Lin Wen immediately said, ”Great, thank you for your hard work.
Just leave it there. ”

He added, ”This is Miss Qin Luoshuang, my good friend.
Xiuyu, please bring her a portion too. ”

Xiuyu ’s eyes flickered as she looked between the two and said with a smile, ”Sure thing, Master Lin.
I ’ll bring some over for your girlfriend. ”

As she walked past Qin Luoshuang, she deliberately whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, ”Oh my, Sheriff Lin is so popular.
Every day, I have hundreds of young girls coming to ask about him.
I wonder which lucky girl is favored by such a good man like Sheriff Lin. ”

She continued to chatter on as she walked away, until her voice faded.
Lin Wen felt a little embarrassed and said, ”She ’s just talking nonsense.
Don ’t mind her. ”

Qin Luoshuang had intended to apologize and make amends, but suddenly became suspicious.
”Is this some kind of trick of yours? ”

”What trick? ”

Lin Wen picked up the bowl of lean meat porridge and drank it all in one gulp.

”Forget it.
You ’re tall…
I mean, it ’s nothing.
That ’s not what I meant. ”

Qin Luoshuang looked at the red marks left by his five fingers on his face and suddenly burst out laughing.
”Alright, if you can ’t reach it, you can ’t reach it.
I ’m just a commoner now, and you ’re an official. ”

Lin Wen coughed.
”Anyway, thank you for this.
I can give you up to 110,000. ”

That was worth some good karma, and Lin Wen felt a little regretful.

Qin Luoshuang absentmindedly played with her hair with her fingers and said, ”Okay, okay.
It ’s not like I have a choice.
I ’m just a guest here. ”

After finalizing the intelligence work, Lin Wen faced the problem of money again.

Qin Luoshuang clearly stated that she was unable to help.
She could only spend money, not earn it.

”What? Are you going to say ’you can ’t afford me ’ too? ” Lin Wen was reminded of some unpleasant memories and immediately forgot about it.

Focus on the task at hand!

”Here. ” After lunch, Qin Luoshuang came back and slapped a few lists in front of Lin Wen.

”These are the names of some unreliable intelligence dealers ’ subordinates.
You can only get some common information from them, but I have no other contacts and can ’t afford better ones. ”

”Oh? Is there any useful information? ”

”Don ’t you want to take a look? ” Qin Luoshuang asked unexpectedly.

”I don ’t need to.
You ’re in charge of it, so just give me the conclusion. ”

”Aren ’t you afraid I ’ll cheat you? Or make some secret deals behind your back? Like colluding with others, embezzling money, or even sidelining you when I gain more power in the future? ”

”You talk too much. ”

Lin Wen felt like he had just caught a glimpse of something promising, but it was gone again after the interruption.
He was a little angry.

He felt that Phoenix Nest was not as useful as Zhao Minggong.
He hadn ’t even paid much attention to Zhao Minggong, but he occasionally received some good karma from him.

He needed to train her, infect her with his spirit of perseverance.
Otherwise, she would just keep bothering him.

Thinking of this, Lin Wen said to Qin Luoshuang, who was about to leave, ”Wait a minute. ”

Qin Luoshuang looked at him with a slanting eye.
”What? Have you changed your mind? ”

”I think you ’re still very naive and immature.
You need to be infected by me. ”

”What do you want to do? ” Qin Luoshuang covered her chest and took two steps back.
Her hand was already preparing to grip her gun.

”What I mean is, you have good potential, but your education is lacking.
You need to learn from me before you can work independently.
Do you understand? ”From Qin Luoshuang ’s expression, it seemed like she heard a huge joke.

But she didn ’t say anything, just turned around and sat down, deliberately keeping a certain distance.

Lin Wen ignored her and continued to use his Gundam 250 intelligence to think about the problem of money.

After a while, Little Li ran over and shouted, ”Sheriff Lin, Sheriff Lin, the Construction Corps is here! The Construction Corps has finally returned! ”

Lin Wen was currently in a temporary office in Changle Town.
Little Li liked to come here to visit him, and he especially missed the glory of the ”Lin Li ” combination.
He even wanted to have a reunion of ”Lin Li ”.

So whenever something happened, he would run over like he did in Changle Town.

Of course, Lin Wen didn ’t feel anything about this.
He immediately sent Little Li away.

Little Li didn ’t mind, he was satisfied with the feeling of running over and shouting ”Sheriff Lin ”.

After a while, Little Li ran back again, shouting, ”It ’s not good, it ’s not good, Sheriff Lin, Sheriff Lin, the Construction Corps is leaving again! ”

”What? ” Lin Wen jumped up this time.
”What ’s going on? ”

Qin Luoshuang watched coldly from the side, not saying a word.

”It seems like the leader of the Seventh Construction Corps is asking for too much money, and Director Huang doesn ’t want to pay.
The negotiations have broken down! ”

”Let ’s go! ”

Lin Wen rushed out, with Qin Luoshuang and Little Li following behind.

Outside the office, Lin Wen saw a fleet of cars parked in Changle Town, as well as two huge flatbed trailers towing various construction vehicles, at least a dozen in total.

Both sides were gathered outside the temporary command center, one side was Huang Mingxiao and his men, and the other side was about ten foremen.
The laborers of the Construction Corps were left outside the town and didn ’t come in.

Lin Wen walked over and asked directly, ”What ’s going on? ”

Huang Mingxiao looked extremely angry and shouted, ”Sheriff Lin! They ’re asking for an exorbitant amount of money.
Last time you came, the price was 3 million for one phase of the project.
Why are they asking for 25 million this time? ”

The leader of the Seventh Construction Corps was a short and fat man wearing a yellow vest.
He had a fierce expression and said, ”Last time was last time, this time is this time.
You changed the construction plans, so of course I have to raise the price! ”

Huang Mingxiao angrily said, ”But the amount of work has clearly decreased! ”

The short and fat man sneered, ”Last time you didn ’t even pay us.
You tricked us.
Our whole family came here, and you didn ’t even give us money for gas or tolls.
We didn ’t eat or drink anything and traveled such a long distance just to be played by you? ”

After hearing this, Huang Mingxiao ’s confidence wavered.
”Last time was last time, but this time we have the money ready! ”

”Where ’s the money? Bring 25 million and we ’ll start working without saying anything. ”

Lin Wen watched for a while, turned off [Ask the Heavens], and whispered to Little Li, ”Go call Fang Dashan. ” Little Li blushed and nodded before turning around and running away.

Lin Wen walked over, and when the short and fat man saw the real leader coming, he became a little scared.
”What, what? Why? I want 25 million.
I set the price! ”

”No, you don ’t have the right to ask for 25 million. ”

Lin Wen walked up and stared coldly at him, his eyes shining.

After all, he was the sheriff of the county, and the short and fat man was a little scared.
”What, what? Why? I want as much money as I want.
It ’s up to me to decide! ”

”Because you want to take 22 million for yourself, 20 million for project expenses, and 500,000 for fuel, while you only give 500,000 to your nearly 1,000 brothers. ”

”So, you tell me, you ’re short, fat, ugly, and your wife had a big fat son with someone else behind your back.
Why do you have the audacity to open your blood-sucking mouth and spend your brothers ’ hard-earned money on raising someone else ’s son? ”

The short and fat man ’s face quickly turned from blue to white, then red.
He shouted, ”You ’re talking nonsense! You couldn ’t possibly know! The Inspectorate has checked it for me! That ’s my child! ”

As soon as he finished speaking, his face turned from red to blue and then white again.
He trembled and turned to seek support from the foremen beside him, but he saw that, unnoticed, the soldiers with loaded guns had already surrounded them.

”What are you going to do? ” The short and fat man exclaimed in alarm.

”I warn you, don ’t spout nonsense at me! I never made a deal with the Inspectorate, and no one from the Review Council has ever approached me! ”

As soon as he finished speaking, several foremen around him suddenly backed away.

The short and fat man panicked and turned around a few times in place, like a small bug exposed to the sun after a brick was lifted.

Suddenly, he became tough again.
”I won ’t do it! What are you going to do about it? ”

”Are you going to detain us? Let me tell you, I have a big backer behind me! As the leader of the Seventh Division, my authority is determined by the headquarters.
I can have as much as I want! Do you dare touch me? ”

Lin Wen sneered, turned around and reached into Qin Luoshuang ’s arms.
She exclaimed and slapped his hand away, taking two steps back.
”What are you doing? ”

”Let me use the gun. ”

Lin Wen whispered, determined to educate her at this critical moment, even though he was dropping the ball.

The short and fat man behind him saw him shrink back and became even more arrogant.
”If you dare touch a hair on me, the headquarters will strip you of your position, and the Review Council will break your neck! Come on! Let ’s see if you have the guts! ”

Qin Luoshuang hesitated.
The gun was her last line of defense.
Although she couldn ’t hit Lin Wen with it, she could use it to commit suicide.
If she handed over the gun, she would be at the mercy of others.

But her hesitation lasted only a moment.
She thought of everything that had happened before, gritted her teeth, took out the gun, and handed it to him.

Lin Wen immediately took it and before Qin Luoshuang could feel empty, amid the short and fat man ’s shouting, Lin Wen fired the gun.

The deafening sound of the gunshot echoed across the field.

The short and fat man was hit in the head and died on the spot.
The last word he wanted to say stuck in his throat.

The whole scene fell silent.

Lin Wen walked up with the gun and looked at the remaining people.

”The beautiful wish of 300,000 disaster victims in Changshan County to rebuild their homes cannot tolerate any filthy interference.
If any of you don ’t want to work, you can tell me, and I ’ll make arrangements until I find someone who can do it. ”

He looked first at the deputy leader, a middle-aged man.

”Can you do it? ”

The middle-aged man looked at the smoking barrel and swallowed his saliva.
”I can do it. ”

”Very good. ” Lin Wen smiled.
”Huang Mingxiao, you arrange them as the first batch of laborers. ”

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”What? ” The foremen present shouted.

Lin Wen smiled harmoniously.
”Huang Mingxiao, you quickly organize the other 1,000 brothers and let them choose twenty leaders to form twenty teams and start working according to the plan. ”

”Also, tell them that their salaries will be doubled while working for me. ”

”Of course, this batch of people will not receive any salary for now.
As long as they are not starving to death, it ’s fine.
Fang Dashan, you arrange for the soldiers to watch them, and no one is allowed to run away. ” ”It ’s the sheriff! ” came the hearty reply from far away Fang Dashan.

Lin Wen walked back and handed the gun to Qin Luoshuang, who stood there foolishly, forgetting to even take the gun.

”Take the gun, you fool! ” Lin Wen whispered.

Only then did Qin Luoshuang come back to her senses.
She looked at him with great complexity, took the gun, and put it back in her arms.

Lin Wen was about to turn around when he suddenly saw Fang Yaobo in the crowd and immediately called him over.

”Fang Yaobo, come over here.
Can you write this case file? What is his crime? ”

Although Fang Yaobo was still trembling, his eyes were not confused.

”Attempted murder of the sheriff and 300,000 disaster victims, and crimes against humanity! Execute on the spot! ”

Qin Luoshuang was thunderstruck when she heard this, inside and out.
”How can you say that… ”

”Exactly! ”

Lin Wen ’s voice immediately drowned her out.

”A child can be taught! ”

Fang Yaobo was still a little flustered, but he couldn ’t help but smile.

”And then? ”

Fang Yaobo straightened his chest and spoke more fluently.
”I will go to the labor camp and dig out his crimes.
He was shot dead by Sheriff Lin, so he must be unforgivable.
As long as I delve deeper into the people, I will know what kind of scum he is. ”

Lin Wen gave him a thumbs up.
”Perfect! You truly are the chief justice of the people ’s court! ”

Fang Yaobo even smiled a little embarrassedly.

Qin Luoshuang felt like her values had flown to outer space.
She only had one feeling now.

I ’m really stupid.
I thought he was the clown.

I never thought…

The clown was actually me.

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