Ch 37 – It's You (1)

“Ah, I'm really exhausted.” I boarded the carriage bound for the dormitory.
It had been a hectic day.
“See you tomorrow, Theo~” Before parting, Siena said that with a meaningful smile.
“How am I supposed to see her?” Today's incident was resolved, and tomorrow is supposed to be a break day.
Of course, during the break period, Professor Rok, the head professor, suggested students attend lectures from other departments, stating there might be something to learn from them.
But it's just a suggestion, not mandatory.
In the original work, most students don't bother attending lectures from other departments due to the Hero Department students' superiority complex.
However, I plan to attend a lecture from the Knight Department tomorrow.
Aside from the Hero Department, Elinia Academy houses various departments such as the Knight Department, Magic Department, Alchemy Department, Exploration Department, and Management Department.
“Still, the knight department suits me best.” It will aid in improving my reputation, and I'll be able to observe the skills of students from other departments.
It's a win-win situation, far more productive than merely lying in bed.
Additionally, tomorrow, there's a gathering for the gourmet club.

[Sub Quest: Join at least 2 clubs and participate actively.] Reward: 2 store gold coins

I can't give up for the sake of the reward.
There's a reason I joined 3 clubs instead of 2 for reputation management purposes.
Why? One shouldn't take the quest text in the original work lightly.
The stated condition is joining “at least” 2 clubs.
If I join and participate in three clubs, there should be additional rewards.
For instance, let's say there's a quest to hunt 100 cockatrices, and I hunt 200.
In that case, the reward isn't just double the stated amount.
It's more than that.
If the system remains the same as in the original work, I should receive at least 3 store gold coins as a reward.
“I still don't understand what it means to participate actively.” As long as I attend every gathering, I should meet the basic requirements.
Lost in thought, I arrived at the dormitory and immediately climbed the stairs.
“Welcome back, young master.
You've returned early today,” Amy greeted me as usual.
“Yeah, there was a minor incident.
Can I ask you to prepare dinner?” “Of course, young master.
Leave it to me.” Amy smiled gently.
I had always seen her with a stern expression, but lately, her expressions had become more diverse.
Just as I was about to enter my room, she asked, “…Young master, was it really just a minor incident?” In an instant, Amy's expression hardened.
“It was merely a swarm of monsters we encountered during the practical evaluation in the magic dungeon.
There were no casualties.
Is there anything strange about that?” “No, not at all.
I apologize for asking such a needless question.
You must be tired; please get some rest.” “Alright, I understand.
Bring dinner to my room as before.” I wanted to ask why, but Amy's expression was so serious that I decided not to.
'But what is this uneasy feeling?' Did something come from the magic dungeon? Squeak- After entering my room, I used Magic Nullification on myself as an emergency treatment.


'The thing that was lurking near Theo, no, near Young Master…
it was definitely a spirit.' Amy sat at her desk, deep in thought.
She had a high affinity with spirits, so she could at least sense what kind of spirit it was.
It had been visible in the hallway and even when she brought food to the room.
Sometimes spirits cling to humans, but she had never seen it happen before, so it seemed deliberate.
It was clear that a spirit mage was targeting Young Master.
'Judging by the energy, it was a wind spirit.' Then who could it be? A few suspects came to mind.
Even in Elinia Academy, where the best talents from the continent gathered, there were very few spirit mages.
They were as rare as unicorns.
'Could it be the Wood Elf Princess of the Great Forest?' Siena was the first person that came to mind.
Furthermore, she was a first-year student in the Hero Department, just like the Young Master, making her a prime suspect.
'Is the Great Forest targeting the young master?' The Great Forest, where elves reside, is a powerful entity that even Equilibrium cannot disregard.
As elves live for over a thousand years, their world is surrounded by forests and trees, offering little entertainment.
As a result, most elves devote their time to self-improvement.
As a result, each elf warrior was a monster.
There was even a recent incident where an Equilibrium executive who disappeared after a conflict with an elf warrior.
'I didn't expect to contact them so soon.' Amy picked up a pen and started writing a letter to send to the guild.


The following day, Thursday morning, Irene awaited the school carriage at the station.
'I hope everything is alright…' She knew about the incident in the Hero Department yesterday, where the magic dungeon reportedly malfunctioned.
The Hero Department announced it as such, but rumors suggest that external, unscrupulous forces were involved.
It was a relief that no casualties occurred.
'I hope no one is seriously injured.
After all, healers can't treat old wounds.' Irene's heart grew heavy.
'Until the incident is resolved, the Hero Department is suspending all classes.' At least that was a relief.
Irene felt irritated for no reason.
As his fiancée, shouldn't he at least show his face if he's safe? He was causing her worry.
'In the northern magic city, they say crystal orbs that enable long-distance communication are sold…' She thought she should obtain one.
Communication crystal orbs were rumored to be quite expensive.
However, she would have an opportunity to acquire one soon.
But she'd have a chance to get one soon.
It was the third-place prize in the martial arts tournament held after the midterm exams during the Academy Festival.
Considering fairness, for Hero Department students, only those ranked 100th or below among the first-year students can participate.
It's worth a shot.
While Irene was lost in her thoughts, Creak─.
The carriage stopped at the station.
Come to think of it, she hadn't seen Theo in the carriage recently.
In a way, it was a frequent meeting place for them.
The brief time they'd spent together felt much longer.
As Irene followed the other students onto the carriage, “!” To the right, diagonally behind.
At the seat she always checked first when boarding the carriage.
There was Theo, gazing out the window with a calm expression.
Irene hurried over and sat down next to Theo.
But what should she say? She sat down, but her mouth wouldn't open.
Aren't you hurt anywhere? As a fiancé, shouldn't you at least show your face to your worried fiancée? Or, as he had said before…
did you want to see me? Mina said it's good to speak gently to a lover when you meet them after a long time…
“What's with you? How are you feeling?” In the end, her words came out somewhat harsh.
Theo, who had been lost in thought looking out the window, turned to Irene after a brief pause.
“I'm fine.
Thanks for your concern, Irene.” I'm glad to hear that…” “It's been a while since I've seen you on the carriage.” “Y-yeah, it has.” Irene answered with a stiff nod.
After that, she and Theo had an awkward conversation.
But it wasn't all bad.
Ten minutes felt like one minute.
Time flew by so quickly.
[Attention passengers, the next stop is the Knight Department.
I repeat, the next stop is the Knight Department.
Please make sure to take your belongings with you when disembarking.] Before they knew it, the carriage had arrived at the Knight Department.
'Ah, stupid, idiot.' Irene scolded herself.
She hadn't asked Theo why he took the carriage, or where he was going.
Asking now would hurt her pride.
'Now that I think about it, they mentioned that Hero Department lectures were being substituted with visits to other departments.' Naturally, she knew it wasn't mandatory.
At that moment, an idea crossed Irene's mind.
Could he be coming to the Knight Department? However, the probability was low.
She had never seen a Hero Department student attend a lecture in another department.
Higher expectations only led to greater disappointment.
Soon, the students started to disembark from the carriage.
Regrettably, it was time to part ways.
see you later, Theo.
I'm going now.” As Irene said her farewells and stepped off the carriage— Clack, clack.
Theo got off with her.
“Huh?” Irene looked at Theo, her eyes filled with question marks.
“I'm planning to attend a lecture at the Knight Department today too.
If it's alright, let's go together.” “Uh, uh, uh…” Irene couldn't form a coherent sentence in response to the unexpected situation.
Theo appeared somewhat gloomy.
“···Do you still find me awkward?” “No, no, not at all! Let's go together!” Finally, Irene cracked a small smile.

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