Lin Wen is very annoyed.

He studied the ”Immortal ’s Guidance ” for a long time, but he couldn ’t find a solution below four digits.

Although he seemed confident in front of others, he didn ’t have much confidence in his heart.

With the current method, even if he exhausts everything, he can ’t support it for half a month.

Moreover, the reconstruction work is about to begin, and everywhere requires money.
He must find a new source of income as soon as possible.

According to common sense, it is best to maintain a quota of 400,000, so that time will be much more abundant.

But Xiu Yu ’s words in the morning touched Lin Wen.
People are not data on paper, and emotions are not words written on hands.

The disaster victims have suffered enough, and Lin Wen doesn ’t want to take away this little bit of goodness.

Since he has already come out of hell, he should not go back.

It ’s just that I chose the hell mode.

Lin Wen thought.

The key is that there will definitely be more good karma like this.

Hmph, I absolutely cannot accept losing good karma to avoid difficulties.

After all, I am a man who wants to become the king of the immortal world!

Suddenly, his blood boiled, and Lin Wen jumped up.
He was about to activate his amazing wisdom that far exceeded Einstein ’s, but suddenly white mist spread before his eyes, and a golden ”Good Karma +1 ” passed by.


Where did this one point of good karma come from?

Lin Wen has many ways to gain good karma now, and most of them are not settled immediately, so this one point of good karma could come from anywhere.

The most likely possibility is the 110,000 he gave to Lei Tiantong just now.

110,000 to buy one point of good karma?

Not bad.

Of course, this is not certain, it may be something else, there may be other reasons, Lin Wen did not bother about it, he immediately looked up to the top of the white mist, under his name.

Sure enough.

The golden words there have changed to:

【Good Karma: 1000】

Feels good!

This number looks so refreshing.

Just as he was about to close the white mist, he suddenly saw a new change.

The seal icon on another line in the middle of the project disappeared.

Lin Wen ’s heart jumped wildly.
He looked carefully and found that the line was written:

【Divine Ability】

I can have divine ability now?

Lin Wen could hardly believe it.
His body suddenly became hot, as if he saw the back of the goddess he had been in love with for a hundred years finally agreeing to a date while taking a shower in the bathroom.

The blood rushed like crazy, hitting his eardrums like madness, making the illusory buzzing sound keep ringing in his ears.

He trembled and gently focused his gaze on this fine line.
Like the unsealing of the spell back then, it instantly unfolded, covering Lin Wen ’s entire field of vision.

However, this time, all the backgrounds were completely black.

Only on the top left, four golden words were shining.
They were so eye-catching that they seemed to be the only shining morning star in the dark night.

【Colorless Phoenix】

Lingxi Divine Ability.

Obtain the ability to sense the supernatural and know the unknown, with the effects of warning of cause and effect, no hindrance to fate, and no grudges or hatreds.


I really have divine ability now!Although he didn ’t understand what use this divine power had, just having it was enough to make Lin Wen extremely happy.

After studying it carefully for a while, he found that this divine power seemed to be a permanent passive ability that did not require him to expend his spiritual energy.

That is to say, the more divine powers he had, the stronger his abilities would be, without having to worry about not being able to keep up with the consumption.

Looking at the empty black background, an image of it being filled with golden characters emerged in Lin Wen ’s mind.

Immersed in that beautiful illusion for a moment, Lin Wen was awakened by Fang Dashan.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

But he was not the least bit unhappy, and asked with a smile, ”What ’s up? ”

Although Fang Dashan was curious as to why Sheriff Lin was so happy about something, he didn ’t pay it any mind and said, ”Sheriff Lin, the eastern area has been sealed off for four days, and we have been executing the policy of not allowing anyone in or out according to your request. ”

”Yes, what ’s the matter? ”

Fang Dashan hesitated for a moment and asked, ”How long should we keep it sealed off? ”

Lin Wen was about to answer that it should be sealed off until Phoenix Nest was caught, but he quickly came to his senses and asked, ”What happened? ”

”Yesterday, a group of bandits we intercepted forcibly broke through the checkpoint and exchanged fire with the soldiers on duty.
Eleven of our men were injured, six of them seriously, and nine of the bandits were killed.
We captured fifteen of them, and a few others drove away.
In addition, some civilians and an official from the governor ’s office were accidentally injured. ”


Lin Wen was slightly surprised, this was something he hadn ’t thought of before.

Could it be a bad omen?

Lin Wen quickly checked.


The bad omen was still 0.

This was yesterday ’s incident, which meant that if there were any follow-up bad omens, they should have already happened.
The fact that there were none so far proved that there were indeed none.

However, this time they were lucky, but they might not be so lucky next time.

Lin Wen thought to himself.

This policy was risky and had to be stopped quickly.

Of course, Phoenix Nest must not be allowed to escape either.

Fang Dashan continued, ”Fortunately, none of them are in danger of losing their lives.
But today, the Transportation Department of the Governor ’s Office sent a letter of inquiry, asking us why the road was blocked. ”

”Sheriff Lin, how should we respond to this? ”

Fang Dashan spoke very carefully, afraid of making Sheriff Lin unhappy.

But Lin Wen didn ’t care at all, and as he walked out, he said, ”I ’ll let you know when to unlock the blockade later. ”

He thought to himself, ”I have to catch Phoenix Nest myself.
Are the security officers and the monitoring guards all useless? It ’s been so many days and they still can ’t catch anyone? ”

Fang Dashan was relieved and quickly followed up, ”Sheriff Lin, they had a lot of guns and dared to break through the checkpoint.
They must not be ordinary bandits.
We have captured quite a few of them, do you want to interrogate them? ”

”You can handle it yourself. ”

Thinking that he could be affected by a bad omen at any time, Lin Wen was already a little anxious.

”You quickly send me a car, an off-road one, I have urgent business. ”

Fang Dashan had good eyesight and didn ’t waste any more words, immediately taking his orders and leaving.Soon, an off-road jeep rushed over and stopped in front of Lin Wen.
A soldier jumped out and saluted him.

”Sir, soldier Xu Lin reporting! ”

”Get in the car, I ’ll direct you and you drive. ”

Fang Dashan was indeed very attentive.
This soldier was an expert in off-road driving and took Lin Wen through various mountainous areas as if it were flat ground.

Lin Wen pointed the way.
He had already used ”Ask the Heavens ” to locate Qin Luoshuang at Phoenix Nest in Changshan County.
She was still there and had not left.

She hadn ’t even gone far, just in a barren mountain not far from the east gate of the county.

It seemed that she was still preparing to escape.

Lin Wen ’s mind was already filled with the impending good and bad karma of her possible arrival.
He didn ’t have the space to think about other things, such as why she was running away, how could a solitary woman survive in the wilderness for so many days, and so on.

”Ask the Heavens ” only gave a one-time location and was not a continuous tracking, so if they were late, Phoenix Nest was likely to leave.

Lin Wen now only had 1% of his spiritual energy left.
He really didn ’t want to spend any more good karma.

Fortunately, the soldier Xu Lin was quite capable.
He never let up on the accelerator and the military off-road jeep was like a cheetah, swiftly passing through all kinds of rugged terrain towards Lin Wen ’s designated destination.

In less than an hour, they had arrived at the foot of the barren mountain.

This was a large desert-like area with only broken stones and yellow sand on the ground, and no greenery in sight.
The small mountain was bare and empty, except for a stream passing by from the side behind.

Lin Wen got out of the car and confirmed that this was the right place.
The precise location was not far ahead.

He walked forward with Xu Lin following behind.

Soon, Lin Wen found a wind-sheltered depression at the foot of the barren mountain.
There was a stone fire pit made of cobblestones and a large stone suitable for lying down.

Lin Wen touched the ashes and they were icy cold.

Looking at the time, it hadn ’t been long since they left, but there was no one around.

An hour ’s walk wouldn ’t get her far unless she had transportation.

But she couldn ’t have sensed that someone was following her, so she was probably still nearby.

Lin Wen looked at the stream.
Today ’s sunshine was very good and the temperature was quite suitable.

But it couldn ’t be that easy, right?

The stream went around the barren mountain to the back.
Lin Wen walked behind the mountain for a while and heard the obvious sound of water play.

No way, this works too?

Can I save this kind of opportunity for when I travel back in time? I just want to watch the Seven Fairy Maidens playing in the water.

But Lin Wen still didn ’t quite believe it.
Maybe he misheard?

He slowly leaned his head over, and in the moment his sight passed over the rock, all the hair on the back of his neck stood up, and a huge sense of danger rushed to the top of his head.

Lin Wen immediately pulled his head back, and the sense of danger disappeared instantly.

What ’s wrong with this?

He tried the same action again, and the same sense of danger appeared on time.Translation:

But as soon as his gaze returned to the rocks, the sense of deadly danger disappeared immediately.

Lin Wen wasn ’t a fool, he immediately realized.

Is this the effect of [Colorless Phoenix Nirvana]?

I can sense danger?

But even if that woman has incredible skills, she wouldn ’t be able to kill me with just one look, right?

This isn ’t the world of cultivation, and she ’s not some goddess, empress, or the granddaughter of a powerful expert or the head of a super sect.
Why would I die just by looking at her?

Soldier Xu Lin saw Sheriff Lin suddenly stop and continuously stretch his neck like a turtle, finding it very funny.

”Sheriff Lin, what are you doing? Your neck is so long. ”

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