Ch 35 – Walking The Rope (4)

We quickly located Aisha's team.
Just as Siena had said, they were at the exact location.
Even from afar, their condition didn't look great.
“Ah, seriously! If only we didn't have these practice weapons!” Aisha's voice, thick with frustration, carried to us.
“Let's hurry.” I urged my teammates.
Theo.” “Isn't that Aisha's voice?” “Come on.
Let's pick up the pace.” Max, Travis, and Eshild—the Unhappy Trio hastened their steps.
“Heheh~.” Siena, however, continued to enjoy herself as if on a leisurely stroll.
'The gods can be cruel indeed.' The fact that they bestowed a unique ability like spirit magic upon someone as perverse as her seemed unfair.
At least…
it was a relief she was on our side.
Siena, the 150-year-old wood elf princess of the Great Forest, was already a complete expert, unlike the other students who were still inexperienced.
Though she only used her power when it suited her.
'Well, if someone like her ran wild without limits, it would break the balance.' I mused as we ran.


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Soon, our team reached the outskirts of the battlefield.
“Ugh, as expected, the situation doesn't look good.” Eshild clicked his tongue, preparing magic on his finger.
…Six regular Cockatrices remained.
The battle captain was still alive.
'How have they held on this long?' Aisha's team had likely been fighting the Cockatrice flock for more than 10 minutes.
The fact that they hadn't been wiped out was impressive.
“Damn it, when will the instructors arrive?!” “Over there, on the left! Watch out, Aisha! One got through!” “Ugh, thanks.
Seriously, take some hits, will you!” Aisha's team hadn't noticed our presence and continued to battle the Cockatrices with grim expressions.
Aisha possessed remarkable vision thanks to her Sharp Vision trait, but it seemed she was too preoccupied to notice us.
The Cockatrices are targeting Aisha, the team's ace.
Their intelligence is higher with the battle captain present.
“Eshild.” “I know, Theo.
No need to say it.” Eshild shot a spell from his fingers.
Although it had less mana than when we first entered the dungeon…
Screeeech! It was still a significant threat to the nearby Cockatrices.
The two hit in the legs screamed in pain.
Since they were focusing on Aisha's team, they had no chance to avoid the attack.
“Eshild, it's Eshild!” “Huh, what?” “He's here, reinforcements have arrived! We're saved!” Color returned to Aisha's team's faces.
I immediately issued orders to my teammates.
“Max, stay close to Aisha.” “Understood…” Max charged forward, raising his shield in front of Aisha with surprising vigor, despite his lackluster response earlier.
“Uh, are you Max?” “···Hello, Aisha.
Hide behind me.” “Al…right.” Aisha quickly took cover behind Max's large frame and shot arrows at the Cockatrices.
‘At this rate, they should be able to handle the regular Cockatrices.’ The key was the battle captain.
When facing a group of monsters, it was a basic tactic to eliminate the leader first.
'Aisha is still a newbie.' It's understandable.
Even the smart Aisha has no raid experience at this point.
“Travis, let's take on the Cockatrice battle captain together.” “Y-yes!” Hesitation vanished from Travis's steps.
We both rushed toward the battle captain, who stood slightly apart from the group.
'We'll take it down in one shot.' It was just like the one I faced earlier.
However, the difference now was that I had Travis with me.
Travis, like Theo, was a low-ranking student, but he was better than nothing.
As a hero department student, his stats were similar to Irene's, who was the top student in the knight department.
As we approached the Cockatrice battle captain, we looked for an opening.
─Kee, keeeeee! Just like before, the battle captain screeched in terror and charged towards Siena.
…What kind of hobby is this, exactly? Does she want to mimic a captured princess? It's hard to understand the hobbies of perverts.
Anyway…there's a clear opening.
“Travis, aim for its left wing!” “Okay!” Travis immediately dove into the left side of the battle captain.
The battle captain turned its eyes to the left.
I lowered my upper body and lunged in from the right.
I slashed its leg.
It's a technique I learned from Irene and practiced countless times.
─Kee, keei! The battle captain wobbled and screeched.
It didn't fall, but its balance was broken, which meant the end was near.
“Travis, focus on its left side!” “Got it!” Opposite Travis, I focused its right side.
Soon, the dead battle captain vanished as if it had never existed.
“Woah─! We won!” Travis jumped around like a child before hugging me.
“…” I really don't like hugging other men even in situations like this.
However, I allowed Travis his moment.
While being hugged by him, I scanned the area with weary eyes.
At some point, all the Cockatrices had vanished.
‘That's a relief.’ Only our team and Aisha's team had entered this dungeon.
Two teams in total.
Somehow, I had done everything within my power.
I'm not a superhuman like Neike or Piel.
It's beyond my capabilities now.
As I contemplated that and surveyed my surroundings, my eyes met Siena's, who was observing me with an intrigued expression.
We really make eye contact often.
How come we always lock eyes when I glance her way? '…No.' Siena seemed to have been watching me all along.
“Huh.” Chills ran down my spine.
…It appears I've caught her attention.
Siena is grinning slyly, like a child who discovered a new toy.
I quickly averted my gaze from her and attempted to detach Travis from my body.
“Theo! Did your team also encounter a flock of Cockatrices?” Aisha approached me and initiated a conversation.
“Yes.” “······I see.
Anyway, it's a relief that we're all alive.
thank you for coming to our rescue.” “Yes.” “….Would it hurt to use more pleasant words? I'm grateful for the help, but still.” “Last time, you told me to keep it short.” “Oh, well, that was then~! Can't a man have a personality at all?” “Alright, I got it.” “······.” Aisha looked at me with exasperated eyes.
What does she want me to do? “Travis, let's go.” “Ah, okay!” I walked with Travis towards the other students who had gathered.
“Oh, seriously.
Theo, you! Are you doing this on purpose? Let's go together!” Aisha followed us like a duckling trailing its mother.
Upon arriving at the group of students, I surveyed the scene and said, “It seems there are no casualties.” Eshild spoke up.
“So what do we do now, Theo? Our instructors are nowhere to be found.” The other students seemed to be waiting for my answer, as they all looked at me.
I immediately assessed the situation.
'Ten people in total.
There are injured, but thankfully no casualties.' However, moving would be difficult.
Although our team was in good condition, Aisha's team had three severely injured students.
Of course, there were no students with healing traits or abilities.
“First, we need to provide first aid for the injured.” Waiting was the best option.
In the original story, after the incident occurred, the instructors found Neike 30 minutes later.
The future has changed a lot, but they should arrive within an hour.
Currently, there are only ten of us in this magic dungeon.
“After taking care of the injured, we'll wait for the instructors on that hill.” “Alright.
Then let's do as Theo, no, our temporary leader says.” At Eshild's response, the other students nodded in agreement.
Instead of nodding, Siena was still smiling at me.


After about 15 minutes, the instructors arrived.
They seemed to have rushed, as they couldn't hide their panting even in front of the students.
“So, you're saying that a flock Cockatrices appeared, and you all took care of them?” “Yes, to be more precise, our team handled our own flock, then moved to assist the other team.” Eshild, who had nearly died, couldn't speak politely.
“···Eshild, were you the one leading?” “No way, I can't do that sort of thing.
Theo over there was our temporary leader.” “···I see.” The instructors glanced at me, nodded their heads, and continued speaking.
“Let's discuss the details outside the dungeon.
Injured students, let us carry you.” The instructors bent down, offering their backs to the injured students.
After a moment's hesitation, they accepted the help.
“Ugh.” “Just bear with it for a moment.
Healers are waiting outside.
Let's move right away.” We followed the instructors out of the dungeon.
The situation outside was quite chaotic.
'What a mess.'

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