As Huang Mingxiao said, the fundamental purpose of judging bad people is to help good people.

For Lin Wen, it was the same.
The merit of judging bad people was only a small part, and the merit of helping good people was the main part.

So after the trial was over, Lin Wen immediately took advantage of the situation and organized the people to complete the last temporary shelter, so that the last 50,000 homeless people would no longer have to sleep outside.

The temporary residence of 50,000 people sounds like a huge project, but in front of several hundred thousand people, it was only the level of camping and pitching a tent.

The only difficulty was organizing, arranging, and distributing.

Lin Wen was clueless about this.

But it didn ’t matter.
Although Lin Wen was clueless, there was someone who was knowledgeable about everything.

The 3,000 imperial soldiers were handed over to Fang Dashan to manage.
Although they were few in number, they were well-trained elite soldiers who would take the lead and do the heavy, hard, and tiring work.

There were about 150,000 people on the scene, excluding the elderly, weak, women, children, and the sick and disabled.
Lin Wen spent a total of 31 points of merit to find many suitable leaders from among the approximately 90,000 young and middle-aged men, most of whom had spontaneously come forward to maintain order when they gathered.

Then, 200 officials who passed the examination were selected, for a total of 300 people, to lead the 90,000 people to work.

The king of miscellaneous work, the fat man Yuan Zhimen, was brought in to handle the coordination and various specific miscellaneous work of these 300 people.

The financial granite Lei Tiantong was responsible for logistics.

The super hard worker Huang Mingxiao was responsible for overall command, task division, and work allocation.

As for the king of the immortal world, Lin Wen, he was of course duty-bound to lead the charge and fight in the front line.
With the power of Nine Oxen and Two Tigers, any difficulties and obstacles were smashed with one punch.

Under such dual spiritual and physical stimulation, more than 90,000 people burst out with amazing collective strength.
The effective organizational force that was unobstructed and reasonable was unimaginable, and the perfect vanguard played a model leading role that was difficult to estimate.

Under Lin Wen ’s leadership, the construction progress of the temporary shelter was greatly accelerated.
The work that was expected to take a whole day was completed just as the sun had set.

When Lin Wen hammered the last stake into the ground with one punch, the 20th and 21st temporary shelters were declared completed.

Thus, the 300,000 disaster victims were finally temporarily settled, and no one had to sleep outside anymore.

Cheers rang out from all over the shelter, and the afternoon ’s work did not bring them fatigue, only the joy of releasing energy and the excitement of efficient operation.

When Lin Wen announced the completion of the work and the start of the meal with a loudspeaker, the scent of fragrant and hot rice and vegetables floated over.
When they smelled this familiar but exceptionally tempting aroma at this moment, many people suddenly burst into tears, and tears mixed with sweat to form a stream that washed away the darkness and hardship and cleared away the clouds.

Since that terrifying night, after so many days, they finally smelled the taste of happiness again.

The last glow of the sunset disappeared from the earth, and some torches were lit on the temporary shelter, not many, but much better than the pitch-black night before.

After eating some rough rice and vegetables, Lin Wen finally received all the delayed merit after using the Seven Aperture Linglong Heart to complete the final communication and appeasement.

This was the first merit that Lin Wen had directly obtained from the work of rebuilding his home.

A total of 91 points.Not many, but the feeling of this flowing honey is incomparable to any jade dew.
It ’s like a hot stream rushing and surging through the meridians, like true qi.
For Lin Wen, this is the most beautiful illusion that touches his dream.

Moreover, Lin Wen is very clear that this is the beginning of a series of huge good fortunes.

”Lord Lin Wen… ”

A figure rushed towards him in the dark and fell into Lin Wen ’s arms.

Lin Wen pushed him away and sat a little further away.
It turned out to be Li Yuchen.

Li Yuchen didn ’t realize Lin Wen ’s disgust and said enthusiastically, ”You ’re so cool, Lord Wen.
I really admire you. ” He imitated Lin Wen ’s posture of executing criminals on stage, ”Bang! ” Since he didn ’t have a gun, he dubbed himself and then fell down, ”Ah… ”

He got up again, grabbed Lin Wen ’s shoulder and shook it hard.
”One shot would make him lose his conscience, and one shot would make him thrilling! It ’s so satisfying! Lord Wen, you are the light of justice! I used to watch them try criminals.
It was so long and smelly.
It was clear that they were guilty, and I wished I could kill them right away.
But I had to wait until the harvest season.
When I told my father that I wanted to change it, he scolded me. ”

”I really want to show my father now what the right way is.
Lord Wen, we are really like-minded heroes.
It ’s no wonder that you are my good brother Li Yuchen! ”

Lin Wen didn ’t bother to talk to him and opened the Seven Aperture Linglong Heart to study the spells.
After all, there are still a series of important tasks behind him that are related to his huge good fortune.

He must be prepared.

It should be noted that if he had been more careful earlier, he would not have wasted so much good fortune and would not have been stuck at 999 points now.

Although this one point is not a big deal, it makes him, as a half-compulsive person, very unhappy.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

As for what the Seven Aperture Linglong Heart talked about, Lin Wen didn ’t care at all.

So when Uncle Jie finished the confidential report and came back, he heard two people in the tent passionately exchanging ideas, ”Conquer the Imperial City, break the headquarter of the empire. ”

”Bomb the Parliament Hill, kill all the representatives. ”

”Bombard the Senate, execute the stinking old nine. ”

”Charge into the Emperor ’s Tower and capture the Emperor. ”

Uncle Jie ’s face was completely dumbfounded.
He turned to the black giant who had been guarding here and asked, ”Have they been talking like this all the time? ”

The black giant also looked helpless and nodded.
”I only started taking notes, but later I found out that they seemed to be talking, um, not seriously, so I… ”

Uncle Jie also understood his helplessness.
Originally, he thought there was some explosive content, but he found that they were talking nonsense.

This can also be understood.
Without talking about these sensational topics, no one with a brain would discuss secret topics in this thinly un-soundproofed tent and in this crowded environment.

Seeing that the two of them were about to talk about ”conquering the world ” and ”creating a new era, ” Uncle Jie had to lift the tent and go in.

It took a long time to pull out the screaming Li Yuchen.
The once tough Uncle Jie now looked tired.
He politely apologized to Sheriff Lin and said goodbye before dragging Li Yuchen and five black giants away.

As soon as they left, Huang Mingxiao, who had been waiting outside for a long time, rushed in.

”Sheriff Lin! The supplies have run out! ”

Huang Mingxiao delivered bad news as soon as he opened his mouth.

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