Lin Wen just went to the ninth temporary settlement point, where he finally confirmed the list of 1000 people.
In order to prevent a few rogue elements from mixing in and causing a situation where a rat ’s dropping spoils a pot of porridge, Lin Wen almost blinded his eyes.

Afterwards, Lin Wen, who was dizzy and confused, managed to get through the whole process by relying on his quick wits.
It wasn ’t until he returned with Huang Mingxiao that he realized that the ”Observing Qi to Observe People ” had been left on the whole time.

Regretful, Lin Wen was about to turn it off when he suddenly noticed boiling black gas in the distance.
This was the first time Lin Wen had seen evil in progress.

The steaming black gas almost covered half of the sky, even in the dark night, it was extremely clear, as if a demonic cave had appeared in the world, and disaster had come.
The clear light surrounded by the flames of the devil was undoubtedly a rare treasure in the world! A divine weapon of the immortal level!

In that instant, Lin Wen ’s whole body was about to explode with excitement! This was a kind of dream becoming reality, and the excitement of turning a dream into reality.

Lin Wen only had time to say to Huang Mingxiao, ”I ’m leaving, you guys go back. ” and then jumped off the car.

Then, in an instant, he used all of his abilities, including the ”Strength of Nine Cows and Two Tigers, ” ”Agile Spirit of the Spirit Cat, ” and ”Godly Movement Technique. ”

46 points of good fortune left him in an instant.
But this time, Lin Wen didn ’t feel any heartache.

However, as Lin Wen ran frantically, he found that the clear light was getting dimmer and dimmer, like a candle in the wind that could go out at any time.

He immediately became anxious and used a ”Thousand Mile Voice Transmission ” spell.
This green Qi Refining period spell consumed 10% of his spiritual energy and transmitted his voice to a designated place far away.
The actual distance was related to the practitioner ’s cultivation level.
It lasted for 16 hours in this world and could be interrupted.

Without hesitation, he used it immediately and shouted, ”Wait. ” It actually worked.

If it didn ’t work, he would have to use the ”Flying Clouds and Mist ” spell to fly over, but this spell consumed too much and was disposable.
Lin Wen didn ’t like it.

If it was the ”Flying Sword Flight, ” that would be fine.

Fortunately, Lin Wen arrived in time.
As soon as he arrived on the scene, he saw a bunch of demons gathering together to do evil, and the black gas rose straight into the sky, making him laugh until his face was rotten.

Then came the exciting killing spree.

It wasn ’t until he saw Qin Luoshuang that he suddenly woke up from the dream.
It turned out that this was not a magic weapon, and Qin Luoshuang was not a fairy, the granddaughter of a super sect leader, an immortal king ’s daughter, a goddess, or anything like that, just an ordinary human.

He was suddenly extremely disappointed, and his outstretched hand immediately retracted.
Qin Luoshuang was stunned.
This action was simply the king of the universe ’s ultimate kung fu, unparalleled in the past and present, the god of steel neutron star standing tall and strong.
She forgot to cry, and all the emotions that had filled her heart were gone.

”Why are you here? ” Lin Wen seemed to feel that something was wrong and coughed, asking.

”I, I… ” Qin Luoshuang suddenly felt a surge of anger in her heart.
”Did I come here to die? Did I deserve it for being a fool? ”

Lin Wen awkwardly scratched his head, feeling like he had accidentally offended Phoenix Nest again.

”I ’m not… ” ”You go die! ” Qin Luoshuang threw the empty gun in her arms at Lin Wen ’s head, but it fell to the ground with a clatter like hitting a piece of wood.

”Don ’t be angry… ”

”I am angry! I ’m so ugly and insignificant that I ’m like a bug in the dust that no one wants! Even if I die, no one cares! ”

”Why are you so self-pitying? ” Lin Wen was also angry.
”If we are born as ants, we should have the ambition of a swan.
If our lives are as thin as paper, we should have an indomitable spirit.
How can you become the Phoenix Nest with such self-pity? ”

”You, you, you… ” Qin Luoshuang was so angry that her chest was about to explode, but suddenly she burst into tears, and her tears fell like broken beads.

”Hey, don ’t cry, it ’s my fault… ”


A gunshot interrupted them.

The ignored Black Tiger regained his dignity with his gun.

”You two, it ’s not appropriate to flirt here, ” he said.

”This is the price of ignoring me. ”

Although the night vision was not very clear, Black Tiger clearly saw Lin Wen ’s clothes shake abnormally, indicating that he had been hit.

His marksmanship could not make mistakes at this distance.

But Lin Wen did not fall as he thought.
He turned around and looked at Black Tiger coldly.

The latter ’s forehead broke out in cold sweat, and he immediately fired a second shot.


Still missed.

But this time he saw clearly that the monster-like youth had dodged during the shooting.
Because the action was too fast, it only appeared that his clothes shook abnormally.

”This is impossible! ”

No one can dodge bullets like this!

There are indeed some powerful experts who are not afraid of firearms, but they usually move at high speeds and dodge by observing the moment when the shooter pulls the trigger.

To be precise, they didn ’t really dodge the bullets, but the person who fired them.

”No! ”

”It must be luck! ”

The raging Black Tiger aimed at Lin Wen and fired three shots in a row.

But Lin Wen didn ’t even move his feet, and just twisted his body to dodge the shots.

Qin Luoshuang felt this scene was extremely familiar, and she looked at Black Tiger ’s ghostly expression and his fumbling actions to change the magazine like a rookie, and couldn ’t help but burst into laughter.

This laughter immediately woke up Black Tiger.
He pointed his gun at Qin Luoshuang and shouted, ”Don ’t come over! Otherwise, I ’ll kill her! ”

Lin Wen ignored him and walked forward with big steps.
Black Tiger took a few steps back and shouted, ”I really shot! Don ’t think I won ’t dare! ”

Qin Luoshuang looked at the black hole of the gun and felt something surging up in her heart.
She closed her eyes.


Black Tiger couldn ’t help but fire, but Qin Luoshuang didn ’t feel anything strange.
She opened her eyes and saw Lin Wen standing in front of her, raising his right hand and loosening his clenched fist, and a yellow-orange bullet fell down.

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”This is impossible! ”

Black Tiger ’s eyes almost popped out.
He suddenly knelt down on both knees and begged, ”Great Immortal, spare my life! I ’m willing to do anything! I… ”


His body flew tens of meters away and broke the neck of a fleeing person.

”Run! ”

”Monster! It ’s a monster! ”Lin Wen had already grown tired of the astonishment of the insects.
He picked up the gun, pointed it casually, and the muzzle burst into flames, causing a person to fall to the ground with a thud.

The gunshots continued, forming a cacophony.
In just a blink of an eye, all the fleeing insects had fallen.

Lin Wen ’s mood instantly brightened.

The world had one less group of troublemakers.

He had gained a bunch of good karma.


The good karma from killing this group of evildoers was the highest in history, with an average of 4-5 points per person, and Black Tiger had 6 points, setting a historical record.

On this trip, he directly harvested 97 points of good karma, making up for the deficit all at once.
His good karma returned to a four-digit number, reaching 1024 points.

The feeling of having a four-digit number was great.

He happily thought, walked over, and threw the gun to Qin Luoshuang.

”Take it. ”

Qin Luoshuang stared at him blankly, suddenly picked up the gun, and aimed it at her own temple.

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