”What an idiot! ”

Lin Wen didn ’t have time to cover his mouth.
As soon as he spoke, the sound of water disappeared immediately.

”Who? ”

A female voice.

Lin Wen had a good memory.
He recognized the voice as Qin Luoshuang, whom he had spent a lot of good fortune to find, and who had run away from him that night.

”I ’m just a passerby.
I didn ’t see anything.
Please don ’t misunderstand. ”

Although he said so, he didn ’t stop stretching his neck.
After about ten seconds of silence, the sense of danger disappeared when he stretched his neck again.

”Hello, I… ”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was hit by a black fist as soon as he stuck his head out of the rock.

The punch was strong, and Lin Wen fell backwards with intense pain, unable to open his eyes.
He heard Xu Lin ’s voice:

”Who are you? How dare you hit Sheriff Lin! ”

”Ouch! ”

”Bang! ”

”Thud! ”

When Lin Wen opened his eyes again, Xu Lin had already passed out on the ground.

In front of him were a pair of snow-white long legs.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from bit.ly/3iBfjkV.

When the thigh was lifted slightly and the bare foot was pulled back, Lin Wen saw the pink shorts she was wearing and the khaki petal coat that fluttered open.

In that instant, Lin Wen activated the ”Spirit Cat ’s Agility ” with his good fortune.

Sure enough, the next moment, a fierce and perfectly executed side kick came towards his head.

Lin Wen ’s first instinct was to lower his head and dodge, but he was not Han Xin, the future God King of the heavens.
How could he lower his head in humiliation?

So he raised his hand to block it.


Even though Lin Wen had perfectly dispersed the force, his left hand was still broken.

The woman exclaimed and lightly jumped back.
Her small bare feet landed on the ground full of broken stones without any pain.

Lin Wen took the opportunity to flip over and jump up, pulling away a little distance.
He touched his right eye socket, which had already swollen up, and was obviously half a panda eye.

But what he cared more about was the ”Spirit Cat ’s Agility ”.
He had lost 13 points of good fortune again.

He had just reached four digits and hadn ’t even warmed up yet, but now he was back to three digits.

For this Phoenix Nest, she had drained him of all his good fortune.
Lin Wen had already made up his mind not to let her disappear until she earned back the hundredfold of good fortune he had lost.

”Are you that stupid Sheriff? ”

Qin Luoshuang looked carefully at his face and asked uncertainly. ”Your skills are so good? Who is your teacher? ”

”Also, how did you chase me here? Why did you chase me? ”

”Miss Qin. ” Lin Wen said unhappily, ”Shouldn ’t I be the one asking you? I promoted you well, why did you run away? ”


With the help of the ”Spirit Cat ’s Agility ” and perfect control over his body, Lin Wen caught his left hand, moved it around, and felt that there was no problem.
At this time, he finally had time to observe this woman with many doubts.

Compared with the ordinary and unremarkable ugly duckling he saw in the county government hall, this woman in front of him could be called the white swan among black swans.

Lin Wen rubbed his eyes in disbelief, even used his ability to observe people again, before confirming that the woman in front of him was the same girl with messy hair and ordinary appearance from before.

She was tall, wearing a warm khaki classic imperial petal coat, and the hem of the coat just covered her shorts, making her long legs particularly eye-catching.

She had fine black hair that reached her shoulders, which was not carefully groomed, but did not look messy.
Instead, it had a casual and lazy feeling.

She just stood there, simply wearing a coat, like a smokeless goddess in a dream.

”Hmph, what you men are thinking, I don ’t know? ” Qin Luoshuang snorted lightly and turned elegantly.

The next moment, the khaki coat covered most of the field of vision.

However, Lin Wen was not panicked at all.
He leaned to the right and gently raised his hand to block the side kick coming from the right.

Unlike the hasty block last time, this time Lin Wen was calm and steady, while the opponent immediately withdrew.

Then there were three extremely fast kicks, two from the left and one straight ahead, all of which were perfectly blocked by Lin Wen.

Then, Lin Wen turned his head, and the coat brushed past his hair, falling to the ground.

At the same time that Lin Wen turned his head back, he caught a heavy blow aimed at his kidney.

This was obviously her most powerful attack, several times stronger than before, but it was still caught by Lin Wen without any harm in the blind spot.

The girl could no longer maintain her calmness and took a few steps back: ”Who are you? ”

Lin Wen patted the dust off his body and looked at the girl in front of him.
Of course, she would not be naked, there was a silver small shirt inside.

”Don ’t be afraid, little girl. ”

He showed a friendly smile.

”I am Lin Wen, the sheriff of Changshan County, who is eager to find talents and only promotes based on ability, known as Little Huang Shu. ” ”And you are the Phoenix Nest destined in my life.
As long as you follow me, you can fulfill your ambitions, make great achievements, and show off your skills. ”

Lin Wen felt that he had done well, but the girl in front of him was not convinced.
Instead, she asked warily, ”What is the Yellow Book? ”

Lin Wen instantly felt a huge generation gap and thought to himself that the gap between mortals and immortal kings was too great to bridge.

He was also a little anxious.
The longer the blockade lasted, the more danger he would face.

Moreover, there were many things waiting for him at the temporary settlement, which was the most important task at the moment.
He couldn ’t afford any mistakes.

”Then I can only force her to go back first and persuade her slowly later. ”

With his mind made up, he was about to move forward when suddenly an alarm bell rang in his mind, and a sense of unease rushed over him.

What is this?

Lin Wen took two steps back in fear, and the sense of unease disappeared instantly.

What the hell, what kind of magic is this?

Lin Wen took two steps forward, but there was nothing unusual, but the idea of making a move brought a sense of unease.

Does this mean that if I make a move on her, it will bring misfortune?

Whenever it came to events related to cultivation, Lin Wen ’s mind always worked very fast.

Excluding the possibility that she was also a fairy about to cross over, combined with the explanation of ”no colorful phoenix ”, there was only one answer left.

That is, making a move might cause malignant karma.

For example, if the girl couldn ’t bear the humiliation and committed suicide, he would definitely be blamed, and there would be a hundred percent of malignant karma.

Even if he didn ’t mean it, his actions caused this consequence.

”No colorful phoenix ” can also have this effect?

Lin Wen was both shocked and delighted.
This was really a treasure.

For Lin Wen now, this was much more useful than any killing magic.
After all, only in the world of cultivation could he kill people, and there were always human relationships in the world.

”Hey. ”

Qin Luoshuang couldn ’t help but speak.

”What do you want to do? ”

Lin Wen came back to his senses, hesitated for a moment, and spent 13 points of virtue to open a new Seven Aperture Linglong Heart.

Looking at the decreasing virtue, he felt as if his body had been emptied, but his face was full of smiles.

”Miss Qin, your beauty makes the sun pale, and your radiance makes this desolate land bloom in the spring. ”

”Your arrival makes the four seasons lose their colors, and your sigh makes the sky snow. ”

”You are the only light in this world, and I am the seeker of light. ”Lin Wen felt his neck slightly droop, realizing that he should bow elegantly now.
So he bowed slightly and performed a 19th-century British aristocratic etiquette.

Unexpectedly, there seemed to be a similar etiquette here.

The girl raised her hand slightly, with her fingertips drooping slightly, as if it were a hand-kissing gesture.

But as far as Lin Wen knew, the hand-kissing gesture in the original world was only a courtesy to married women.

Although he didn ’t know what the situation was here, Lin Wen still gently held the girl ’s fingertips, lowered his head and lightly kissed them.
But the next moment, the girl ’s slender hand turned over and grabbed Lin Wen ’s wrist.

In an instant, Lin Wen felt dizzy and his body soared into the air, actually being thrown by the girl.

At the moment of letting go, Qin Luoshuang turned and ran, but Lin Wen flipped over like a cat in the air and landed steadily.

Under the state of ”Spiritual Cat ’s Agility, ” Lin Wen ’s speed was very fast, and he caught up with her in a few seconds.

But she suddenly pounced forward, took out something from the clothes scattered on the ground, and pointed it at Lin Wen.

Lin Wen instantly felt a needle-like pain on his left shoulder and immediately leaned to the side without thinking.


A flash of fire, and a huge gunshot echoed in the surroundings.

The bullet hit the air hard.

Qin Luoshuang held the gun with both hands, aimed again, and there was a needle-like pain on Lin Wen ’s thigh.


This shot missed again.

Lin Wen ’s movements were too fast and had great foresight, as if he predicted the future.

Qin Luoshuang looked a little panicked, aimed directly at Lin Wen ’s body, and fired three shots in a row.




None hit.

Lin Wen didn ’t even move his feet, just relying on the twisting of his body to dodge her shots.

In despair, the girl aimed the gun at her own temple.

”Don ’t come over! ”

She shouted, tears already in her eyes.

”I will never go back! ”

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