On the continent of Kyren Zena, numerous nations exist, including empires, kingdoms, and duchies.

In addition, many unexplored regions such as the Great Forest and volcanic areas remain undiscovered.

Currently, the main power governing the continent are the heroes. 

Although they used to be held in check by large noble families in the past, as time went on, the heroes—superhumans with immense strength—gained the upper hand.

Now, it is considered natural for high-ranking nobles to send their children to academies to become heroes.


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Most active heroes are affiliated with a guild.

There are over 500 guilds scattered across the continent.

As a result, guilds exist not only in large empires and kingdoms but also in small duchies in remote areas.

However, the strength of each guild varies greatly.
Some weak guilds have only one hero, while large guilds have more than 100 heroes.

Among them is 'Ataraxia', ranked 7th in the overall guild rankings on the continent and 1st in the Kingdom of Rodemian.

Ataraxia is a unique guild that has developed at a rapid pace among the top 10 guilds.

The rapid growth of Ataraxia was achieved by the guild master and current ranking 3rd hero, 'Hallow', and his aide, Chief Administrator 'Hailey'.

There are only 13 heroes in Ataraxia, including guild master Hallow.
Compared to other top guilds with over 100 members, they are a small group.

In line with this, Ataraxia's slogan is “All for one.” They carefully consider the characteristics and preferences of their affiliated heroes, providing them with the optimal aides and thorough care.

As a result, numerous heroes want to work for Ataraxia.
However, there are only 13 approved positions within the guild.


Sunday night.

A majestic and mysterious aura emanated from the exterior of the Ataraxia Guild building, located in the capital of the Rodemian Kingdom. 

Within the kingdom, it was the second-largest building after the royal palace.

In the middle of it all, Chief Administrator Hailey's office light remained on even on a Sunday.

“Neike is indeed receiving a lot of attention,” Hailey said as she looked at the report in her hand.
Her dedicated secretary replied energetically.

“Yes, Chief Administrator.
Neike is a commoner, but he possesses overwhelming talent, which hasn't been seen since Ryuk, the continent's greatest genius.
All the guilds across the continent are showing great interest in him.”

“Is it the same for Piel?”

Although Piel's talent is slightly inferior to Neike's, she still possesses overwhelming talent compared to other students.
Many other guilds are showing great interest in her as well.”

“I see…”

Hailey carefully read the report.

The first-year students in Elinia Academy's Hero Department this year included many with exceptional talent besides Neike and Piel.
Hailey read the report thoroughly, making sure not to miss anyone.

“Max, this student is quite peculiar?”

“Yes, they only defended throughout the match, and as a result, they were booed after the game.”

“Since they're ranked 51st in the class, they're not a top priority.
However, having such outstanding defensive ability is rare even among active members.
Please elevate them to a top priority candidate…”

Hailey's gaze became fixated on one particular spot as she continued to flip through the documents.

“Theo Lyn Waldeurk.
This student is ranked 181st but defeated the 37th ranked student?”

“Yes, according to our agent at the scene, Theo completely dominated the match.”

“But he has mediocre stats and no special traits?”

“Well, he's a Waldeurk, so he might have acquired a new trait.”

“It seems to be a very special trait.”

“I think so too.”

The secretary nodded.
Hailey rested her chin on her hand and lost herself in thought for a moment.

'Even if he had acquired a Master-level trait, such rapid growth would be impossible.
So what did he do? There's no trace of an artifact either.'

In her 30 years of examining the profiles of prospective heroes, she had never seen a case like this before.

There was a suspicious yet mysterious smell about it.
After organizing her thoughts, Hailey spoke.

“What is Theo's current priority status?”

“He is not included in any consideration at the moment.”

“Then please include him as a high-priority candidate.
After all, he's the most eye-catching student in this batch of profiles.”

Is there anything else you'd like to assign?”

“No, I'm sorry for making you work on your day off by like a bad boss.
Go home now, even though it's late.”

“It's not a problem.
I'll take my leave now, Chief Administrator.”

The secretary left Hailey's office.

With a sigh, Hailey leaned back in her chair and lit the cigar in her mouth.

'I'll know when I see it for myself.
Whether it's a wyvern or a dragon.'

Hailey closed her tired eyes and took a deep puff from her cigar.


The following day, Monday, I woke up an hour earlier than usual.

My body felt lighter.
It seemed that I had fully recovered.

Yesterday had brought me another great gain: the additional effect of Overload had been unlocked.
Now, I could use it for 10 seconds or a minute, however I wanted.

Of course, the price I had to pay depended on the duration of use.
If I only used it for about 10 seconds, I would probably be able to move around normally the next day.


Immediately after arriving at school, I headed to Professor Mari's office.

In front of Mari's office, I could sense activity within even though it was early.
As expected, she was there.

Before knocking, I wondered, 'What could she possibly need my help with?'

I didn't know, as I hadn't experienced it in the original work.
However, if I deemed it a reasonable investment, I was willing to help.

Mari was an ambitious and energetic new professor.
Clearing her debt would prove beneficial in the future. 

Eventually, when I needed help, she might lend me a hand at least once…

With that in mind, I knocked on the door of her office.

“Come in~”

Mari's voice could be heard from inside.
I promptly opened the door and entered.

“Welcome, Theo.”

Mari greeted me with a wide smile.

A large desk piled with numerous books caught my eye.
Mari was dressed not in her usual casual attire, but in battle gear that accentuated her voluptuous figure.

'Is it because of the practical evaluation?'

After quickly scanning the room, I bowed my head slightly and greeted her.

“Nice to see you, Professor.
I said I would visit, but I got busy and was a bit late.”

“Well, it's fine.
I almost grew a beard waiting for you.
What kind of tea would you like?”

“Whatever you usually drink, please.”

Take a seat on the sofa and wait for a moment.”

Mari stood up and used a magical tool to boil water. 

The high-priced magical tool, which resembled an induction cooktop, was provided to all professors.

“Be careful, it's hot.
Drink it slowly.”

Mari placed a teacup in front of me.
I picked it up and took a whiff.


It was mint tea.
I hated it.

Maintaining my expression, I opened my mouth.

“…What did you want to discuss?”

“……Well, I'll get straight to the point.
I'm working on a research project and I need your input, Theo.
After hearing your answer during the previous class, I had to change the entire direction of my research.”

Mari moistened her lips with the mint tea and continued speaking.


Though she said she would get straight to the point, Mari's story was quite lengthy.

In summary, she wanted me to help her with her ongoing research.
She had already reported it and received support funds, so there was no backing out now.

'This episode wasn't in the original work.'

As expected, the future had changed.
My presence seemed to be having a far greater impact on this world than I had imagined, like the flutter of a butterfly's wings.

'Anyway, it's something I can help with.'

It wasn't a difficult task.
Moreover, Mari had a personality that always repaid her debts. 

I should take this opportunity to clear my own debts as well.

Pretending to be deep in thought, I crossed my arms and spoke.

“Of course, I can help you, but…”

“What is it?”

“What's in it for me?”

“Tell me what you want, and I'll see what I can do within reason.
Of course, I'll also list you as a co-author in the research paper.
It'll definitely help your future career as a hero.”

Mari narrowed her eyes, staring at me intently.
She wanted me to reveal my cards first.

It would be foolish to demand too much at this point.

“Actually, I can't think of anything I need right now.”


Mari looked puzzled.

“I mean, I'll help you without any compensation.”

Mari's eyes darted back and forth.
That was the expression of someone in deep thought.

Now was the time to push further.

“However, next time, if I ever need your help, please don't turn me away.
You can leave my name out of it, though.
For this research paper, the only name that should appear is Mari Jane.
Just one person.”


Mari rested her chin on her hand, lost in thought.
Eventually, she extended her hand to me.

“Alright, Theo Lyn Waldeurk.
I'll count on you.”

“Of course, Mari Jane.”

I shook her hand firmly.

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