Uncle Jie reluctantly thought that he had regained some sanity and said, ”Young master, this is a rare opportunity.
Before, it was just theoretical cases on paper, and there was no possibility of witnessing it firsthand.
You can really learn something from this.
The methods used today are so high and the courage is so strong that I think only the governor who showed his edge when he was young can compare. ”

Li Yuchen jumped up like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, ”Nonsense! This is impossible! This little swindler is just a show-off! Can he be compared to Uncle Sheng, who swept through the eight wildernesses and swept across the six regions when he was young? ”

Just as Uncle Jie felt that his patience was about to reach its limit, he heard Li Yuchen say again, ”Everything he did today was based on a known and controllable basis.
The imperial army was sent by him, and his reputation was already spread by his people.
He knew that Fang Dashan would not really shoot, and he also knew that he would not be harmed by the disaster victims.
He even had reason to believe that the rebellion was also within his expectations, so all of this was planned by him long ago.
He just came to collect the people ’s hearts and there was no danger at all. ”

”And Uncle Sheng was much more heroic when he was young.
That ’s the real hero! ”

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from bit.ly/3iBfjkV.

Uncle Jie and the others looked at each other, their eyes full of surprise and a little joy.
He signaled, and a big man immediately took out a pen and paper and wrote down what he had just said.

”Young master, do you think that place is incomparable? ”

Li Yuchen snorted, proud, ”That place is incomparable! Take Uncle Sheng 25 years ago in Huangyang County, when he was just a county magistrate and defense officer.
He dared to lead troops to besiege the mansion of the imperial nobleman He Guishan with 500 men and 300 guns.
He broke through 18 encirclements in a row, killed and injured more than 2,000 bandits and bullies, and finally captured He Guishan, the imperial nobleman and head of the Huangyang County bullies. ”

”At that time, the highest elder of the Elder Association, Qi Xin, came by plane to plead for mercy, but Uncle Sheng ignored him and shot He Guishan in the face. ”

”Haha! How can that little guy have such heroic spirit? ”

”That Elder Qi was so angry that he threatened that Uncle Sheng would not have a good death, but what was the outcome? He himself fell from power in a few years, and Uncle Sheng soared to the top! ”

”How can that little guy have such strength? ”

”And, and, it was even more exaggerated in Yuyang County that year. ”

When it came to the glorious deeds of idol worship, Li Yuchen spoke fluently and incessantly, and it took him more than ten minutes to stop and catch his breath.

Uncle Jie took the opportunity to say, ”Do you want to be as mighty and glorious as your Uncle Sheng? ”

”Of course, that ’s my dream. ”Uncle Jie continued, ”Then you can stay by Sheriff Lin ’s side… ”

Li Yuchen firmly refused, ”That ’s impossible. ”

”Young master, listen to me.
Although Sheriff Lin is far inferior to Governor Sheng, he is still approaching him step by step.
Look at him today, shining among thousands of people, singing the main tune alone, killing the evil beasts with a word, and ordering a thousand people to disarm.
Isn ’t he very impressive and handsome? ”

Seeing that Li Yuchen was about to speak again, Uncle Jie immediately added, ”Of course, he can ’t compare to Governor Sheng when he was young, but Governor Sheng is a genius.
It ’s difficult for ordinary people to reach his level.
Although Lin Wen is young and has insufficient talent, he is also working hard to approach the governor. ”

”You can see that what he did today is obviously to worship the governor, and he has already imitated some of his crude but successful methods.
What have you done? ”

”Don ’t you want to take this step? ”

In order to teach Li Yuchen, Uncle Jie had greatly rejuvenated his tongue and thinking today.
If it were his own child, he would have used fists and sticks long ago and wouldn ’t have wasted so much effort.

As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way.
Li Yuchen was obviously moved and hesitated for a long time before saying, ”Okay, I agree.
But I have a request.
If he becomes like those mediocre officials, I will leave immediately. ”

Uncle Jie smiled, ”Of course, if he becomes like that, we will take you away too. ”

After settling Li Yuchen to sleep, Uncle Jie organized what happened today and the subsequent conversation records, and sent them to the Governor ’s Mansion in encrypted telegrams.

On the other side of East Qin Prefecture, Governor Sheng Huaixuan, who was also shrouded in the night, still didn ’t fall asleep.
He stood in the remote wilderness, looking at Xiaohan Mountain on the edge of East Qin Prefecture and the only way out, Xiaohan Mountain Road, in silence.

The night was as quiet as water, and the bright moonlight also illuminated the 1,600 imperial soldiers in blue military uniforms behind him.

The night was so quiet that these people seemed to be sculptures.

After a while, a footstep broke the silence.
A scout-style imperial soldier ran over from the front and saluted in front of Governor Sheng Huaixuan, ”Report! The target team has completed the preparations and has set off.
It is expected to pass through Xiaohan Mountain Road in forty minutes. ”

Sheng Huaixuan nodded, ”Continue to scout. ”

”Yes, sir! ” The scout saluted again and ran back.A military officer-like figure approached the governor and whispered, ”Governor, should we change our clothes and cover our faces? ” He took out a piece of black cloth and said, ”Look, I ’ve got the cloth ready. ”

Perhaps because the news was accurate and the situation was determined, Sheng Huaixuan seemed to relax a bit and didn ’t scold him for it.
He just smiled and said, ”And then come up with a name? The Black Wind Gang is robbing here.
Anyone who wants to live should raise their hands? ”

”Great! ” The officer exclaimed, ”The name is so good! Governor, you are truly unparalleled in the country…uh… ” He stopped halfway because the governor ’s face had darkened.

”Dong Qianwang, ” Sheng Huaixuan said coldly, ”If you don ’t want to be the first commander of the Green Army, take off your uniform now and I can guarantee your safe return home. ”

Dong Qianwang, the first commander of the Green Army, was not really stupid, he just lacked some common sense.
He knew that the governor was being sarcastic and smiled foolishly as he retreated.

Sheng Huaixuan glanced at him and asked, ”What about the banner? Did I tell you to put it away? ”

Dong Qianwang ’s face twisted, but he still didn ’t dare to disobey the governor ’s order and brought out the Green Army ’s banner.

On the banner was a blue dragon coiled around the map of East Qin Prefecture.
This was the exclusive emblem of the Green Army under the East Qin Prefecture Governor ’s Mansion.

Dong Qianwang, with his thieving heart, approached again after a few minutes and said, ”Governor, why don ’t we go rob ahead? ”

The second commander, Ren Qingshan, couldn ’t help but say, ”Stop talking nonsense.
Once they leave Xiaohan Mountain, they ’ll be at the Mangchangshan Empire train station.
If they board the imperial train, what ’s the point of robbing them? ”

Dong Qianwang feared the governor but not the second commander, so he immediately retorted, ”Did I ask you? Ren Crooked Mouth, how do you know they ’re taking the imperial train? Maybe they think the target is too obvious and will take a secret train.
Then we can sneak around and catch them off guard. ”

He made a chopping gesture with his hand and said, ”Isn ’t that great? ”

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