Chapter 11: Trust me, I’m right

Yu Nian has always been self-disciplined.
He went to the company on time the next day but was told by Shi Rou that Meng Yuan was ill.

He held the freshly squeezed juice in his hand, and recalled with a frown, “What’s wrong with Brother Meng? Wasn’t he okay when we recorded the show last night?”

Shi Rou said carefully, “Brother Meng didn’t go to sing with us last night, and went out to have a barbecue with Director He.
I don’t know what happened.
Director He was fine today, but brother Meng vomited, had diarrhoea and a high fever.”

Yu Nian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Didn’t Brother Meng say before that he wants to maintain health and prevent baldness? Didn’t he want to sleep early and give up late-night snacks?” He was worried, “Is there anyone in Brother Meng’s family to take care of him?”

“There shouldn’t be.” Shi Rou’s voice was a little lower, “Meng Ge was originally a non-marriageist.
But then he met his true love and got married in half a month, which shocked many people at the time.
But then the two of them couldn’t get along and got a divorce.”

“Well,” Yu Nian put down the juice cup without any hesitation, “I’m going to take a leave from Teacher Zhao Xi in the afternoon, and visit Brother Meng, are you coming with me?”

Shi Rou nodded, “Then I’ll go buy something.”

Meng Yuan lived very close to Xingyao.
When Yu Nian and Shi Rou arrived, Meng Yuan was leaning against the door in a sullen mood.
When he saw them, he said, “Find your shoes to wear and pour the water yourself.
Your father Meng is about to ascend to heaven.
He’s not in the mood to greet you.”

Yu Nian first found a pair of guest slippers and handed them to Shi Rou, then put them on by himself, and looked at Meng Yuan carefully, “Have you taken medicine?”

Meng Yuan was wearing pyjamas and was listless, “I’ve eaten it, and the doctor has also come to see me.
Fuck, why is Lao He ok……”.
Then he saw what Yu Nian was carrying, and immediately laughed, “Hey, if you want to come here, just come.
Why did you buy so many things, you want to cook?”

Yu Nian found a seat in the kitchen and bent his lips, “Brother Meng, you can’t eat various food now, otherwise it will be worsened.
I’ll cook some porridge for you.”

Meng Yuan was elated, “Okay, you’re welcome, you can use the pots and pans as you like! Let’s make two more dishes, and you and Shi Rou will eat here too!”

Meng Yuan’s kitchen was spotless, not even a jar of salt.
Yu Nian was fortunate that he had the foresight and bought all the seasonings.
He was skilled in cooking.
In less than an hour, four dishes and one soup were all on the table, and the shredded chicken porridge given to Meng Yuan was steaming hot.

Meng Yuan was greedy when he smelled the fragrance.
He blew and tasted it, and his eyes lit up, “What kind of god-level cooking is this? If you can’t get along in the entertainment industry in the future, you can completely change careers and become a chef!”

He stirred the shredded chicken porridge with a spoon, and shook his head in denial, “No, according to your current momentum, you’ll be very popular in the entertainment industry.”

“Let me tell you, I have a barbecue with He Qiubai last night and….., oh my stomach hurts when I talk about it!” Meng Yuan hissed, and then compared his hands with scissors, “The second episode has been cut out.
Well, if no accident happened, you can pack two hot searches again!”

Shi Rou is curious, “Is the episode that good?”

“What’s not so good? I watched the close-up of the episode of Yu Nian’s singing and crying and my old heart couldn’t watch it! After this broadcast, I don’t know how many people will cry.” Meng Yuan laughed and said, “As expected of the person I signed, as long as there is nothing wrong, it will be a matter of time before he becomes popular.”

He thought of something and looked into Yu Nian’s eyes again, “Just yesterday, a businessman had already come over.
He wanted to talk to me about you, but I pushed him away.”

Yu Nian put down the porcelain spoon in his hand, “Well, Brother Meng should have his own considerations.”

“Yes.” Meng Yuan was worried that he was unhappy, and explained, “Whether it is from the perspective of the long-term prospects of your career or your personality, it is not suitable to endorse now.
There is no good brand and good product for you to endorse now.
If you take it, it will be your future black history, and the most terrifying thing is that it will lower your overall level.”

Yu Nian nodded, “Well, I know.”

Meng Yuan saw that Yu Nian could understand his painstaking efforts, and the stone he was carrying fell.
He remembered and asked, “When I first met you, didn’t you say that you were in this circle because of money?”

“Yes, I really need money, a lot of money.” Yu Nian is very calm.
He was not even embarrassed when talking about money, “I have done other things to make money before, but the money I made is too far from my goal.”

“As long as you become popular, you will make a lot of money.” Meng Yuan pondered, “Today, it’s just you and Shi Rou.
Let’s talk about it.
How much do you need? We’ll plan your future path according to it.”

After a few seconds of silence, Yu Nian showed two fingers.

Meng Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, “Two million? Not too difficult.
Not too difficult.”

Yu Nian smiled and shook his head, “More than that.”

Meng Yuan probed, “Two…..
Twenty million?”

Seeing Yu Nian still smiling, he gasped, “Fuck, two hundred million?”

Yu Nian retracted his fingers and nodded, “Well, at least two hundred million, in about five years.”

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be joking, Meng Yuan loosened the spoon and reached out to touch Yu Nian’s forehead, worried, “Am I having a fever or do you have a fever? Two hundred million! Damn, why are you talking like it’s a two-dollar coin! “

Yu Nian’s expression was not heavy at all, and his smile was bright, “How do you know whether you can succeed or not if you don’t try?”

Meng Yuan calmed himself down, thought for a while and then asked, “Then do you mind if I ask, how much money do you have now?”

Yu Nian answered honestly, “When I asked Brother Meng to pay me an advance salary, I only had twenty yuan left.”

Shi Rou was surprised, “You are even poorer than me!”

Meng Yuan didn’t want to say a word and decided to eat porridge in peace.

So fucking exciting!

As predicted by Meng Yuan, the second episode of the second season of “Sound of Nature” has just ended, and Yu Nian rushed into the top three with two hot searches, namely #DistantStarYuNian# and # YuNianDon’tCry#.

Meng Yuan took the team for a meeting and asked Yu Nian to attend it.
While he flipping through the sorted data he was stunned.

“Old He really has to invite me to dinner! A big meal! Look, when you and Xia Mingxi performed, the ratings of the show were soaring like hormones!”

He moved the computer screen to Yu Nian again, “Look at this bullet comments for yourself.
They are so many that you can’t even see your genetically handsome face!”

Everyone laughed.
At this moment, Shi Rou said uncertainly, “I think some people are leaving negative comments for Nian Nian.”

Meng Yuan smiled and turned to sigh sincerely, “Tsk, this year’s water army is not good, it takes so long to act?”

Shi Rou was quite nervous at first, but after hearing what Meng Yuan said, she pursed her lips and smiled.
Shaking her mobile phone she said, “It really looks like a water army.
Who bought it? It mainly focuses on the official blog of the show team and Yu Nian’s Weibo.”

Yu Nian was curious, “What….What is the comments leave by water army say?”

Shi Rou opened her mouth, but couldn’t read it.
She hesitated, “Would you like to take a look?”

Meng Yuan simply handed over Yu Nian’s mobile phone back to him, “Brother is going to teach you.
In the future, there will be many people who will like you, but there will also be people will slander you and scold you.
So you have to prepare your heart and train your mind from now on.”

Yu Nian took over the phone, thought about it, and opened his Weibo first.
Now he is very used to the interface being stuck when entering the software due to too many messages.

[—Ah, ah, Nian Nian, mother loves you! Don’t cry! I cried so much that my mother’s heart was broken!]

[—Come and hug sister! I miss my grandma too, I really miss her! My age is really good!]

[—What rubbish you sing! How can you get first place at this level? The show “Sound of Nature” is really getting worse and worse, and it can’t compare to the first season! Forget it!]

[—I’m screaming, what a face! What a godsend voice! This fairy blows it up! ‘Distant Star’ is really great! The cover song is more emotional than the original song!]

1 is obviously Xia Mingxi’s! Who is this Yu Nian? Taking the first place at this level? Did you go to the show from the back door? Leave!]

Yu Nian roughly turned it down, looked up and asked, “Someone bought a water army to blacken me…is it Fang Huai?”

Meng Yuan raised his eyebrows, “Why do you think it’s him?”

“It’s very simple.
He thinks I’m not qualified to take the first place, try to provoke my and Mingxi’s relationship, and thinks that I’m on show from the back door.
These three points are in line with his view of me.”

“The logic is very good,” Meng Yuan carefully observed Yu Nian’s expression, not very relieved, “You really don’t care if you are scolded on the Internet so badly?”

“I really don’t care.” Yu Nian put down his phone, “I know my own level and how I get into the program group, and whether I deserve to be the first.
I know it very well.”

Meng Yuan was relieved.
He leaned back on the back of the chair, and couldn’t help asking, “Your mentality, tsk, how did your parents teach you?”

Yu Nian liked to hear this kind of compliment very much, and smiled with his eyes bent, “It’s not my parents, I grew up with my grandparents and they taught me.” He couldn’t help but say a few more words, “My grandmother is very good at making money, and my grandpa is incharge of spending money.
They’re very good.”


Shi Rou interjected at this time, “Yu Nian, you’re on the hot search again.”

After stopping the chat, Meng Yuan glanced at the hot search list and laughed out loud, “The shady story of Yu Nian? The number seven hot search? This kind of innocuous accusation, oh my opponent, help us to stir up the heat.
This is great!”


On the 51st floor.

Seeing Xie You exuding cold air and chilling the area within a meter radius, Qu Xiaoran hid far away and asked cautiously, “Is the old guy on the board messed with you again? It doesn’t matter, President Xie can just kill him!”

As he spoke, he secretly shed tears in his heart —he misses Xie Xiaoyou who could be bullied easily in the past!

Xie You had a cold face and sharp eyes, “Someone scolded him.”

“He? Who? Yu Nian?” Qu Xiaoran reacted.
Although he is a businessman who knows about every news, they’re still a lot to know in such a big entertainment company.
“Someone is hating on Yu Nian?”


“You scared me to death, I thought you were going to clean up people again.”

Qu Xiaoran patted his chest, ignoring the sense of crisis in his heart that the 20 years of childhood friendship was about to be surpassed by the Yu Nian, and said lightly, “Let me explain it to you.
The entertainment industry has always been like this.
People are not afraid of being hated, but they are afraid if no one is hating them, and there is no topic to discuss! If you’re being hated, then there’ll be a topic for discussion, and the popularity of the artist will rise.
And if the artist becomes popular, they will earn more money.”

Qu Xiaoran enthusiastically told his story of the past, “Let me give you an example.
Didn’t I get into trouble before, and ran into a female star who was haunting me? As a result, people used my name to make news every day.
According to the development of the plot, I should have fallen in love with that female star by now, and I will soon marry her, go home and have children!”

Seeing Xie You thoughtful, Qu Xiaoran made persistent efforts.

“Also, wasn’t there an actress who acted in a movie before, and was criticized because of the plastic surgery? The hot search has been hanging for many days! Then people brought out the evidence to prove that it was not done.
In a blink of an eye, the rumour was denied, and the hot search was again has been hanging for many days! The fans are so distressed, saying their goddess was slandered! They went to buy movie tickets to support the goddess, and the box office exploded.”

He concluded, “So, getting hated comments is not a bad thing.
It’ll be worse if there is no topic to discuss, which means not popular!”

Xie You: “Really?”

Qu Xiaoran nodded, “If I were to talk nonsense, I will be beaten by my brother when I get home!”

Xie You didn’t believe it all, but his face improved a lot.

Seeing that Xie You was not as cruel as before, Qu Xiaoran snapped his fingers and said proudly, “Trust me, I’m right!”

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