuchen was forced to obey Lin Wen ’s orders and came to support the temporary command center ’s work.

Director Huang Mingxiao did not treat them any better because they were governor ’s guards, only assigning them a dilapidated house to live in and arranging them to go to the 19th resettlement point to assist the staff in resettling the victims and maintaining order.

All of this made Li Yuchen, who was used to being pampered and the center of attention, extremely dissatisfied.
After making a big fuss in the simple but clean house, he was forced to ”sleep ” by Uncle Jie.

The next day, Li Yuchen behaved a bit better, but still refused to come into contact with the dirty victims.
This time, Uncle Jie did not make things difficult for him, only letting him sit on the side while he and five guards helped the victims settle in, transport supplies, set up tents, fill in the depressions with dry soil, and take care of the injured victims.

Later on, Li Yuchen joined in out of boredom.

”I ’m just too bored. ”

This was Li Yuchen ’s repeated statement, and Uncle Jie didn ’t say anything, just helped him with the heavy work.

They almost witnessed the entire rebellion, unlike the ordinary victims or those who only saw a part of it.
Their extraordinary insight and cognitive level made them realize how amazing this miracle was.
To accomplish such a miracle, it required incredible courage, ability, and guts, as well as essential luck.

After dinner, the six of them had reviewed countless times.
Every time, they could see more neglected details, and every time, they were left with astonishment and incredulity.

Only pretty boy Li Yuchen sneered, ”Tsk, what ’s so great about it? It ’s just luck. ”

Uncle Jie and the others tried to teach him, but Li Yuchen didn ’t want to listen at all.

”It ’s just good luck from the start! ”

”It ’s fake! He ’s just acting on his own! ”

”The light on his body is obviously something he did himself.
He probably found someone to help him and used some means to shine from a distance. ”

”He ’s just fooling some ignorant people.
What ’s so great about that? ”

”Is he really that noble? He ’s definitely pretending. ”

Theft is never good, try looking at

”Phew! A fake gentleman! I must expose him! ”

This was also the initial reason they came here.

”Look! Look! He ’s tricking that little girl! ”

”I told you he ’s a fake gentleman, why don ’t you believe me! ”

”Wow, look at this innocent little girl, she fell into his clutches! ” ”This Se Mo must have been planning this for a long time, waiting for today to put on a show and deceive an inexperienced young girl into bed. ”

”No way! ”

Li Yuchen suddenly felt a surge of righteousness: ”I cannot just sit back and watch a virtuous young lady fall into the hands of Se Mo.
I must go save her. ”

He jumped up, the words ”hero saves beauty ” practically written on his face.

Uncle Jie strongly felt for the first time that the decision to send the young master here was a mistake: ”Young master, look, she ’s already come out! ”

”Hmm? ”

Li Yuchen took a closer look and saw the scene where Lin Wen pushed Ji Fuxiao out, and then with a bang, the door closed right in front of the girl ’s nose.

”What? ”

Li Yuchen was suddenly at a loss.
He watched the girl pound on the door for a while, then sadly wipe her tears and leave.
He felt like his worldview had been shattered.

To repair his worldview, Li Yuchen quickly found an excuse: ”It must be that it ’s already done.
This demon ’s cold and cruel personality has come out, ignoring the girl ’s desperate pleas and forcibly keeping her outside! ”

Uncle Jie felt his arm twitch.
If it were his own child, he would have slapped them and sent them flying far away.

He still held a glimmer of hope and tried to reason with him: ”She was dressed neatly, even if it was at the speed of light, it would be impossible to catch up.
And an ignorant girl falling into the clutches of a demon would naturally want to leave as soon as possible, why would she beg to stay? ”

Li Yuchen was suddenly speechless.
He racked his brains but couldn ’t come up with a counterargument.
There are always things that can ’t be explained.

In the end, he could only snort coldly: ”Hmph, they are just shameless gold diggers and shameless pseudo-gentlemen, not worth our investigation. ”

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