Dreamers dream

High School AND STATS

The first thing adam saw when he got back home was his worried mother Serma, Serma was a middle-aged woman who looked much like adam, with black hair and blue eyes.

”ADAM! I was so worried! ”

It Could be a story in and of itself how Adam had to explain everything to his mother, well not completely everything, of course, he just said the terrorists attacked the bus and he escaped.

Or at least he tried, a mothers instincts cannot be beaten by mere lies and he quickly broke down crying due to the stress of almost dying getting potentially arrested, and lying to his mom to top it off.

his mother being the good woman that she is comforted him and did her best to cheer him up, unfortunately, her best wasn enough. luckily for Adam, she didn understand his gibberish while he was breaking down so his secret is still safe.

And even luckier his little sister, Emily was still asleep, just imagining her reaction to this makes Adamss heart crack.

Trying to unwind and distracts himself he sat down to watch some tv.

The news is already swarming with reports on the ”Nowhere massacre! ” during which 34 people in the explosions died. This was great news since they didn mention anything about him or the people that attacked the bus.

Adam though was way too tired and mentally scared to think about anything that required even slight concentration and logical thinking so he quickly switched channels until he found some movie called ”the merr and maid ” and watched it with his mom making jokes and trying to forget whatever that stuff at the bus stop was.

which no matter how much he denies it, will probably traumatize him for the rest of his life.

So just like that, a few hours passed until eventually…

”Big Bwoda! ”…his little sister Emily woke up. She had black hair similar to her brother, her eyes a shade of sky blue, she was still young, around 7 years old, and was wearing a pink nightgown

As happy as he was to hear his sister be so energetic, sudden loud noises aren exactly the best for people who saw whatever the ** that was.

so he froze in place and a whole load of stress and anxiety drowned him.

”Whats wong bwo? ”

”Nothing Emily your brothers head just hurts a bit so keep it down okay? ” Adam was never more grateful to his mother (if we ignore the mental break) than now and gave her as much of a nod as his stiff body would allow.

”oh okay! ” Emily said quieter this time. ”can I play with him pleeease? ”

Serma looked at her son worried, he never said no to his sister unless it was for her own good. And just as she thought…

”…Sure Emily what do you want to play? ”… he said yes

”You sure thats a good idea? ” Sarma asked worried for Adams well being

”Don worry Itll be fine, Emily is a good girl she can talk quietly while playing. right, Emily? ”

”Yeah yeah I totally can! ” Emily said what her mother knew to be the biggest lie shes ever heard ”Pleeeaaase mom ”. Emily begged.

”Uhg fine, ” Sarma relented. ”BUT! I have conditions. first off you have to be quiet. and second, you can only play for the next half-hour, hope you didn forget about school Emily. ”

”I don want to go to school… ” Emily pouted. ”Well, you have to. ” Sarma coldly responded, ”Now go get changed and brush your teeth. ” Sarma Commanded ”Okay… ” Emily said as she dragged herself to the washroom.

After she was finished the two siblings played nurse and patient. during which Emily tried to ”cure ” her brother of his headache. Soon enough they had to leave and adam was alone once more.

sitting on the couch he continued watching the TV and slowly nodded off to sleep.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________Adam ”awoke ” in a strange place.

A great Forrest behind him seemingly stretching for eternity and a single great tower in the middle of an empty field in front of him.

The tower itself was strange. reality seemed inconsistent around it, like around a black hole, light itself seemed to bend under its presence, its appearance constantly changing, one second it could be a skyscraper, and the next its a wizard tower.

Adam, himself was not even aware of when he took the first step towards it, but the second he did it felt like thousands of eyes were staring at him all filled to the brim with bloodlust. and just as fast it changed to love and adoration. like they were looking at their child.

the door to the tower swung open and he was showed inside with great force, the door behind him closing with a loud bang!

Adam, startled, quickly looked around and saw something he didn expect. first off the place was huge he couldn see the end of it. it seemed more infinite than even the forest outside.

There weren many things inside, he could see some bookshelves in the distance and a bed.

Having nothing better to do and also seeking answers he started walking to the bookshelves. what he didn expect to happen was that after he took the first step he would teleport toward them. There were 4 books on one of the shelves the rest were desolate and empty.

before he could only see a few bookshelves but it became clear there were a lot more than expected, thousands seemed to stretch on and on. a great spiraling staircase was now visible dominating the apparent center space of the tower.

”Lets look at these books first maybe they have some info. ” Adam thought and surprised him once more, the books started to float toward him and stopped in front of him.

The books were called:

”The arcane ”

”The Dreaming ”

”The sane ”

”The Insane ”

Each book gave off a vibe that Adam could somewhat understand.

”Arcane ” seemed to be about myths legends, magic, and understanding the world around him and using it to his advantage.

”Dreaming ” was about, well, dreams and fulfilling everything one desires and wishes for, and bringing ones dreams to life, bending reality to do so.

”The sane ” was a beautiful symphony of logic and emotion working together to create the perfect human being.

”The Insane ” on the other hand… was ruthless and efficient not caring for emotion or other living creatures.

”what the actual fuuuck…? ” he could tell that he had to pick two books, and no matter how much he tried he couldn move away.

he struggled for what seemed like hours until he eventually gave up and started thinking about what to choose.

The Insane was out of the question for obvious reasons, he didn want to go insane.

so ”the sane ” was one pick, but what about the other one? ”Dreaming ” seemed to grant him power over dreams and maybe reality itself,

an important part was that maybe.

all of these descriptions were way too vague to make an accurate judgment. the thing that caught his eye though was the wording. ”the arcane ” uses the world, And ”the dreaming ” bends it to his will which sounds a LOT cooler and more versatile.

so he decided to go for the sane and the dreaming

The other two books started burning in front of him never to return. a desk materialized out of nowhere with a chair and a candle next to it. Adam got the hint and started reading.

The sane was an expert tutorial on how to improve ones self,

it had the perfect workout to get a good-looking body and a mental guide on how to stay mentally healthy as well. which adam DESPERATELY needed. needles to say, he was very happy with his first pick.

The dreaming was interesting,

he only got a glimpse inside but what it said was mind-blowing. it told him the basics of how the mind worked and how it could do anything it desired if it wanted it enough. it ”spoke ” of discipline, effort, and hard work. and most importantly of all, it confirmed that he could indeed bend space itself and change reality to a temporary and limited degree.

”YES! LETS FUCKING GO! ” Adam was filled with joy. after all who wouldn be? he just experienced a near-death scenario that he was powerless to do anything about. but now he had at least a way to gain the power that the screen used and defend himself.

if it weren for the screen he would be dead. speaking of which it hasn shown up at all since then.

Just as Adam realized this the staircase caught his attention. so after storing the books back on the shelve he made his way over to the stairs.

upon closer inspection he realized how grand they were, they were perfectly clean and smooth. made out of high-quality wood. and had beautiful patterns painted with gold and silver on them.

as he stepped on them the stairs started moving upwards like they were in a supermarket catching adam by surprise causing him to almost slip and fall.

the stairs were making a satisfying click sound every time they moved upwards. crawling like a centipede around the pole. after 5 minutes of this adam realized how high he was.

this tower was around 10 KM tall, AT LEAST. after another minute or two he finally reached the top where he was met with a white wooden door. adam reached his hand out and opened it.

revealed inside was a circular device on the floor, a slope in each direction chains sticking out of them, binding a small dark blue cube to itself and keeping it in place. the room had windows instead of walls offering visibility in each direction including the ceiling and floor.

behind it was a large screen with a keyboard and mouse.

”All right lets see what we have here ”

and so detective adam investigated the area and figured something out:

1) the device gives off a shield of some kind protecting itself from anything he could do.

2) everything on the screen was written in the language of dreams he found in the book.

3) out of the tower, he could see in the distance something HUGE that he couldn quite make out.

4)the view is good.

5)The device looks cool.

”so that tells me nothing! great! ”

Disappointed, Adam made his way back down and laid on the queen-sized bed. promptly passing out. waking up on the couch back home.

”Oh. well, now I know how to leave. ”

he looked at the clock and realized that it was already the next morning, and he hasn had the time to study.

Shit! Im gonna be late for school! ”

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