Lin Wen said unexpectedly, ”Why? Did someone bully you in the county hall? Don ’t worry, as long as you go back, I will immediately appoint you as the deputy sheriff.
One person above all, except for me, no one can control you. ”

”What are you pretending for? ”

The tears of the girl finally fell.

”Is the Qin family maintained by selling their daughters? Is the Ming gang relying on selling women to survive? If Yao Gu likes it so much, why doesn ’t she marry herself? If you want to sell so badly, then sell my body! ”

Lin Wen knew what was going on as soon as he heard it and smiled, ”The Qin family is rubbish, the Ming gang is a group of mobs, and Yao Gu is a bad woman.
Tomorrow I will catch her and kneel in front of you to let you vent, okay? ”

Qin Luoshuang was stunned.

”Don ’t come over! Don ’t deceive me.
You are Sano ’s dog! ”

”What is Sano? ” Lin Wen asked.

”You… ”

Qin Luoshuang wanted to say ”Don ’t deceive me, ” but reason told her that Sano ’s subordinates were known for their loyalty and would never say such things about Sano ’s identity.

”Okay, Miss Qin, let ’s not waste any more time. ”

Lin Wen smiled and said, ”Come with me, I can protect you.
If your family and gang come, I will break their legs and throw them out of the mountain gate.
No one can take you away, not even the God of Heaven. ”

”As an exchange condition, you have to work for me as my deputy sheriff.
How about it? ”

Lin Wen reached out his hand and made a gentleman ’s invitation.

”Who are you? Why do you have to find me? ” Qin Luoshuang asked incredulously.

”I ’ve already said it.
You are the Phoenix Nest…
um, not that kind of meaning.
It means the hidden talents among the people.
I see your talents and think you are the Phoenix Nest.
I want you to come and start a business with me.
Do you understand? I have no interest in your appearance, and you cannot climb up to me. ”

Looking at the girl ’s dark face, Lin Wen scratched his head.
Was there anything wrong with what he said? Wasn ’t she afraid that he had inappropriate thoughts about her before?

After a moment of silence, Qin Luoshuang agreed, ”Okay. ”

She pushed away Lin Wen ’s hand and stood up, but she didn ’t put down the gun in her hand.

But Lin Wen didn ’t care either.
”Let ’s go. ”

”Wait, tell me first, who are you? ”

”What do you mean, who am I? ” Lin Wen asked, ”I am the sheriff of Changshan County. ”

Qin Luoshuang stared at him for a while and saw that he didn ’t seem to be lying.

”Are you a wild one? No, it ’s impossible to have that now.
Or are you a neutral faction? ”

”Oh. ” Lin Wen understood and thought for a moment before saying, ”I seem to be on Sheng Huaixuan ’s side. ”

Qin Luoshuang ’s two beautiful eyebrows almost knitted together.
”You don ’t even know which side you ’re on? Are you okay? How did you train such good physical coordination? Didn ’t your teacher drive you crazy? ” ”Is this important? ”

Lin Wen casually said, ”I walk between heaven and earth, look up to the great path, possess righteousness in my heart, and all the righteous people under the sky are my companions.
Why should I fear evil demons and outsiders and form cliques? ”

Qin Luoshuang covered her eyes and asked, ”How did you become Sheriff? You don ’t seem like a person from this era.
Did you come out of a rock? ”

Lin Wen said unhappily, ”Stop it, Miss Qin.
Put on your clothes and let ’s go. ”

The ambiguity in his words made Qin Luoshuang blush slightly, but she quickly realized that this man really had no improper intentions towards her.

She was only wearing her Moon Silver dress, with shorts shorter than a mini skirt, exposing her arms, shoulders, and long legs.
Her clothes were wet and almost transparent, but he didn ’t really look at her.

Qin Luoshuang was not a little girl and knew full well how much she could tempt men, even women would find it hard to resist.
But he said she was out of his league?

She found it both ridiculous and unfair, slowly picking up her clothes and putting them on one by one without avoiding anything.

But Lin Wen never turned back, dragging the unconscious soldier to the river and pouring water over him until he woke up.

Then Qin Luoshuang walked up to the car and sat next to Lin Wen, looking at him without speaking.

”Hey. ”

”My name is Lin Wen. ”

”Sheriff Lin, let me make it clear, I won ’t be your deputy sheriff, only your advisor. ”

”Why? ”

”Deputy Sheriff is too conspicuous. ”

”Are you afraid your family will find out? You have me, you don ’t have to be afraid. ”

Search for the original.

Qin Luoshuang looked at him but didn ’t say anything.

Lin Wen turned his head and they were very close.

”What, do you want to kiss me? That won ’t do, my first kiss must be with someone at least as noble as a Nine Heavens Immortal. ”

Although Qin Luoshuang didn ’t understand what a Nine Heavens Immortal was, she could tell that he was saying she wasn ’t worthy.

”Very well. ” Qin Luoshuang gritted her teeth and said, ”The noble Master Lin, may I ask if the idiot in front of us is your confidant? Can he say anything? ”

”Who are you calling an idiot? ” Soldier Xu Lin yelled, ”Of course, I ’m Sheriff Lin ’s confidant.
There ’s no one closer to him than me! ”

”A big man who was knocked down by a girl at first sight, how impressive! Are all Sheriff Lin ’s confidants like this? ”

”What did you say? ”

Xu Lin immediately jumped up and stopped the car, ”I was careless at the time, I didn ’t dodge, I didn ’t expect you to sneak attack… ”

”Okay, let ’s go! ” Lin Wen stopped Xu Lin ’s dangerous behavior in time.

Qin Luoshuang sighed, feeling defeated by this idiot.

”The Deputy Sheriff has a high personnel file authority, and appointing a Deputy Sheriff requires voting and reporting… ”

”It ’s okay, I can handle it with one word. ”Qin Luoshuang frowned.
If she hadn ’t met Lin Wen in the county government hall, she would have thought he was a fraud.

”How long have you been the sheriff? ”

Lin Wen calculated on his fingers.
”It ’s been almost a month. ”

Qin Luoshuang sighed.
”Master Lin, I think you should let me go.
If you force me to stay, you will only harm yourself and me.
As soon as the news gets out, my father and the family he represents will crush you, and I won ’t be able to escape either. ”

”Nonsense! ”

Before Lin Wen could speak, Xu Lin spoke first.
He cursed, ”That ’s bullshit! Who does your father think he is? If he dares to come, our 3,600 brothers will kill him! You can tell him to burn incense for you next year! ”

Qin Luoshuang was surprised.
”Are you the stationed army? Can Sheriff Lin directly mobilize the imperial army? ”

Xu Lin said proudly, ”Of course! Sheriff Lin has the power of discretion! We all admire him! ”

Qin Luoshuang was truly shocked this time.
She looked Lin Wen up and down.
”Do you really have it? ”

”Uh-huh. ”

”Who gave it to you? ”

”Sheng Huaixuan. ”

”Is Sheng Governor so generous? Are you his confidant? ”

”No, I haven ’t known him for long. ”

”Then why? ”

Lin Wen didn ’t know, but it didn ’t stop him from talking nonsense.
”Because heroes understand each other.
Governor Sheng was impressed by my heroic spirit, so he decided to give me the power of discretion.
This is also what I said earlier, under the heavens, all who follow the right path are comrades. ”

Qin Luoshuang covered her eyes.
”Why do I feel like you ’re always telling jokes with a straight face? Or has this world changed? ”

Lin Wen smiled slightly.
”Since I came, this world has changed. ”

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