Ch 4 – Shop (2)

After my conversation with Neike, I dragged my exhausted body to the dormitory building.
Elinia Academy's dormitories are divided into different areas, separated by gender and grade levels.
Theo has a preference for high places.
That's why my room is on the top floor of the building, the 20th floor.
There's no elevator in this dormitory, so I have to walk up 20 floors with my heavy body.
I wanted to go up slowly, but I walked with a straight back and a dignified posture.
No, I had to.
Once I reached the 20th floor, I saw a girl standing near my room.
“…” She had long, black hair and a slim figure – it was Amy.
Had she heard my footsteps and come out? Or had she been waiting there for me? I wonder.
Amy came closer and bowed her head 90 degrees as our eyes met.
“…You're back, sir.” she said with her usual calm voice.
“Yeah.” I wasn't feeling comfortable.
I had told her to rest, but she had waited for me anyway.
I wanted to ask her when she started waiting, but I didn't.
It's hard to change old habits.
Amy, with her head held high, licked her lips.
“It's late, sir.
It's best to go to bed early for tomorrow's class.” “Alright.” Of course, I had no intention of going to sleep right away.
I needed to find out more about the shop.
After passing Amy, just as I was about to enter my room, “Goodnight, sir.
I'll see you in the morning.
Have sweet dreams.” Amy bowed her head again.
Have sweet dreams too, Amy.” Amy hesitated, then bowed her head at a 90-degree angle again and whispered, “…Yes.”


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As soon as I entered the room, I took off my sweaty clothes.
I felt very uncomfortable.
The pain had been tingling all this time.
I needed a shower first.
I grabbed the bathroom doorknob.
The luxurious bathroom welcomed me.
The warm water streamed down and soaked my long silver hair.
…So relaxing.
Feels good.
The world of 'Chronicles of Kyren Zena' is a mix of medieval and modern times.
The water supply system is modern, not far behind today's standards.
It's a relief in many ways.
Neike seems to be on the Lance Master route.
I can't be 100% sure, but from our conversation, there's a 90% chance.
He doesn't need Hidden Pieces like a mage or paladin, but a Lance Master requires at least a minimal amount.
It's not as bad as being a merchant or a martial artist, where clearing the game is impossible without multiple hidden pieces.
Magicians can clear the main quest easily, while martial artists have to gather all the Hidden Pieces to barely clear the game.
Someone as experienced as me can reach the ending as a martial artist.
Anyway, there's a 90% chance Neike is a Lance Master.
A 10% chance he chooses a different route.
In half a year, I'll be 100% sure of his route, but I can't wait that long.
I know how to get Hidden Pieces, but that doesn't mean they'll come to me right away.
Some take more than a week to travel to the acquisition site.
So, starting now, I need to carefully plan and collect Hidden Pieces, starting with the ones nearby the academy.
There is a 90% chance, and I trust my intuition.
Honestly, the situation isn't desperate.
In gambling, if there's a 90% chance, you'd bet everything.
After showering and drying off, I put on the white robe hanging nearby.
It smells freshly laundered.
In front of the full-length mirror, my reflection appears.
Even though the robe is loose, I look stylish.
My looks could be considered the most handsome in the story.
“Really, if only my skills were as good as my looks.” I sat on the bed, contemplating the bittersweet reality that wouldn't change.
Then, I opened the shop window.
I had seen it earlier at the training ground, but the shop interface was quite intuitive.
You might say it felt light.
“Hmm?” However, the items for sale were anything but light.
Let's see…


“Buying a trait is the right answer.” That's the conclusion I've come to after spending over an hour browsing the shop.
The shop has everything.
With the in-game currency – gold, silver, and copper coins – you can buy almost anything.
Consumables like potions and food are available, as well as high-end artifacts such as Ogre Power Gauntlets and Dragonbone Armor.
You can even purchase stats and traits.
Unique traits like Weapon Master, Mana Ruler, and Agent are also for sale.
“Hmm.” The only things not available are unique items and bloodline abilities.
Unique items are one-of-a-kind in the game, like holy swords and grails of each faction.
Bloodline abilities are traits exclusive to certain races, like Descendant of the Hero and Gambler.
“Buying artifacts is useless for now.” I'm still a first-year student.
Until I reach the third year, I cannot bring outside artifacts into the academy.
I can only use the ordinary artifacts provided by the academy.
Buying stats now would be a waste.
I have two gold coins and ten silver coins.
Currently, it costs one gold coin to raise a single stat.
With my limited funds and no special traits, raising my stats by two points wouldn't make much difference.
Buying stats would be inefficient.
So, I have to buy a trait, but…
The problem is that good traits are expensive.
'Weapon Master' costs 100 gold coins.
'Agent' costs a whopping 1,000 gold coins.
With my initial rewards, I managed to earn just two gold coins and ten silver coins.
It's certain I won't earn this much in the future.
My goal is to graduate as an excellent student from the Hero Academy.
To have hope, I need at least one unique trait like 'Weapon Master'.
But when can I save up 100 coins? Even if I focus only on gold farming, it'll take at least a year.
Unlike other departments, the Hero Academy doesn't allow students to take a leave of absence.
I drink some cold water to calm my frustration.
In the end, unique traits are just a pipe dream.
I have no choice but to settle for a lesser trait.
“Hmm?” While reading the details of cheaper traits, I notice an interesting one.

[Magic Nullification] Price: 2 gold coins

Magic Nullification is a trait that nullifies certain magic spells targeting the holder.
It can also nullify magical buffs on the target, like Strength and Haste.
In the later part of the story, some villains with physical attacks have this trait.
Considering the effect, it seems overpowered.
Depending on the situation, it could be more useful than a unique trait.
However, unlike other games where Magic Nullification is considered an overpowered skill, in 'Chronicles of Kyren Zena,' players rarely have a use for this trait.
The reason is simple.
The higher your mana stat, the weaker the magic you can nullify.
You could even lose mana permanently.
A useful skill only for those with a low mana stat.
So, for the protagonist – a player – who has a high mana stat from the beginning, the efficiency is extremely low.
Despite the huge penalty of permanently losing mana, the effect only stops magic at a beginner mage's level, like a fireball.
It's an unpopular ability that no one uses, except for a few odd players who enjoy struggling.
But, “…This is it.” My mana is zero.
The local innkeeper's mana stat is 2 or 3, but mine is completely zero.
I have no mana to lose.
With a mana stat of zero, I should be able to block quite advanced magic.
And Magic Nullification is a skill, not magic.
No mana is needed to use it.
There's a daily limit to its use, but no one can utilize this skill as well as I can.
Pleasure without cost is unparalleled.
Who would possess a character with a mana stat of zero?' I immediately bought Magic Nullification.

[Purchase completed.] [Remaining balance: 10 silver coins in the shop]

Nothing happened except for the message.
No special effects appeared, nor did I feel any power.
I only felt a sense of familiarity, as if I'd had this ability all along.
I looked up at the high ceiling with a tilted head.
There were three magic lamps powered by magic stones.
Whooong- I jumped up and touched one of the lamps.
Thinking, 'I should try turning it off.' Swoosh- My touch extinguished the lamp, as if it had been off from the beginning.
It obeys my will even though I just bought it.
I need to find out what level of magic I can nullify as soon as possible.
A feeling of satisfaction comes over me, followed by drowsiness.
I should sleep now.
I have an early class tomorrow.
I turned off the lights and closed the curtains.
It was a really tiring day, but it was also fruitful.
I fell asleep quickly.


-Knock Knock Knock “…” I woke up to the sound of rhythmic knocking.
It must be Amy.
Knock Knock Knock The knocking continued.
“I'm awake.” Only then did the knocking stop.
-Understood, sir.
I'll wait.
“Okay.” I wanted to tell her not to wait, but I don't know the details of Theo's daily schedule.
Let's just follow what Amy prepares for now.
I opened the heavy curtain and the window.
Warm yellow sunlight brightened the room.
I quickly showered and put on my freshly laundered academy uniform.
It smelled nice and clean, just like the robe.
I'm ready now······ I looked around the room.
An antique painting on the wall, a mood lamp made of precious metal showing a subtle elegance, and a soft-looking bed chair filled the spacious room.
But there were no textbooks.
The books I saw in Amy's room yesterday must be mine.
“Tsk.” I clicked my tongue and looked in the full-length mirror.
With a natural motion, I adjusted my outfit.
I should be safe from that trait like this.
But just as I grabbed the doorknob to leave- “Ah, ugh.” The sharp pain returned.
-Sir, is something wrong? Amy's voice came from the other side of the door.
At the same time, my head turned involuntarily.
There was a dressing table.
On it, there were various colorful perfume bottles.
At least 10 different kinds “Nothing, just wait a moment.” Damn it.
I'm really not used to this.

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