Under the interrogation of Lin Wen, who seemed to know everything, the remaining four officials were quickly brought to justice, with two of them being executed on the spot and the other two being thrown into prison.

The people were almost boiling over, cheering loudly and continuously.

The officials backstage were trembling in shock and disbelief, unable to comprehend what was happening.
Many of them even collapsed to the ground, unable to stand.
Some were looking around anxiously, trying to find a way to escape, but they were surrounded by imperial soldiers with no gaps to be found.

A ridiculous thought rose in their terrified hearts: was Sheriff Lin planning this all along? Was he here to eliminate all dissenting voices and wipe out his opponents?

Meanwhile, Li Yuchen was excited to the point of bursting: ”That was amazing! So cool! You ’re really something, my good brother! Keep it up, Lin Wen! Kill those scum! ”

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Uncle Jie and the five huge men exchanged a glance, feeling speechless and helpless.

It seemed that the young master was not only inexperienced in the world, but also naive and easily swayed by flattery.
If he were to go to war, he would probably be deceived and lose his pants.

At the same time, they felt deep jealousy and admiration for Lin Wen.
He had an unfathomable ability and a fearless attitude, like a cunning politician who silently weaved a huge net to trap his prey, while also being like a passionate hero who stood up against tyranny and fought for justice.

The combination of these two extreme qualities produced an unimaginable charm, especially for the young master, who was full of romantic fantasies and willing to risk his life for justice.
It was like a bear falling into a honey jar, filling every pore of his being.

It was no wonder he was so infatuated.

But for someone with his status, this behavior was completely unacceptable.

Uncle Jie couldn ’t help but feel disappointed, but there was nothing he could do to change it.
He could only hope that the young master would mature quickly and become someone who could stand on his own.

On the stage, the interrogation continued, but there was no detailed trial process for Lin Wen to follow.
He had already used up all his spiritual energy just by questioning the four criminals, and now he had nothing left.

He had also consumed a lot of good karma.

There were still more than 700 people left, and even if he drained himself completely, it wouldn ’t be enough.

Moreover, time did not allow for it.
They still had to go and set up a temporary shelter, and wasting a whole day on a few pests was not necessary.

Time is my friend, he thought.

Lin Wen pushed his ”Observing People ’s Aura ” to the limit, his eyes wide open.
He could tell at a glance that anyone with more than one-tenth black aura was guilty, anyone with more than half was to be thrown into the death row, and anyone with all black aura was to be executed on the spot.

The charge was always anti-humanity, and there was no trial process.
Once sentenced, they were either killed or thrown into prison, with no third option.

Lin Wen could determine the quality of twenty people in just fifty seconds.

Any faster and it wouldn ’t work, ”Observing People ’s Aura ” required concentration, otherwise he couldn ’t see the shape and color of the aura clearly.

Too many people were not good either, as the visual would become confusing, like a screen with mixed colors that were difficult to distinguish.

Unless it was particularly obvious, only one person out of twenty would be guilty.
Otherwise, adding more people wouldn ’t improve efficiency.But even so, Lin Wen ’s interrogation efficiency was astonishingly fast.
In less than an hour, Lin Wen had already executed more than ten people, and there were still over fifty people left to be dealt with.

The atmosphere at the scene had completely heated up.
The disaster victims had never seen or heard of such behavior, where imperial officials were killed like pigs.
They didn ’t feel that there was anything unreasonable about it.
Lin Wen had already proven that he knew everything.

Those who were spared were definitely innocent officials, while those who were executed were definitely guilty scum.

Undoubtedly, a firm and unshakable belief had firmly implanted itself in their hearts along with the sound of gunshots.
If anyone were to speak ill of Sheriff Lin, they would immediately be torn to pieces by the angry masses.

As for the officials behind the scenes, they couldn ’t even describe their horror.
They couldn ’t believe that this was real.
The empire had always been very cautious when dealing with officials.
They needed solid evidence, three rounds of interrogation, and five rounds of verification before they could take action.
Even if they were sentenced to death, they would receive treatment corresponding to their official rank and would have enough time to handle their affairs, receive a dignified death, and a proper burial.

But now, they were like weeds, casually gunned down by Lin Wen.
Their bodies lay on the viewing platform, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of commoners, and no one bothered to clean them up.

Not only that, the trial process was extremely simple.
There was no verification, no trial, not even specific charges, evidence, or testimony.
With just a word or a look from Lin Wen, their fate was decided.

This great absurdity made them unable to believe that what was happening before their eyes was real.

This clean and efficient way of killing was not just shocking, it was unprecedented.
The empire had never seen anything like it before.

As they listened to the sound of gunfire on the platform, a terrifying chill swept over them, and their reason was drowned in despair.

And so, a riot broke out.
They shouted incomprehensible nonsense and ran around like headless flies.

This suicidal behavior was immediately stopped by the empire ’s soldiers.
Fang Dashan directly ordered the suppression of the riot, and in front of 3,000 imperial soldiers, the group of officials who were powerless were quickly captured.

Some of them urinated and defecated, some cried loudly, some cursed, and some begged for mercy.
They were a mess.

Fang Dashan ordered two soldiers to guard each official.
As long as Lin Wen gave the order, they would bring the officials up to the platform.

This significantly increased the speed of the process.
Even if they didn ’t want to, forty well-trained imperial soldiers couldn ’t drag twenty pampered imperial officials.

The only strange thing was that after they came up to the platform, Lin Wen asked the imperial soldiers to stand to the side.
This led to frequent chaos on the platform, especially after Lin Wen sentenced them to death.
The officials who were sentenced to death went crazy, some tried to jump off the platform, some ran around aimlessly, and some even attacked Lin Wen directly.

Although it was all for naught, those who tried to jump off the platform were caught by the people and beaten before being brought back to be executed.

Those who ran around were directly controlled by the soldiers before being executed.

As for those who attacked Lin Wen, they didn ’t even need to be executed.
The black-clothed giant punched them to death, and they lost any chance of accumulating good karma, which made Lin Wen extremely regretful and annoyed.

In the end, the imperial soldiers had to escort the officials for trial, which greatly reduced Lin Wen ’s efficiency in reading people.
But he managed to complete the review of all the officials before noon.Roughly half of those who took the test passed, and about 300 were found guilty.
Nearly 80 were sentenced to death.

Lin Wen emptied all six bullets on the six black-clothed giants, and the bodies piled up on the stands.
Soldiers had to be dispatched to clear the scene before the competition could continue.

No one felt uncomfortable about this.
Only the fanaticism of justice execution and the gratitude for clearing grievances echoed in their hearts.

Lin Wen gained a total of about 150 points of merit, averaging less than 2 points per person.
It was slightly less than the demons he had killed before, but it was still a considerable income that was enough to make up for all his previous losses.

Now, his merit had broken through the 900-point mark and was approaching 1000.

Not enough.

Lin Wen stood on the stage, the sun shining down on him, looking at the cheering crowd and the faces bathed in sunlight.

Still not enough.

He thought to himself.

I want more.

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