Ch 5 – Hero Department (1)

The screeching sound of metal echoed as I finally managed to leave my room after putting on my uniform and spraying on some weather-appropriate cologne.
Near the door, Amy greeted me and handed me my document bag.
It was quite heavy.
Upon taking a quick peek inside, I found textbooks, notebooks, and writing instruments.
Amy bowed her head at a 90-degree angle.
“Take care, Master Theo.
Do you have any special plans for today?” Of course, I didn't know.
Even if I did, I would've canceled them all.
“No, nothing in particular.
However, I'll be back late, so eat dinner before I return.” Being outside was still better than being cooped up in my room.
I had to at least go to the training ground for some practice.
“Understood, Master.” “See you later, Amy.
Oh, and it seems like the magic lamp in the middle of the room is broken.
I'd appreciate it if you could fix it quickly.” I tried touching other magic lamps just in case, but they all worked fine.
I could turn magic nullification on and off as I pleased.
“I will handle it before you return, Master.” Amy was one of the most efficient workers in the entire series, so I had no doubt that the issue would be resolved by the end of the day.
“Thanks, and good work.” “······Yes.” I walked past the stiff Amy and went outside to catch the circulating carriage.
Compared to the night before, I could see illuminated restaurants, cafes, and general stores in operation.
My room had an extravagant interior, but most other places had a modest design.
It was exactly like what I had seen in the original work.
I took my place in the line that formed in front of the bus stop.
About five minutes later…
The circulating carriage arrived at the stop with a familiar mechanical sound.
Although it was called a carriage, there were no horses.
Instead, it ran on the power of magic stones, functioning more like a bus.
I boarded the circulating carriage, which, of course, was free of charge.
The interior of the circulating carriage resembled a modern-day bus.
It had roughly twenty seats with handles attached to them, as well as handles hanging from the ceiling.
Aside from the design, it was undoubtedly a bus.
Most of the seats were empty.
I chose to sit in the slightly elevated rear seat.
It would take about an hour to reach the Hero Department.
It seemed like it would be quite a dull ride.
As other passengers boarded, the circulating carriage began to move.
Listening to the unique exhaust sound, I gazed out the window.
Numerous buildings quickly passed by.
Elinia Academy, including the surrounding area, boasted a land area larger than most countries.
Not only did it have vast forests, but it also contained mountain ranges with monster appearances and even desert areas.
It was excessively spacious.
A mere 30,000 people resided in this vast area.
Among them, 10,000 were students.
The remaining 20,000 belonged to various categories.
Professors, instructors, researchers, academy-affiliated knights, convenience facility staff like restaurants and general stores, and even bureaucrats from various nations were present.
Fitting for the title of the continent's top academy, all sorts of people were here.
I stared out the window for about ten minutes.
Having nothing to do, I took out my major textbooks.
There were four books in total, each quite thick, as befitting textbooks.
[Introduction to Hero Studies] I began to read the book that caught my attention the most.
[…Heroes rarely work alone.
Most heroes form a team with Aides who assist them in their missions.
On average, a hero has four Aides…] Hmm…
I already knew all of this.
I randomly read a page in the over 500-page book, but all of it was already familiar to me.
Was this too easy? The other textbooks were no different.
It was all information I knew well.
Most characters in the original work struggled with these subjects.
However, having received a modern high school education and nearly memorizing the game's story, it was too easy for me.
Fortunately, I should be able to score well on the theory test.
Though the theory test carries less weight than practical evaluations like artifact searching, monster subjugation, and dungeon conquests, it can't be ignored.
Great, I'll definitely rank first in the theory test.
It's well worth trying.
there might still be parts that I'm confused about or don't know.
Let's read it one more time.
As I eagerly delved into the textbook, I heard a soft female voice above my head.
“…Theo?” Feeling embarrassed as if she had read my thoughts, I didn't change my expression.
[Twisted Noble's Dignity] Thanks to this attribute, I was able to maintain my composure.
It sometimes came in handy.
Slowly, I lifted my head to look at the girl with the soft voice who had called me.
Just by her voice, I had an inkling of who she was, and as expected, she was a character I recognized.
Her name was Irene.
A fellow student of Elinia Academy's Knight Department, she was the same age as Theo.
With her long purple hair reaching down to her hips and her light blue eyes, she was an impressive named character.
At this point in time, she was Theo's fiancée.
“Yes, Irene.
Good morning.” Saying that, I went back to reading my textbook.
True to Theo, who was despised by everyone, his fiancée Irene didn't like him either.
The engagement was decided without her consent.
As the daughter of a famous knight family, she detested hypocrisy, laziness, and the likes to the extreme.
Unfortunately, Theo embodied both of those qualities.
Perhaps for that reason, Irene chose to stand in front of me instead of sitting in the empty seat next to me in the carriage.
“…What's gotten into you?” “What are you talking about?” “You came to school so early and are even reading a book in the carriage.
It's strange, isn't it? Well, of course, it won't last more than three days.” Was that why? “There's nothing strange about it.
I'm merely fulfilling my responsibilities.” Saying that, I focused my gaze on the textbook, indicating I didn't want to continue the conversation.
“…” Irene didn't say anything more, and neither did I.
She silently stood in front of me for a while before disembarking at the Knight Department.
I suppose I might get buried, but I think my current relationship with Irene is just right for my situation.
More importantly, I am not her fiancé, Theo.
I am merely a transient existence that inhabits his body for a moment.
Although I gained the excellent trait of magic nullification, it is not enough for me to graduate with outstanding grades.
It would be fortunate if I don't get expelled.
I have a long way to go.


Raei Translations


Before I knew it, it was time to get off.
We had arrived at the hero department area.
I got off the circulating carriage and looked ahead.
It was vast and mysterious, giving a distinct feeling from the rest of the academy.
There were functional, modern buildings built with differentiated magical technology.
A large gymnasium reminiscent of the Colosseum could also be seen.
In the hero department, there are about 600 students, from first to fourth grade combined.
It is an excessively spacious and differentiated place for such a small number of students to use.
Indeed, the hero department was unparalleled.
It was 8:40 AM now.
I should be able to reach the classroom in about 20 minutes.
First-year students take the same lectures without exception, and all classes are held in one building, with a few exceptions.
I diligently walked and arrived at the classroom entrance.
With my stamina increased to 3, I had no problem walking.
It was 9:00 AM sharp.
The location was the same as in the original work, so I didn't get lost.
I straightened my clothes and looked at the door to the classroom.
The door was large to accommodate various races of professors and students.
Inside this classroom, including Neike, Piel, and numerous named characters would be present.
Since the academy's establishment, it has gathered the most talented students.
Neike would be the center of all sorts of incidents and accidents that would be never-ending.
I knew what would happen, but I was still nervous.
“Phew…” I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door to the classroom.
The interior was modern, just like the exterior.
There were long desks that could seat about five humans and over 200 chairs.
There were also special sturdy iron chairs for demihuman students weighing hundreds of kilograms.
Looking at the structure, it resembled a modern college classroom.
Hmm, where should I sit? The original Theo always arrived just before the lecture started, so he would sit in any available seat.
But since there were still 30 minutes left until the first class began, many seats were empty.
I looked around.
Familiar faces were visible.
In the front row, Neike and Piel were having a conversation.
In the middle row, to the left end, a wood elf exuded a mysterious atmosphere.
At the right end of the middle row, a beastman was hurriedly eating something.
In the back row, an orc and a lizardman were arm wrestling.
I sat down in the middle of the middle row.
About 20 minutes passed, and the classroom filled with students.
Everyone was engaged in lively discussions, asking each other what they did over the weekend.
However, among the many students, not a single person spoke to me.
Only Neike, upon making eye contact, waved at me with a smile.
The others shot me unpleasant glances.
Let's think of it as a relief.
Currently, there's a 90% chance that Neike is on the Spearman route.
In the Spearman route, there's no clear cause of Theo's death.
After the early stages, only a brief note appears stating that he died at some point.
In other words, everyone here, including Irene whom I met in the carriage, could be a factor in my death.
I should be thankful that no one is picking a fight.
Let's just keep quiet and lay low.
The first period is an introductory class on heroism.
The professor is a woman who appears to be in her 30s at most.
She has had several troubles with Theo before.
She was a commoner-born hero, and her name was Mari, if I remember correctly.
I hope nothing unusual happens.
I began reading the Introduction to Heroism textbook again.


“···So, having an aide is not a choice but essential for heroes these days.
Therefore, you should at least select your candidate while you're enrolled.
There are many students in Elinia Academy who have made a name for themselves, even if they're not from the Knight or Magic Departments.
Recognizing a good aide is also extremely important.” Professor Mari lectured in a melodious voice.
As expected, it's all information I already know.
Honestly, there's no need to listen.
There's nothing worth taking notes on.
Would a child who mastered multiplication and division feel this way when learning addition and subtraction? I leaned on my chin and stared at the clock above the blackboard.
The lecture would end soon.
Phew······ I should have planned something in the back row.
It was difficult to do anything else sitting in the middle row.
At that moment.
Tang─ The professor lightly hit the desk and said, “That's it for today's lecture.
I know it's Monday, but you all listened well, right?” -Yes.
A ritualistic answer came from the students.
Marie chuckled softly and asked again.
“···Really?” -Yes! “Good, good.
We have some time left, so shall we test how well you've listened today? Ah, one representative, not Neike.
Um······ who would be a good choice?” Marie smiled at Neike, who was eagerly looking from the front row, and looked over the students.
Well, she pretended to look.
She had already chosen her target from the beginning—a guy who was half-heartedly listening and kept glancing at the clock.
“Theo.” Marie pushed up her glasses and said.
All eyes in the classroom focused on Theo.
“There's a mage called ‘Otlranka’ in the practical magic department of Deharem Academy.
Do you know them?” A question related to a non-mainstream mage from another academy.
There's no way to know this at the first-year level.
Since Marie is both a working hero and a professor, she knew.
However, she only mentioned ‘Otlranka’ in passing during the lecture, so it was an unexpected question.
Theo, that idiot, wouldn't know.
Most of the 3rd and 4th-year students who took practical classes wouldn't know either.
However, “I know.” Theo nodded his head.
He wasn't flustered and looked straight at her.
Mari chuckled inwardly.
'How cute.
He thinks he can bluff his way through.' Mari grinned broadly at Theo.
“Then what was the content emphasized by that person at the magic conference in Deharum Academy two months ago? It became quite a topic.” Of course, it was a topic among industry practitioners.
'Have a taste of reality, kid.' The students looked puzzled, glancing back and forth between Mari and Theo.
However, Theo answered without hesitation.
“The only way for the weak to defeat the strong is through selection and focus.
Acknowledge that innate talent is always unfair.
Deharum must change to beat Elinia…
That's it.” Mari's smile cracked.
She couldn't hide her bewildered expression.
It was the correct answer.
Not a single detail was off.
Silence filled the classroom.
Soon after, Mari spoke with a trembling voice.
that's the correct answer.
That's all for today's lecture.”

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