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The situation was actually quite simple.
Lin Wen had twice insisted on rewarding and distributing supplies in advance, which had directly emptied the already low inventory.

Without food, the promise would be broken, and the hope of the resettlement point would be reduced.

If there were riots as a result, the blame might fall on Lin Wen ’s head.
If he gained a bit of bad reputation because of this, Lin Wen would definitely cut himself.

Old Xie, the deputy director of finance, was responsible for purchasing supplies.
He was currently enthusiastic and should not delay.

But that was not enough.
Lin Wen decided to give him a carrot.

”You immediately send someone back to Huai Town and tell Deputy Director Old Xie that if he can transport some of the supplies back before noon tomorrow, I will promote him to director.
If he can transport all the supplies back within three days, I will let Old Lei be his deputy and assist him. ”

From Huang Mingxiao ’s expression, Lin Wen thought it should work.

Huang Mingxiao was speechless for a long time and couldn ’t say a word.
The former sheriff had wanted to delete words like ”promotion ” and ”transfer ” from the dictionary.
Discussing personnel matters in meetings was like discussing aliens, and they wanted to hide in a bunker to hold meetings.

Even if it was a nailed-down matter, they still had to blow wind for a year or two in advance.

Discussing the transfer of two sensitive positions through a third party was like letting Old Wang run out of Old Li ’s house and shout that Old Xie was coming, run!

So in the end, Huang Mingxiao didn ’t say a word, and even forgot what he wanted to say to Sheriff Lin.

Lin Wen sighed.
There was probably no chance to study magic tonight.

”Sheriff Lin! ”

Fang Yaobo was about to cry when he spoke.

”So many people, how am I supposed to write their case files? ”

”What ’s so difficult about it? ” Lin Wen asked lightly.

”Nearly 80 death penalty case files, over 70 of them have no charges! You…you just declared them guilty and executed them without even a trial! How am I supposed to write it? ”

Fang Yaobo was really at his wit ’s end.
In the empire, there were strict regulations for immediate execution of the death penalty.
Even if the charges were established, immediate execution had to wait until after the autumn harvest.

This time was left for the council ’s review.

For someone like Sheriff Lin, it was only possible to execute on the spot, which was not the same as the conventional immediate execution of the empire.
It was hard to find legal basis for it.

What ’s worse, the executed were imperial officials!

The review of officials was even more strict, with no room for error.
But here, they didn ’t even have specific charges.
As for the process of the crime, key evidence, and credible testimony, they couldn ’t even see a single hair.

In addition, there were over 300 cases of guilty people, each of whom had to be investigated in detail, interrogated carefully, and evidence collected to determine their charges.

With all these things piled up together, just thinking about it made Fang Yaobo want to die on the spot.

”You ’re an idiot. ”

Lin Wen was really exasperated.

”You watch me! ”

He took a case file from Fang Yaobo ’s hand, wrote it quickly with a few strokes, and handed it back.

Fang Yaobo looked at it and saw:

Criminal: He Zaiju.

Charge: Crimes against humanity.

Process: Crimes against humanity.

Result: Executed on the spot.Fang Yaobo was completely stunned, not even noticing the drool coming out of his mouth.

”Just follow this template to write. ”

”Okay, okay, okay… ”

Fang Yaobo shuddered and threw the file to the ground with a snap.

”Like hell it is! ”

He stood up suddenly, but when he met Sheriff Lin ’s gaze, he shrank back.

”I can ’t write it. ”

He held his head like a bullied chubby kid.

”You, you can let me go. ”

”Fang Yaobo, you ’re too stupid.
Haven ’t I taught you before? ”

Lin Wen rubbed his forehead with his hand, feeling like his head was about to explode.
This guy was too dull.
He didn ’t want to change him, he just didn ’t want to waste the good karma.

Besides, although he didn ’t have the aura of an SSR, he had been the head of the trial court for so long without any black aura.
He was quite experienced and didn ’t need to change people with spells at will.
The ones who were changed were mostly worse than him.

Anyway, it was just the job of a decorator.
Training him a bit was enough to make him competent.

”You think about what I told you yesterday. ”

Lin Wen had to put aside his feelings and personally teach him, trying to make him more useful.
If everything relied on spells and good karma, he was afraid he wouldn ’t be able to break through 1,000 points even if he reincarnated next year.

Fang Yaobo was stunned for a moment and began to recall what Sheriff Lin had said to him yesterday.

”You mean they all want to murder the sheriff and the 300,000 disaster victims? ”

”Right. ”

Lin Wen slapped his thigh.

”That ’s very clever! ”

”Just push them in that direction and collect some specific bad things they ’ve done. ”

”It ’s simple.
Just go among the disaster victims and you will understand that they all deserve to die. ”

”Remember, the law is ultimately for the people ’s service. ”

”You ’ve been high up for a long time, buried in the cold pile of paper, dissecting every law, every regulation, and every word with a surgical knife and a microscope.
For a long time, you ’ve become a cold legal stick, only understanding the cold law, and have lost the human mind.
You don ’t even know what the lower class people are like. ”

”This is called being out of touch with the people, forgetting the fundamental intention of the law.
You ’re practicing to death, and it ’s not easy to use. ”

”You ’re only paying attention to form, but forgetting the spirit.
Without understanding the trick, you cannot use it at will.
No trick is better than a trick. ”

”You ’re a typical bookworm and dogmatist, and you can ’t do things well like this. ”

”Okay, I ’ve said enough.
Just do as I say. ”

”The files of the more than 300 people are the same.
As long as you go among the people, you will know what kind of scum they are. ”

”Go ahead, go back and think carefully about what I said. ”

Fang Yaobo left stupidly, just as he had come stupidly.
He didn ’t wave his sleeve or take away the clouds.

But it seemed that there was something extraordinary following him.



Although he was disturbed a bit, Lin Wen slept extremely well.

He had another beautiful dream.

He dreamed that he became the head of a small sect in a mountain valley.
One day, a monster attacked the mountain gate.

A disciple brought the news, and Lin Wen jumped off his white jade bed.
Various clothes flew over and he put them on automatically.
Finally, a very handsome cloak flew over, and Lin Wen put it on with a very handsome action.
At this time, the dream camera moved to his back and saw several big characters written on the cloak.

Lin Wen had forgotten what those characters were, but they were very fierce, very handsome, and very domineering.

Then he reached out his hand and a god sword emitting a cold light flew into his hand.He held the divine sword and wore a cloak as he arrived outside the village in a few flashes.
A monster resembling a nine-tailed fox was wreaking havoc, causing innocent people to flee in all directions.

Lin Wen rushed forward and battled the monster for three hundred rounds, causing the sky to darken and the sun and moon to lose their light.
The other sects watching the fight were all gasping in shock, causing the temperature to drop sharply and the world to quickly freeze over.

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