Although she had already guessed, Qin Luoshuang still felt her heart sink.

Changshan County was a very remote location, far away from civilized society, with a vast territory and everywhere were poor mountains and evil waters.
She thought it would take longer for them to find her.

”No way. ”

Qin Luoshuang thought to herself.

”I can ’t stay here like a fool, I have to run. ”

”Fortunately, the blockade has been lifted, and I have obtained the identity of a sheriff ’s aide, so I should be able to pass through temporarily without obstruction.
I just need to go back and get a car. ”

”I haven ’t spent much of the money the fool gave me, I can only apologize. ”

With her thoughts settled, Qin Luoshuang quickly went back to change her clothes.
But before she could take a few steps, she suddenly saw a figure approaching her quietly from not far away.

Qin Luoshuang turned and ran, and the person immediately chased after her with a quick step.
However, he did not expect Qin Luoshuang to suddenly pause and kick back.

Caught off guard, he was hit directly in the chest.

The kick was heavy, and he was rushing forward, so the force was compounded, causing his chest to collapse and blood to spray out as he fell backwards.

As Qin Luoshuang stood firm, she saw two more figures running towards her.

Knowing she couldn ’t run away, Qin Luoshuang turned around and charged towards them.
She pulled out a gun from her pocket with her left hand and pointed it at the man on the left.
He quickly dodged to the side, and Qin Luoshuang immediately jumped up and kicked the man on the right in the head.

Qin Luoshuang ’s attack was too fast, and the man on the right failed to properly defend himself.

With a cracking sound, both of his arms were broken.

He let out a scream, but before he could do anything else, Qin Luoshuang ’s second kick broke his neck.

The man on the left realized he had been tricked and quickly retreated, trying to create distance.
But it was too late, Qin Luoshuang was faster, and kicked him directly in the kidney.

He clutched his waist and slowly fell to the ground, unable to even scream.

Sweat dripped from Qin Luoshuang ’s nose like pearls, and her hair was wet.
She took a step forward, but almost stumbled.

She knew that she had exceeded the limit of her body ’s ability by using her full strength with explosive techniques in such a short amount of time.
She needed to rest.

But she also knew that she couldn ’t rest now.

Biting her lip, Qin Luoshuang dragged her sore legs and ran towards Changle Town, silently praying that their men wouldn ’t catch up too quickly.

But luck was not on her side.
After only running a few hundred meters, she heard a large group of footsteps behind her and saw a jeep passing by and blocking her way.

Seven or eight burly men jumped out of the jeep and stood like a human wall in front of her.

The pursuers caught up, and there were more than twenty big men in total, surrounding Qin Luoshuang.

Knowing she couldn ’t run away, Qin Luoshuang stood still and slowly exhaled, but her nose made a cold snort.

”Sano ’s dog is so impressive, so many big men attacking a little girl.
If this gets out, your organization ’s reputation will echo throughout the empire. ”

Her voice was nasal, but still clear and melodious.A figure came up from behind and spoke coldly, ”Miss Qin, you ’re quite ruthless.
We were just trying to persuade you to go home, for your own good.
Why resort to violence? ”

Qin Luoshuang pulled out her gun from her pocket and pointed it at him, shouting, ”Don ’t move! If you take one step closer, I ’ll shoot. ”

The man sneered, ”Miss Qin, do you still have bullets in your gun? ”

Qin Luoshuang replied with a cold smile, ”You can take a gamble and see if there are any bullets left. ”

The man stopped in his tracks, his expression uncertain.
Qin Luoshuang knew that they only had one special security guard with them, the same one from before.
In Sano, only special security guards were allowed to carry guns during missions, otherwise it would cause trouble if too many people were caught with weapons.

A glimmer of hope rose in her heart.
She carefully chose her words and said, ”How much did my father pay you? If you let me go, I ’ll give you double, including medical expenses. ”

The man looked surprised, ”You have money? ”

Qin Luoshuang smiled faintly, ”I don ’t, but someone else does. ”

”Who? ”

”Sheriff Lin of Changshan County. ”

The man ’s expression darkened, ”Miss Qin, don ’t waste your time.
Just go back. ”

”I ’m not lying to you.
You can send a message to him and tell him that I ’m here.
Ask him to come alone with the money to Longle Town.
I don ’t need to say the rest, do I? Is there anything else you ’re worried about? ”

”Where is he? ”

”Longle Town. ”

”Token? ”

”Tell him, I understand the power of justice. ”

The man fell silent, and there was no movement from him.
He left the group and ran towards Longle Town.

An indescribable silence enveloped the area.
The moon was dim, and everyone stood still in the shadows, like a gathering of ghosts.
Suddenly, a huge cheer erupted from a small hill in the distance, and even though it was far away, it made this place even colder and quieter.

Qin Luoshuang ’s heart was pounding, and she couldn ’t calm down enough to complete her deep breaths.
She felt a little anxious.
Just then, the man suddenly opened his eyes and pointed to his ear, indicating that he had received a message.
He smiled and said, ”Miss Qin, you weren ’t lying to us.
Sheriff Lin has agreed and is bringing the money. ”

”Oh? ” Qin Luoshuang raised an eyebrow.

”Sheriff Lin really cares about Miss Qin.
As soon as he heard that you were in danger, he agreed to our request without hesitation.
We, Sano, are not heartless and ungrateful.
Although we will suffer some losses if we don ’t complete the mission, double the reward can make up for it. ”

Search for the original.

He took two steps back and bowed like a gentleman.
”Please rest assured, as soon as the money arrives, we will release you.
We are also a reputable organization.
We apologize for any offense caused earlier.
Black Tiger wishes you both a happy and long-lasting marriage. ”

He bowed slightly, and Qin Luoshuang smiled as if she liked what he said.
She also bowed slightly, as if returning the gesture.
”Thank you for your kind words, Black Tiger. ”Suddenly, she kicked backwards and hit a figure who had quietly approached her from behind.
The person didn ’t expect that they would suddenly fight, and was kicked in the chest.
They felt a huge pain and passed out.

Two other people rushed towards her, but Qin Luoshuang used her gun to point at one of them and kicked the other.

The person on the left rolled away, while the person on the right couldn ’t dodge and had their spine broken by the kick.

Qin Luoshuang used her strength to turn in the air and stepped on the neck of the person on the ground.

Three attackers were either dead or severely injured.
However, Qin Luoshuang was exhausted and felt dizzy.

Black Tiger waved his hand and ordered his men to attack her.
They approached with weapons, but only managed to hit her white clothes.
Black Tiger realized that she was out of bullets and ordered his men to catch her.

Several men with steel pipes and clubs surrounded her, and one had a triangular spike.
Qin Luoshuang fought back and managed to grab the spike, using it to fend off her attackers.

She ran towards a nearby off-road vehicle, but the tires were shot and burst.
She was soon surrounded again, and Black Tiger approached her with a gun.

Qin Luoshuang tried to fight back with the spike, but Black Tiger easily blocked her attacks and used special grappling techniques to subdue her.

Someone handed Black Tiger a satellite phone, and he heard a distinct beeping sound.A moment later, a cold, middle-aged man ’s voice came through the phone: ”Hello, what ’s the matter, Black Tiger? ”

With a forceful grip on her hair, Qin Luoshuang couldn ’t help but cry out in pain.

Qin, your daughter has been captured. ”

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