The 26th day after crossing.

Due to continuous wool-pulling, there was nothing major happening in town at night, and the situation had improved a lot.

Lin Wen couldn't find anyone to do good deeds for, and after a busy day, he hadn't even accumulated one point of merit.
He felt a little disappointed and made a meal of vegetable and radish rice that barely fit the atmosphere of cultivation.
Only then did he regain some energy.

At this moment, Little Li rushed over in a hurry and informed him that there was an emergency meeting he had to attend.

Lin Wen didn't want to go originally.
Based on his past life experience, meetings were all nonsense, and emergency meetings were even more so.
It was better to rush around and maybe find a useful new way to die.

But then he thought, if things continued like this, the environment in town would only get worse.
Even if he had a hundred days, he might not get 50 points of merit.
What if he couldn't find a perfect way to die and got stuck here?

Cultivation was right in front of him, but he was forced to struggle in the physical world.
It was too miserable, like wearing a green hat in front of everyone.

So, things couldn't go on like this.

Changes must be made.

Going to a meeting and broadening his horizons might lead to finding another way?

This was a good thing.

With his thoughts settled, Lin Wen got on the car with Little Li.

This was the only motor vehicle in the whole town, and it was already falling apart.
The engine was exposed, and it had to be started by hand.
The car had no shock absorption system, and Lin Wen enjoyed an hour of shaking on the dark mountain road before they arrived at their destination.

Donghe Town.

Although it was still very rundown, this town was much better than Lin Wen's.
It had a cement road, bright streetlights, small buildings with courtyards, and even a barbecue stall.

Lin Wen finally felt a little familiar, as if he had come to a small city 1,800 levels away from his past life.

Little Li skillfully parked the car in a courtyard like a Formula 1 driver and shouted, ”Sheriff Lin, come quickly! We're going to be late! ”

Lin Wen almost vomited but still walked into the house.

In the dimly lit low house, in an atmosphere like an underground party meeting, Lin Wen finally saw his colleagues in this world.

There were about ten people, all gray and earthy, with faces full of vicissitudes, like a group of old farmers.

The only person standing was a little better.
He was wearing an old suit, about forty years old, and wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, like a white-collar worker who had already smoothed out all his edges.

”Little Lin is here, sit down, the meeting will start soon. ” The man said.

Lin Wen deliberately chose a corner to sit with Little Li and whispered, ”Who is he? ”

Little Li looked at him in surprise, ”This is Sheriff Zhao Anping, don't you know him? ”

”Oh. ”

Lin Wen nodded.
It seemed that he was his superior officer.

A few minutes later, the meeting officially began.
The middle-aged white-collar worker began to talk about flood prevention matters, but Lin Wen couldn't understand the various terms and place names and soon felt drowsy.
He thought that humans were the same no matter where they were.Half in a dream, half awake, Lin Wen suddenly heard a sentence: ”All the village heads and town heads must do well in the flood prevention work arranged by the Imperial Headquarters, strictly inspect the safety of all embankments, and the village and town officials must be present on the front line to ensure that nothing goes wrong.
Remember, behind you are the lives and property safety of more than one million people in Changshan County.
Anyone who dares to retreat will be dealt with according to military law… ”

Like a thunderbolt, his thoughts were suddenly touched, and Lin Wen jumped up in an instant, all sleepiness gone.

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Guarding the embankment is not just about protecting the lives of the common people?

Isn't it just fulfilling the duties of a town head?

If I die because of this, won't the savior and the guardian become one?

I was still thinking about how to achieve a perfect death and reincarnate as an immortal, and now this opportunity has come?

The flood is raging, disasters are unstoppable, and I will work hard to guard the embankment.
But human power is sometimes limited, and it is common and easy to sacrifice oneself while guarding the embankment.


Not only that.

Guarding the embankment must have good karma.
Before reincarnation, I can still accumulate some good karma!

This is simply killing two birds with one stone, no, three birds with one stone!

Haha! It's like having someone bring a pillow when I'm about to fall asleep.
I'm truly the son of destiny.

Lin Wen was about to laugh out loud, but he saw everyone turning their heads to look at him, and Sheriff Zhao had an unhappy expression, looking like a leader whose speech was interrupted by a subordinate.

Uh, I got a little carried away.
Now is not the time for unrestrained and carefree cultivation in the world of immortals.
I have to be more restrained.
I can't mess up this mission.

Lin Wen's face changed instantly, and he shouted, ”Sheriff Zhao is absolutely right.
It concerns the lives and safety of the people, and the immediate benefits of the people.
We must not be careless or retreat during flood prevention.
I will definitely be on the front line this time, inspecting the embankments all night, and will not stop until death.
I will resolutely put an end to all possible harm to the people.
If anyone opposes, I will be the first to disagree! ”

To be honest, this line was a bit awkward and didn't quite capture the essence, but in an emergency situation, this was the best he could do.

And Lin Wen wasn't very good at it.
Being able to say it was already pretty good.

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone around him had different expressions, and only Sheriff Zhao relaxed his expression: ”Little Lin is very enlightened this time, and he speaks well.
He has the level of the Governor's speech.
Remember to wait for me to finish before you jump up next time. ”

There was a round of friendly laughter around.
Lin Wen knew he had passed, and the effect should be okay.

Sheriff Zhao continued, ”Since Little Lin is so enlightened this time, we'll leave the section of the embankment in Changpai Village to you. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire conference room fell silent, and only the sound of Sheriff Zhao sitting down and drinking tea could be heard.

Although he didn't look at him, Lin Wen felt that Sheriff Zhao's eyes had been on him the whole time.

At this moment, even if Lin Wen was stupid, he knew that this section of the embankment was not only important, but also the most dangerous.

”It's really here… ”

Lin Wen's body trembled slightly, and he could hardly believe it was true.

Sheriff Zhao took two sips of tea and put the teacup on the table.
With a light ”dong ” sound, the whole conference room could hear it.
He glanced at Lin Wen's trembling hand and smiled, ”Little Lin, don't be so full of yourself in the future.
Everyone can't handle it like that… ”

”That's great! ”Lin Wen shouted loudly, forcefully interrupting Sheriff Zhao's words, afraid that he would ruin the great opportunity he had worked so hard to get.

”This is exactly what I have been dreaming of, the opportunity to dedicate myself to the empire! The people have raised me to be a man, and the empire has nurtured me to be talented.
Now is the chance for me to repay the empire and the people, to prove my thirty years of knowledge and ability, and to realize my ambitions! ”

”Sheriff Zhao, please rest assured and entrust this task to me.
I will use all my life's efforts to complete it.
This task can only be done by me, and no one else can do it! ”

Lin Wen's veins bulged and his fists clenched, looking as if he would punch the official if Sheriff Zhao did not let him go.

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