Divine Capital City.

Zero Ring Line.

To the Winter Palace.

The strong evaluative architectural style made the ongoing banquet feel cold.

The gorgeously dressed attendants held metal-woven tableware and presented sumptuous food to the long table.

In these tableware full of steel-like solemn texture, the hot steam emitted from the food seemed to be frozen.

The hall was surrounded by solemn statues, decorated with pointed angles and arches as the main body, with a strong piercing meaning, appearing sharp and majestic, just like the meaning represented by the highest council.

As one of the eight highest councilors, Yu Zhongxian was undoubtedly the protagonist of this banquet.

He sat at the top of the long table, in a huge high-back chair made of black iron-lead alloy.
His figure was extremely thin, but no one dared to ignore the enormous power contained in his seemingly weak body.

After the table was piled with food, Yu Zhongxian moved his finger.
As if receiving an invisible command, all the attendants bowed and retreated, leaving only a few people.
The metal gate behind them closed, and the only light source in the entire hall was the metal grid skylight above.

”Chang Hai. ”

Yu Zhongxian said coldly.
His icy voice echoed in the solemn hall, making people even more creepy.

”Tell me, what is the situation in Zhongzhou? ”

A scar-faced man below answered, ”Sir Yu, the three manors in Longmo Mountain have been burned to the ground.
The Zhongzhou Public Security Bureau stated that they will definitely investigate the culprit, but they refused to accept the evidence we sent. ”

”The second commander of the Qing Army, Ren Qingshan, only took away several irrelevant stewards, women, and servants.
Xiaoyu Gongzi ran to the ’Green Grassland ’ to fool around and turned off his satellite phone because he was afraid of being found.
Therefore, Ren Qingshan really did not capture him. ”

Yu Zhongxian raised his hand, and a bald man walked up behind him.

”You go find some dirt on the Zhongzhou Public Security Bureau Chief. ”

The bald man obeyed and left.

Yu Zhongxian continued to ask, ”What does Sheng Huaixuan say now? ”

”He asked us to stop reviewing aid, suspend the audit of disaster relief materials, and no longer interfere with the empire ’s normal support for East Qin Prefecture. ”

Yu Zhongxian sneered, ”Even if he catches my boy, it ’s impossible. ”

”Sir, you are wise. ”

Everyone in the hall said in unison.

Yu Zhongxian picked up his exclusive trident tableware and forked a piece of Hetian snowflake beef that melted in thick butter.

After this action, others picked up their tableware and started eating.

”He Chenggong. ” He asked a one-eyed dragon on the first left side below, ”Is there any news from Changshan County now? ”

The one-eyed dragon looked very bad, slightly bowed to Yu Zhongxian, and said, ”The first conspiracy should have failed.
All relevant personnel have been locked up in the prison by the new sheriff of Changshan County, Lin Wen. ”Yu Zhongxian ’s face visibly darkened.
The buttered beef slid off the silver fork and onto his leather boot.

A female servant behind him hurriedly knelt down to wipe it dry.

Yu Zhongxian put down his utensils and looked at the one-eyed dragon with an unfriendly expression.
”What exactly is going on? I ’ve used so many resources and even obtained an inspector ’s authorization.
That bald-headed fool said the new Sheriff was a greenhorn who hadn ’t even formed a guard unit.
How could he easily bring him down? ”

The one-eyed dragon hesitated for a moment before saying, ”According to the information we later investigated, it seems that the new Sheriff has extraordinary martial arts skills and single-handedly quelled the uprising… ”

He couldn ’t finish his sentence because Yu Zhongxian ’s expression had become extremely dangerous.

”Are my people all useless? ”

He stomped on the head of the servant who was polishing his shoes.
The boots, made of rare South American crocodile skin, slammed her head onto the marble floor with a dull thud that echoed throughout the hall.

”How much money has the Dark Bureau spent on me every year? And this is what you ’ve produced? ”

”Or are you trying to fool me with this rumor? ”

The one-eyed dragon quickly said, ”Of course not, sir.
It ’s just that almost all of our people have been wiped out, so the information is inevitably distorted. ”

”Based on other information, it seems that the new Sheriff had been in a standoff with two or three dozen rebels for some time, and it wasn ’t until the official troops led by the garrison commander arrived that they were suppressed. ”

”Very well, it seems that your uselessness is even deeper than I thought.
Thirty people can ’t handle one person.
Remarkable. ”

”And what does it mean that all of our people have been wiped out? ”

Yu Zhongxian stared at the one-eyed dragon.

”I remember burying many spies.
Unlike those Dark Bureau inspectors, who are just in name only, they are my true elite, waiting to incite a rebellion. ”

The one-eyed dragon swallowed and lowered his head.

”Sir, they ’ve all…lost contact. ”

The hall fell into a deathly silence.

Everyone lowered their heads.

With a bang, Yu Zhongxian flipped the entire plate of black swan sashimi onto the one-eyed dragon.

The sauce drenched him, and the thin slices of swan meat hung from his hair and shoulders.
He didn ’t dare move a muscle.

”Very well. ”

Yu Zhongxian ’s cold voice came from the top.

”It seems I ’ve really raised a bunch of useless people who can ’t even bring down a small Sheriff. ”

”And I ’ve lost so many elite agents that I ’ve spent so much money training.
No wonder Sheng Huaixuan dares to demand such a high price. ”

”Now what do we do? Who can tell me? ”

After ten seconds of silence, the middle-aged man sitting on the right spoke up.

”Sir, I think we should prepare for both hands at this time and immediately send someone to privately negotiate with the new Sheriff in Changshan County. ” ”At the same time, we must completely cut off any aid from the empire to Changshan County, even if it means leaking a little to East Qin Prefecture. ”

”Changshan County itself is a disaster area, extremely impoverished, and with many refugees.
As long as we cut off the supplies, they will eventually revolt. ”

”Then we can make a move to take down the new sheriff, and at the same time take a piece of flesh from Sheng Huaixuan to greatly strike the royalist ’s arrogance. ”

”Not good! ” Someone stood up to object.
”If we go through Sheng Huaixuan to attack that kid, won ’t it be twice the effort for half the result? Even if we cut off the aid, won ’t Sheng Huaixuan still provide assistance? We ’ve already alerted the enemy, and Sheng Huaixuan will definitely protect that kid! ”

”We can investigate his dark past! ”

”He used to be a mayor! What dark past could he have? At most, he made some money and took advantage of some young girls.
What ’s the use? ”

”That ’s right.
Maybe Sheng Huaixuan is behind everything in Changshan County, and that kid doesn ’t know anything.
He ’s just a puppet! ”

”Not right. ”

A young man stood up calmly and spoke.

”If that ’s the case, why did Sheng Huaixuan go to such great lengths to get the power of command? He ’s already the overall governor.
If he gives his subordinates the power of command, isn ’t he just dividing his own power? ”

”So, the new sheriff must be a person who wants to stand on his own. ”

Hearing his words, Yu Zhongxian finally smiled a little.
He sat back down and kicked the female servant who had already fainted, and his confidant behind him immediately understood and dragged her out.

”Well said.
It ’s rare to have someone with a brain.
Keep going, Shaohu. ”

The young man bowed first before continuing.

”Based on the recent actions, there must be a big problem within Sheng Huaixuan ’s faction, otherwise the new sheriff wouldn ’t have received so little support. ”

”But there ’s no news from the outside now, which proves that Sheng Huaixuan still controls the overall situation.
If we launch a strong attack, it won ’t have much effect and may even cause them to unite against us. ”

”I think the most feasible plan now is to pretend to launch a strong attack, but actually use soft and undercover methods to hold Sheng Huaixuan back.
He must be very afraid of internal problems now. ”

”At the same time, we can attack the new sheriff in Changshan County.
He has just taken office and has a weak foundation.
He is the only weak point in East Qin Prefecture.
He is young and inexperienced, and has limited knowledge of the real empire, making it easy for us to trap him. ”

”Once we bring down the new sheriff, a flaw will appear on Sheng Huaixuan ’s body, and we can take advantage of it to take a bite out of him. ”

”This is just my personal opinion.
Please consider it as you see fit.
My speech is finished. ”

After the young man sat down, there was a long silence in the hall with no one speaking.

Until Yu Zhongxian applauded.

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”Well done, Shaohu.
Perhaps in the near future, I will witness a new star of the empire shining. ”

The people at the dining table then began to praise him one after another.After some flattery, Yu Zhongxian set the tone.

”First, kill that little bastard, then deal with Sheng Huaixuan. ”

The banquet ended quickly, and the attendants came in and removed the almost untouched food from the table, throwing it into the trash.

There is no rule in the Winter Palace to leave leftovers, even for servants.

The entertainment activities after the banquet began.
The maid who was trampled was dragged up.
Yang Shaohu didn ’t want to participate in these dirty things.
He walked to Yu Zhongxian ’s side, and Lai Juncheng, the ”right-hand man ” of the sheriff, was also there.

According to Lai Juncheng, ”… In fact, in the matter of the flood, East Qin Prefecture and Changshan County are separate.
This should be Sheng Huaixuan ’s attempt to fight for more assistance for Changshan County, while avoiding the responsibility of the former sheriff ’s poor flood prevention. ”

”Therefore, the imperial aid is also divided into two parts, one for East Qin Prefecture and one for Changshan County, which suffered the most severe flooding.
This is actually advantageous for us.
We can use the means of inspection and evaluation to single-handedly block Changshan County. ”

”We can also pretend to negotiate with Sheng Huaixuan and loosen the grip on East Qin Prefecture. ”

”If Sheng Huaixuan doesn ’t want internal strife, the support for Changshan County should not be too much. ”

”As long as we use our own connections, the aid to Changshan County can be blocked indefinitely, and they will never get a penny of aid in their lifetime. ”

”There are at least hundreds of thousands of refugees in Changshan County who have no food or drink.
Even if they don ’t rebel, they will starve to death in large numbers.
Then we will have an excuse! ”

Yang Shaohu knew he shouldn ’t speak up, but he couldn ’t help it, ”Isn ’t this too much? We have other means. ”

Lai Juncheng ’s hazy yellow eyes swept over, ”Shaohu, this is the lowest cost and least risky means. ”

”But so many people died… ”

”Shaohu! ”

Yu Zhongxian ’s cold gaze also swept over.

”Don ’t talk too much. ”

Amid the screams of the woman behind him and the laughter of the crowd, Lai Juncheng continued.

”Plus, we have the secret information that can definitely make Sheng Huaixuan unable to stay in office at the upcoming Thirteen States Joint Conference. ”

After discussing for a while, Yang Shaohu heard someone shouting, ”This slut has fainted again.
Wake her up! ”

Yu Zhongxian ignored it and stood up, ”That ’s it then.
I ’ll leave everything to you. ”

Lai Juncheng slightly bowed, ”I will not disappoint Sheriff ’s high hopes. ”

Yang Shaohu closed his eyes and said at the last moment, ”Sheriff, I want to add something.
The Seventh Construction Corps is responsible for overseeing their reconstruction work.
Check the commander of that corps.
We can coerce him and make him demand exorbitant prices.
If Changshan County has no money, the reconstruction work will be suspended, which can further undermine their confidence.
If they have money, they will bleed heavily, making things worse for them. ”

”Good! ”

Lai Juncheng clapped his hands. ”This idea is great.
Use the least effort to hit their most vulnerable spot.
If I were your enemy, I would be chilled. ”

Yu Zhongxian nodded, ”Not bad, Shaohu, you did a great job today.
What reward do you want? Speak up. ”

Lai Juncheng laughed, ”Opportunities like this are rare, think about it first. ”

But Yang Shaohu didn ’t hesitate, he pointed behind him and said, ”I want her. ”

Yu Zhongxian was slightly surprised, ”Her? What ’s so good about that trash? If you want a woman, I can give you 100 who are much better than her. ”

Lai Juncheng laughed, ”Shaohu, with your talent, I think the first princess would also like to chat with you. ”

Yang Shaohu gritted his teeth and whispered, ”I just have eyes for her. ”

Yu Zhongxian shook his head and smiled, ”I really don ’t understand the taste of young people.
But she participated in the banquet and was not supposed to leave alive.
But since you want her, we ’ll make an exception.
Just remember to keep an eye on her. ”

Raising his voice slightly, ”Boys, stop fooling around.
The beauty has an owner. ”

The noisy crowd stopped, and everyone looked at each other.
Yang Shaohu walked over, didn ’t say a word, picked up the woman who was barely alive, and walked towards the door.

Only then did everyone understand and burst into laughter.
Someone sarcastically shouted, ”The Star of the Empire really likes this kind of taste? ” which caused even more laughter.

Yang Shaohu didn ’t say a word from beginning to end.
At the back, Lai Juncheng whispered, ”Yang Shaohu is not one of us. ”

Yu Zhongxian didn ’t say anything, but only left a sentence at the end of the event, ”If those commoners are all cowards and won ’t rebel until death, then use other means.
Just kill that little bastard. ”

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