Chapter 13: Are you feeling better?

Xie You left the Qu family house, and the special assistant Qin Jian quickly helped him open the back seat door.
After Xie You sat in, he got into the car from the other side.

Xie You originally had very few expressions on his face and had always been extremely stingy with his words and smile.
But now his heart is full of anger, and the aura around him is even colder.
He tapped his fingers on the leather pad and asked, “Have you checked?”

Xie You did not open his mouth, and Qin Jian did not dare to speak.
After listening to his question, Qin Jian replied, “It has been checked.”

He recounted the key points, “The planners of this incident were Fang Huai and his agent Cao Zheng.
Two days ago, Fang Huai’s agent contacted a studio and asked the other party to put on a show in the parking lot at 7:00 this morning.
The main purpose is to discredit Yu Nian, and the second is to influence Yu Nian’s performance in the competition.”

Xie You’s eyes were like deep pools covered with frost, “Continue.”

“The information you asked to check has been checked, and the public relations department has prepared it.” After Qin Jian finished reporting, his heart was also relieved.

He has been with Xie You for four years, and he has never heard Xie You mention the name “Yu Nian” before.
But what happened this time made him understand that Yu Nian was the Xie You’s inverse scale, and he shouldn’t be touched.

When Xie You saw the hot search in the morning, he postponed the regular meeting on the spot.
He Instructed the public relations department to find out how all similar incidents in the entertainment industry have been handled in the past five years and submit relevant reports.
And because he was not sure whether his means would have a bad influence on Yu Nian, he simply threw the piles of documents and reports and went directly to the Qu family house to find Qu Xiaoran.

Perhaps this is because he is too precious, so Xie You is cautious.

“Where is that girl, have you managed to contact her?”

Qin Jian omitted all the details in the middle and only reported the results, “The person in the video who pretended to be a fan and was pushed down is called Pang, 24 years old, a local.
After we contacted her, she expressed her willingness to cooperate.
The rest of the people involved in this incident, and the studio behind them, are also willing to testify and provide all evidence.”

Xie You was silent for a few seconds, then suddenly said, “He must be very sad.”

Qin Jian knew who this “he” was referring to and did not dare to answer him.

Xie You: “Then the only thing to do is make the people who made him sad even sadder.”

Qin Jian lowered his head, “Yes.”



After the first rehearsal, He Qiubai saw the effect and nodded in approval, “You are in a very good state.” He looked at Yu Nian’s expression, and after a few seconds he sighed sincerely, “I was surprised that you didn’t let the hot searches affect your rehearsal.”

He finally understood a little bit why Meng Yuan kept complimenting Yu Nian’s young age when he was eating barbecue before; his mentality is really good.
He had already thought about how to comfort Yu Nian, but it was obvious that he would not need it at all.

Yu Nin had a throat lozenge in his mouth, he smiled and said, “This is what I should do, I know what is important.”

“Well, I was worried about your performance before,” He Qiubai smiled and patted Yu Nian’s shoulder, “Have a good rest, and try to perform better when recording!”

Xia Mingxi waited for He Qiubai to leave and then sat next to Yu Nian with two packets of biscuits.

Yu Nian took the biscuits handed over to him, seeing Xia Mingxi’s tangled face he smiled, “What’s with your expression? Wrinkles are going to grow out around the corners of your eyes.”

Xia Mingxi took a heavy bite of the biscuit and muttered, “Fang Huai was obviously provoking us at that time, why didn’t we say anything back then?”

Yu Nian put on the makeup, carefully broke the biscuits into small pieces and ate them one bite at a time, taking care not to drop the crumbs on the ground.
Seeing Xia Mingxi’s exasperation, he explained with a smile, “Although I also suspect that he did it, we have no evidence.”

Xia Mingxi was persuaded.
He finished the biscuits in no mood, and then said worriedly, “Nian Nian, You have to be stable.
if you were affected during the recording and didn’t take the first place, Fang— the person behind all this, don’t know how happy he will be!”

Yu Nian shook his head, “I’m not that stupid.
I won’t take it if it’s not mine.
But if it’s mine, no one else can take it away from me.”

At this moment, Yu Nian’s assistant Shi Rou hurried over.
Before he could say anything clearly, she directly put the lit mobile phone into Yu Nian’s hand.

Xia Mingxi stretched out his head and watched with Yu Nian curiously.
After he saw the words on the screen clearly, he opened his mouth slightly and rubbed his eyes.
He couldn’t believe it, “This is really exciting, I’m not hallucinating right?”

On the Weibo hot search list, the number one most popular topic #Yu Nian pushing down fans# was replaced by another topic, which was #the truth that should be known#, while the second one was much more straightforward — #Yu Nian’s Counter#, followed by a small red character.

Yu Nian directly clicked on #the truth that should be known# and Shi Rou explained in a low voice at a very fast speed, “Everyone who pretended to be your fan in the morning has been found one by one.
According to the news that broke out, these people are from a studio.
In one fell swoop, they blew up the chat records, transaction records, and contracts signed with Fang Huai and Fang Huai’s agent, Cao Zheng.
Now the Internet has exploded, and the entertainment news headlines on Weibo forums are all about this incident.

Xia Mingxi was very sensitive to these things, so he raised his head and asked suspiciously, “The news headlines also exploded? Brother Meng bought it with money?”

Shi Rou shook her head again and again, “Brother Meng didn’t buy it.
I don’t know which company did it, so I’m still asking around.”

Yu Nian held the phone and swiped down the page little by little.

[——#Yu Nian’s Counter# Eat melons, eat melons! This plot reversal is very exciting! So Yu Nian did not push fans.
The truth of the matter is that Fang Huai asked ‘professionals’ to touch Yu Nian’s porcelain, and bought the hot searches to keep it up.
So that when Yu Nian stinks, he will be able to step on Yu Nian? Completely the best giant melon of the year!]

[——Before the black fans scolded Yu Nian, saying that Yu Nian has a bad temper and bad character.
He is not worthy of being a singer and didn’t deserve to be in the entertainment industry.
Shouldn’t everyone come out one by one to line up and apologise? The victim is obviously Yu Nian.
I don’t even know how many people scolded him #Apologise to Yu Nian#!]

[——#Apologise to Yu Nian#! Damn, Fang Huai and his agent are really disgusting! Look at the chat records of that studio word by word, so vicious! They just want to get rid of Yu Nian once and for all! Is it interesting to touch the porcelain? Would you like to try it yourself?]

[——I almost cried with heartache! Nian Nian has suffered so much! Even if he tried to explain the truth, no one believed him, and he was also scolded on Weibo.
It’s sad just thinking about it! When I saw that the woman took 8,000 yuan for this, I cried out of anger!]

[——#Apologise to Yu Nian# How evil is Fang Huai? Just because Yu Nian stole his limelight? Now I have seen it! I am not a fan of Yu Nian, but I feel sad about him.
He was wronged and had been scolded so much.
If It was me, I would have already collapsed!]

Now everyone is on their phones, and soon, everyone in the studio knew the whole story, and for a while, the voices of everyone were much quieter.

Fang Huai was the only one who didn’t notice anything and stood on the stage to test the equipment until his manager ran in with a sweaty head and went straight to the stage in a panic.

Fang Huai frowned, just as he was about to say something, he heard the agent say in a loud voice, “The three endorsements that were negotiated and signed before have all been cancelled.
They said that they would rather pay the liquidated damages to terminate the contract than work with us and that they someone wanted to fix you—”

The agent’s speech was too fast, and the content was like smashing rocks on his forehead.
When Fang Huai realised that the microphone was not turned off, everyone present had already heard what his agent said.

Fang Huai’s expression was tense, and without saying hello, he pulled his manager to the backstage, only to bump into Yu Nian and Shi Rou.

With the endorsement thing in his mind, he was ready to continue walking inside, but then he heard Yu Nian speak.


Seeing Fang Huai stop, Yu Nian continued, “You said in the dressing room before that we shouldn’t talk nonsense about things without evidence.”

Fang Huai turned around and sneered, “I said that, why?”

Yu Nian smiled and informed, “You should probably check your phone.”

Fang Huai’s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly took out his phone.
He tapped his finger on the screen several times, and his face suddenly changed.



The two topics #distressed about Yu Nian# and #Apologise to Yu Nian# broke into the top ten searches of Weibo; various big Vs reposted the whole story one after another, and the news clients of major websites also began to push relevant news.
In less than an hour, the public opinion was directly controlled, and the wind direction was reversed.

Qin Jian reported to Xie You, “Mr.
Xie, it’s done.
The public relations department has submitted a report on the situation, and will continue to pay close attention to it for the next three days.
The legal department has drafted relevant documents.”

“Well.” Xie You then stood up, put on a black handmade suit jacket, and said while arranging the buttons, “Notify all departments and hold a regular meeting in ten minutes.”



Meng Yuan dragged Yu Nian in the lounge to talk.

“This time, Fang Huai really couldn’t get out of the deep hole.
How hot and how big they were before this matter was hyped up, and now the backlash they’re getting is doubled.
Nothing could be hidden in the entertainment industry.
His methods are dirty, and the fact that he has lost all the endorsement contracts in his hands is not a secret at all.

Yu Nian finished a few sips of the freshly squeezed juice handed by Meng Yuan, “So we still don’t know, who helped me?”

“President Qu seems to know who is helping, but he doesn’t make it clear.”

“President Qu?” An impressive figure flashed through Yu Nian’s mind unconsciously.

“Well.” Meng Yuan couldn’t help sighing again, “How long has it been since the incident happened and you are on the hot search? The identity and relevant information of the person who framed you and the people from the studio all came forward willingly, providing all kinds of evidence, coupled with the subsequent wave of manipulations that dominated public opinion.
If I think about it carefully, my heart really trembles.
The person who did this, really has the means of thunder.

He looked at Yu Nian and wondered, “Do you know who helped you?”

Yu Nian turned around the emerald-colored flute in his hand and hesitated, “I…maybe know who it is.”

After recording the show, Yu Nian was sent home.
He and Meng Yuan said goodbye to each other, then he closed the car door, and turned to go home.

It was already two o’clock in the morning, and there was no one around.
After walking for a while, Yu Nian suddenly stopped.
He turned his footsteps and walked in another direction—

Although he had only seen it once, he still recognized it.
The car parked on the side was indeed Xie You’s.

Standing on the edge of the street, Yu Nian bent his fingers and knocked on the car window without any hesitation.

Soon, the window glass came down, revealing Xie You’s stunning facial features.
He seemed to have just gotten out of work, still wearing a well-tailored black suit with a slightly loose tie, revealing his sexy Adam’s apple.

“Good evening.” Yu Nian smiled lightly and his tone rose slightly.

Xie You carefully observed Yu Nian’s smile, and replied, “Good evening.” The voice was in harmony with the night wind, and softened a few degrees subconsciously.

The only few conversations between the two were basically led by Yu Nian.
But this time, Yu Nian did not speak.
After more than ten seconds of silence, Xie You asked seriously, “Are you in a better mood?”

Yu Nian’s smile bloomed, and the end of his eyes curved, as if all the stars were melted into it, “I’m in a good mood, I’m very happy.” He smiled again, “I thought you wouldn’t admit it.”

Xie You originally planned to come over to take a look at Yu Nian from a distance, and then leave.

He didn’t expect Yu Nian to recognize his car.

He didn’t know how to answer, so he didn’t speak at all.

Yu Nian has become accustomed to Xie You’s few words, and doesn’t care, instead he asked, “Have you waited for me for a long time?”

Xie You shook his head, “No, I only waited for five minutes.”

Yu Nian noticed that there were leaves on the roof of the car.
After hearing from Xie You that he only waited for five minutes, he didn’t break it down, but said sincerely again, “Thank you for helping me this time.”

“You don’t have to thank me.” Xie You’s ears were a little hot, but his voice was still very calm.
He said, “I…my mother likes to hear you sing.”

Is this explaining the reason for helping him?

Yu Nian suddenly thought of something, he took out two simple packets of candy from his pocket, “Suddenly thought of this.
I made this candy myself.
I don’t know if you like it or not.
If you don’t dislike it, I’ll give it to you.”

Xie You paused for a few seconds, then stretched out his hand to take it.
The candies were still stained with Yu Nian’s body temperature.
He held them in his palm and tightened his fingers.

Yu Nian didn’t notice Xie You’s little actions, and finally said, “If there is anything I can help with in the future, I will definitely help.”

Xie You wanted to say, ‘I just don’t want you to be wronged’.
But he knew that for Yu Nian now, he was just a person who had met several times.

So he just nodded and said, “Okay.”

Yu Nian stood up straight, his soft black hair swayed a few times with the night wind.
He waved at Xie You, “I will sing well, thank you.”

Xie You looked at the smile that spread at the corner of Yu Nian’s mouth and also relaxed, “Good night.”

“Well, good night.”

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