A voice came from the crowd, and no one knew who it was.

The short and fat man ’s panic could no longer be concealed: ”Who are you? I warn you not to slander me.
I am a senior civil affairs official of the Civil Affairs Department.
My father is the executive officer of the Interior Department of the Governor ’s Office.
If you slander me, be careful, I will sue you! ”

There was a brief silence, and Lin Wen glanced at him coldly and said, ”People from the third district of the seventh settlement point, come forward. ”

He repeated it three times.

About thirty people gradually squeezed to the front from the crowd.

They were a group of people who were barely clothed and emaciated.

Lin Wen pointed at the short and fat man and asked, ”Do you know him? ”

A series of uneven voices replied, ”Yes. ”

”We know him. ”

”He is the supervisor. ”

Lin Wen noticed that this group of people were somewhat intimidated and fearful of the short and fat man, but they did not have as much trust in him.

Obviously, they were a group of people who only knew him through oral transmission and still had doubts about the various legends and stories about him.
They could not fully trust his true nature.

In order to improve efficiency, Lin Wen deliberately activated his Seven Apertures Linglong Heart and used a highly difficult operation – he would interrupt his Seven Apertures Linglong Heart after saying a few words, manually connect the next word, and then activate his Seven Apertures Linglong Heart again, repeating this process until he finished speaking.

This was the best way to ensure that the topic direction would not deviate and communication would be unimpeded at the same time.

The disadvantage was that in order not to appear like a stutterer who paused more than ten times in one sentence, or like a madman whose words were disjointed and incomprehensible, he had to be fully focused, highly concentrated, and his mind had to be running at full speed to avoid mistakes.

”I am the embodiment of justice in the empire.
I came here to judge corrupt officials and villains.
Justice, like the sun, will never disappear.
The evil in the world will be exposed and disappear like ash and snow under the scorching sun.
The guilty will not have to fear because they will be punished.
All grievances will be heard here. ”

The first ”I am ” was said by the Seven Apertures Linglong Heart, and Lin Wen immediately turned it towards justice, so as not to waste time talking about irrelevant things.

From the results, the effect was quite good.

As soon as he finished speaking, a middle-aged man among the thirty people jumped up and shouted, ”It ’s him! This fraudster, this scumbag! He only gave us seven bottles of medicine, but we are in a severely infected area, and half of the people don ’t have any medicine to take… ”

Someone pulled him, but he became even more excited when he pulled his sleeve back: ”Isn ’t it enough that you ’ve harmed us? How many people did he kill? I ’ll fight him! ”

He suddenly rushed towards the stage, but in the next instant, a black figure flashed out like lightning, grabbed his collar with one hand, and with a loud bang, firmly pressed him into the dust.Lin Wen glanced over and saw the huge man named Uncle Jie standing not far away from him, with the little white-faced man and five other big men.

When the little white-faced man saw his gaze, he excitedly waved at him and said, ”Don ’t worry, Wenjun, Uncle Jie will protect you! ”

Search bit.ly/3iBfjkV for the original.

Lin Wen ignored his weird address and attitude and immediately said to the black-clothed giant, ”Let him go! ”

Uncle Jie stood up slowly and pulled the disaster victim up.

Lin Wen kindly asked the middle-aged man, ”Don ’t be afraid, tell me in detail what he said and did? ”

Fear and anger mixed in the poor disaster victim ’s expression, but he still mustered the courage to describe what had happened.

It was nothing more than deceiving and oppressing, acting arrogantly and embezzling.
After listening, Lin Wen turned to the short and fat man and said, ”Do you have anything to say? ”

The short and fat man cried out, ”Sheriff Lin! At the time, they saw that there was very little medicine, and they were all very angry.
I was afraid of being beaten by the disaster victims and my personal safety was threatened, so I said that.
I was wrong, I really was wrong.
I will be careful when riding or walking in the future and will not lose medicine again, Sheriff Lin! ”

Hearing his words, more than thirty disaster victims showed angry expressions, and the middle-aged man on stage turned red in the eyes and clenched his fists tightly, but no one spoke or moved.

Lin Wen knew that this was due to the accumulated problems and cultural environment of the empire in this world, as well as the negative effects caused by Uncle Jie ’s actions just now, but this did not affect the overall situation.

If the short and fat man had only done such a small thing, his aura would not be completely black like this.

”On the evening of the 21st at 6:51, where were you and what were you doing? ”

The short and fat man was stunned, his face turned pale, and he wanted to pretend, but he could not hide his trembling legs.

Lin Wen shouted, ”Huang Mingxiao, what did he do? ”

A few seconds of silence.

Huang Mingxiao quickly flipped through his memory and replied, ”He said that the disaster victims had serious diseases and epidemics, and he took thirty-eight bottles of Abbott Janssen Type III Antibiotics from the warehouse.
At that time, this was the last batch of medicine. ”

Lin Wen turned to the other side and asked, ”Did he distribute the medicine? ”

The middle-aged man ’s face had already twisted, ”This bastard didn ’t distribute anything! ”

Lin Wen turned to the short and fat man and sternly said, ”Where did you put the medicine you took? ”

The short and fat man ’s lips trembled and he couldn ’t speak.
He tried to find an excuse, but it was useless.
In the face of ironclad facts, no lie could be covered up.

”Also, on the evening of the 22nd at 6:51, where were you and what were you doing? ”

The short and fat man ’s expression was already full of fear, ”I, I was eating, I didn ’t do anything, I just had a headache, I went back to Huai Town, went to eat with friends… ”Lin Wen stared at his eyes, ”Is Abbot, the sales representative of Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company, your friend? ”

”I, I, I, I don ’t know… ”

”Whose bank card number is 91298373861? Who transferred 30,250 imperial yuan at 7:33 pm on the 22nd, and why? ”

The short and fat man couldn ’t speak, and every piece of fat on his body was trembling.

With a bang, a heavy punch hit the short and fat man ’s face, but it wasn ’t Lin Wen.

He just turned to face everyone, and the loudspeaker ’s huge voice echoed through the wilderness outside the town.

”Yu Dachang! Guilty of dereliction of duty, murder, crimes against humanity, causing the death of 31 victims of the disaster, the crime is unforgivable, sentenced to death, immediately executed! ”

Fang Yaobo on the side seemed to want to say something, but Lin Wen ignored him and turned around to pull out a specially made short gun from the waist of the black-clothed giant.

Uncle Jie was slightly surprised, but did not stop him, letting him pull out the short gun.

Lin Wen flicked off the safety and pointed the gun at the short and fat man ’s head.


The huge gunshot echoed through the wilderness.

The 6.59 sharp-nosed bullet from the short gun directly pierced his head at high speed.
Due to the close distance, there was only a penetrating effect, which made the scene less horrifying.

The short and fat man ’s eyes widened in disbelief, as if he couldn ’t believe he was dead.

With a thump, his body fell on the wooden platform, even the victim who was beating him was shocked.

The sound of falling to the ground was amplified by the loudspeaker throughout the venue.


A few seconds later, Fang Yaobo ’s dry voice came, ”The charges are established, imprisoned in the death prison, and executed after the autumn harvest…
um… ”

The next second, a huge cheer drowned out the world.

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