”Okay. ” The voice on the satellite phone was still indifferent and flat, ”Bring the person back safely, and the reward is increased by 20%. ”

Qin, your daughter is not easy to catch.
Master Mei Ying ’s first disciple is indeed well-deserved.
We have already lost six people and more than ten are seriously injured. ”

An embarrassing silence.

”Medical expenses and living expenses doubled. ”

Qin is indeed reasonable. ” Black Tiger Skin smiled without smiling, ”But I request payment first. ”

Another long silence, and after a long time, a voice came from the phone.

”Pay half first, and the other half when the person arrives. ”

Black Tiger wanted to say something else, but the phone had already hung up.

”Tsk, this old guy is really heartless. ”

”Chai Dog! ” He raised his voice, ”Did you check if the money was received? ”

After a moment, Chai Dog replied, ”The money has been received! ”

”Good! ”

Black Tiger grinned and glanced at his watch.

”You have one hour. ”

Hearing the malicious laughter around her, Qin Luoshuang suddenly broke free from Black Tiger ’s hand, but there were people all around her and she had nowhere to run.

”What are you going to do to me! ”

”We ’re not going to do anything, Miss Qin. ” Black Tiger laughed, ”Don ’t you like taking off your clothes? We ’ll help you take them off. ”

”Are you crazy? My father will kill you all! ”

”That ’s not necessarily true. ” Black Tiger slowly approached her, admiring her desperate expression, ”The new master will help us block him. ”

”Moreover, it may not be us.
Miss Qin, who is more beautiful than a Heavenly Immortal, could have had a happy life, but in the process of fleeing, she unfortunately encountered the mobs of Changshan County and was insulted to death.
Isn ’t this a normal thing? ”

”If anyone is responsible, it ’s your Sheriff Lin.
Maybe he did it? He begged Miss Qin but was rejected, so he took a risk.
Isn ’t this human nature? ”

Black Tiger kicked the sharp blade out of her hand.

”It ’s just a pity that this old guy is too cautious and didn ’t get the full payment. ”

”Only getting 1.5 times the reward for a job is really a loss. ”

”But it doesn ’t matter.
With the famous Miss Qin, it ’s worth it. ”

”You, you… ” Qin Luoshuang finally understood at this moment, ”You also took the task of killing me! ”

”Very clever. ” Black Tiger clapped his hands, ”No wonder you ’re called the Ice and Snow Fairy. ”

”Actually, if you hadn ’t been so ruthless, we might have just killed you directly.
After all, we ’re here for the money, and we don ’t want to do unnecessary things. ”

”But you played us around and caused harm to so many of our brothers.
Even if it ’s for them, we still have to taste what the Ice and Snow Fairy is like.
Isn ’t that right, everyone? ”

A huge burst of laughter.

Black Tiger especially enjoyed watching people ’s twisted faces in despair.
He clapped his hands, ”What are you waiting for? Let ’s get started! ”

”Wait! ” ”What are you waiting for? ” Black Tiger didn ’t expect someone to interrupt at this time, his face sank: ”Time is running out, this is not our territory, don ’t cause trouble.
Let me make it clear, one hour, when time is up, I ’ll shoot this bitch dead, not a minute more. ”

”Wait! ”

Black Tiger was about to explode, but suddenly realized that the voice sounded normal, but it didn ’t seem to come from the people around him.

He stood up suddenly and went into a state of alert.

”Wait! ”

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”Wait! ”

One after another, the voice became clearer and clearer, but the speaker couldn ’t be found.

If it weren ’t for the speaker being full of breath, it would have been a supernatural event.

Black Tiger looked around, but didn ’t find anyone suspicious.
Suddenly, he heard a little brother shout: ”Boss, look! ”

Black Tiger looked over and saw a small figure about a few hundred meters away, running wildly from the direction of the shining mountain.

He was very fast and had already arrived in front of them in a blink of an eye.
Black Tiger was about to signal to his little brother, but the person suddenly leaped and flew over ten meters, landing in front of Qin Luoshuang.

Under the faint moonlight, it was a small white face that didn ’t look threatening.

Before Black Tiger could say anything, the person shouted first.

”Shut up! ”

”Dare to be a monster! I can tell at a glance that you ’re not human! ”

He kicked a little brother, sending him flying over ten meters and falling to the ground, obviously dead.

Black Tiger ’s eyes almost popped out.
Even the emperor ’s personal guards didn ’t have this kind of skill, right? Was this still a human?

”Master… ”

”Shut up! ”

A palm struck a little brother in the face, and he fell backwards, bleeding from seven orifices, obviously dead.

Black Tiger ’s murderous intent was aroused, and he shouted: ”Attack together! Kill him! ”

As soon as they started fighting, Black Tiger ’s heart sank into an ice hole.
Unlike when they were dealing with Qin Luoshuang, the person in front of them was a complete monster.

Although Qin Luoshuang had also killed many brothers, it could only be said that her combat instinct was extremely high, and her intuition was strong in battle.
She may not have been able to beat herself in a head-on fight.
Most of her attacks were tricky, taking advantage of cover or catching the enemy off guard.

Once she lost these advantages, she was not that strong.

But the monster in front of Black Tiger made him think of four words.


This young man, who looked like he had no strength, was extremely terrifying when he moved.
He had great strength and agility, and all of the Sano security guards were like kindergarten children in front of him, one punch after another, never missing.

And their fierce attacks were as useless as the invincible god palm of the kindergarten children.

So, a one-sided massacre began.

He didn ’t use any amazing skills, only unstoppable violence.

In just over ten seconds, half of the brothers were already lying down.

Black Tiger realized for the first time that Sano security guards were so fragile.At this rate, in less than a minute, they would be completely annihilated.

”Stop! ”

He shouted loudly, took out his gun, and pointed it at the overly young monster.

”Don ’t move! Or I ’ll shoot! ”

But deep down, he had no confidence.
High-level experts like this usually weren ’t afraid of ordinary firearms.

However, the young man actually stopped.

Hei Hu was overjoyed and thought to himself, ”Perhaps he ’s not confident in dodging at such a close distance. ”

The man slowly turned around, but Hei Hu noticed that there was only a very relaxed expression on his face.
Hei Hu was very familiar with this expression; he suddenly remembered that it was the expression young people had when they found a large group of monsters to slaughter while playing games in internet cafes.

who are you? ” Hei Hu forcibly suppressed the fear in his heart and asked loudly, ”We have no grievances or grudges, why do you oppose us? Why have you harmed so many of my brothers? ”

”Hahaha! ”

The young man suddenly laughed loudly, his movements exaggerated.

Suddenly, he stood still and pointed at Hei Hu with his hand, giving off an aura as if his finger was more powerful than Hei Hu ’s gun.

”Ride the wind with my sword, eradicate demons between heaven and earth! ”

”Save lives at the risk of my own, good karma lies within my heart! ”

He completely ignored Hei Hu ’s gun, and with each phrase, he took a step to the side.

”Divine light shakes the seas and mountains, spiritual energy protects the rivers and lands! ”

”On the day of clarity in the human world, I shall return with a beauty in my arms! ”

After the last sentence, he walked in a circle and returned to his original position, facing the opposite direction, his arm hanging down and his palm turned over, offering a helping hand.

”How is it you? ”

When he saw the person in front of him clearly, he suddenly jumped up, and the momentum he had built up was gone in an instant.

it ’s me. ”

Qin Luoshuang ’s tears had long been streaming down her face.
The moment he arrived, she knew it was him.

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